“Pictures of her heroes on the wall”

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

Last week, I wrote a column about some of MLB’s best outfield arms that included mention of the Cory Snyder “Gunsmoke” poster from the late ’80s.

This led to the stunning realization that nowhere in the vast recesses of the Internet did a picture of this poster exist. So I turned to you, the Castronauts, to help me out.

Unsurprisingly, somebody came through. Two somebodies, in fact. My heartfelt thanks go out to readers Lisa and Kylie for delivering this .jpg so that the world may once again appreciate this monumental piece of memorabilia. I think the wrinkles add to the mystique.

And even if you’re not a Cory Snyder fan, you can at least appreciate the fact that we’re all caught up now. Everything that has ever existed in the history of time is now available online. This was the last item unavailable.


PS: While we’re on the Snyder subject, a reader sent me this link.


when I was a kid I had 2 posters on my wall from Sports Illustrated. Buddy Bell in the all red uni and Duane Kuiper. I wish I could replace either poster.

Oh my God… this… this is the Best Thing. Everything from the Chief Wahoo on his cowboy hat to the wanted poster behind him… I love it. Why don’t more baseball players do this!? I was too young during his career to remember him, but damn if he’s not one of my new favorite ballplayers.

Love it!
Oh and.. is that a Yankee laying on the floor there?

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I have this poster of Cory Snyder “Gunsmoke” from 1989 I believe is the date. It is in better condition but definately not mint. Does anyone have an idea of how much this poster is worth?

Oh, I think this ,eh ,may be ,and is interesting…the dual saw

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