“When you hit a home run, it’s important to let everyone in the park know that you just hit a home run.”

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

Perhaps you’ve noticed Tribe players tugging on the lapels of their jerseys after one of their teammates hits a particularly profound home run.

If you’re as curious as I was, here’s the deal: What looks like tugging is actually mimicking the chain-popping tactic of four-time home run king Domingo Ayala.

Who the heck is four-time home run king Domingo Ayala? If you’re asking that question, then you’re like me and completely missed this YouTube sensation.

So here you go:

And now you know.



Being on a high school baseball team in Southern California, Domingo Ayala’s video routines are as popular as ever with every team. Since Ayala is from the area, he is often making appearances at various high schools to host lessons with his “beisbol academy”.

As Ayala is in the region, he often makes appearances in various high schools to host sessions with his “Academy beisbol.”

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