Support Diamonds and Dreams…

By Anthony Castrovince/

To hit the big time as a 10-year-old kid in Euclid, Ohio, was to play a Little League game at “The Palace,” the field the high schoolers called home. It’s dugouts had actual walls. There was a working scoreboard. And there were no dandelions in the outfield. It was heaven.

But even our worst fields in those days were well-groomed. Our equipment was also up to par. Why, I can still see the seams of the ball that hit me in the head at the 1990 Hot Dog Day (which I believe was some sort of All-Star Game in which you got free hot dogs for being selected… talk about a performance bonus). It was a nice ball. Even when knocked in the noggin, we were lucky kids.

Alas, there are plenty others who don’t have it so good. They don’t have the privilege of watching and playing baseball on well-equipped fields. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Diamonds & Dreams, sponsored by Chevrolet and MLB.

Diamonds & Dreams provides prizes, which include field makeovers, clinics and equipment packages for youth baseball communities across America. Anyone can enter for a chance to win the prizes as well as a trip for four to the MLB All-Star Game or a new Chevrolet. You can find out more and even play a mini baseball game here:

Diamonds & Dreams Baseball Field Makeovers (Photo Montage :30)

For those of you on Twitter today, please retweet my initial #playcatch tweet or start a game on your own that either includes the #playcatch hashtag or the link to the D&D Facebook tab:

Each unique “thrower” or retweet will earn one baseball to be donated to Cleveland Indians Charities, which will, in turn, find a good home for them in a needy local area.


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