"I've never seen a beautiful lady reading 'The Guide'"


The printed word has no doubt lost some luster, thanks to modern technology (just ask the good folks at Borders), but count me among those who still enjoy the annual release of the media guide.
When you’re covering a team, the media guide is always along for the ride, there to provide quick and easy access to Jayson Nix’s career OBP when you’re unable (or too lazy) to access a wireless signal.
But the media guide has plenty other information, much of it oft-ignored. If you’re around a ballclub on a daily basis, much of the biographical information available in the guide becomes known through basic human interaction. However, as I flipped through the Indians’ 2011 guide while bored out of my mind on the flight out of Phoenix over the weekend, it occurred to me that this 474-page tome contains quite a few nuggets that might not be common knowledge to the common fan.
With that said, here is a very special edition of CastroTurf:
  • Fausto Carmona’s favorite movie is “Major League II.” Not “Major League,” mind you. “Major League II.” 
  • During his undergrad days, GM Chris Antonetti spent a year and a half as a student manager for the Georgetown men’s basketball team, working for head coach John Thompson Jr.
  • Assistant GM Mike Chernoff’s father, Mark, is the vice president of programming at WFAN in New York City.
  • I’m not sure why, but this has been a favorite media guide entry of mine for several years: Shin-Soo Choo’s favorite music is listed as “soft contemporary.” I smell an endorsement contract with WDOK on the horizon.
  • Carlos Carrasco, meanwhile, likes country music. Keith Urban’s huge in Venezuela.
  • Hitting coach Jon Nunnally’s nickname when he was a player with the Royals was “The Flying Nuns.” OK, this info isn’t in the media guide, but it ought to be.
  • shawshank.jpgTrevor Crowe, David Huff and Lou Marson all list “The Shawshank Redemption” as their favorite movie. Would you believe me if I told you I never saw “The Shawshank Redemption” until a couple weeks ago? Just never got around to it. In fact, I even toured the Mansfield prison where the movie was shot (during an Indians Press Tour stop) long before I even saw the movie. Naturally, the movie is as phenomenal as I expected. Worth the wait.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum (though still great), Matt LaPorta and Vinnie Pestano both list “Dumb and Dumber” as their favorite film.
  • Scouting director Brad Grant’s sister is married to Lee MacPhail IV, the director of professional scouting for the Orioles, great-grandson of Hall of Fame executive Larry MacPhail, grandson of Hall of Fame executive Lee MacPhail and nephew of O’s GM Andy MacPhail. 
  • Jared Goedert’s father, Joe, holds the single-season batting average record for Cloud County Community College. He hit .510! I don’t use many exclamation points, but felt it necessary here.
  • While at the University of Washington, Nick Hagadone and Tim Lincecum combined on a no-hitter against Santa Clara in 2006.
  • Hagadone’s wife’s name is Pesarakphorn. No, a cat did not just walk across my keyboard. That’s her real name. I double-checked with the PR department. I’ve written here before about how people always butcher my last name, but I can only imagine what poor Mrs. Hagadone has had to go through over the years. Anyway, they got married over the winter, so congrats to the happy couple.
  • In addition to appearing on “The Amazing Race,” third-base coach Steve Smith was inducted into the Pepperdine Hall of Fame last year. He was also first-base coach Sandy Alomar Jr.’s manager at Beaumont, Wichita and Las Vegas from 1986-89.
  • van.jpgFrank Herrmann likes “The Godfather,” Van “The Man” Morrison and “Seinfeld.” Check, check, check.
  • Speaking of “The Godfather,” Crowe is the godfather of Jordan Brown’s son, Mason.
  • Before coming to Cleveland, Dan Smith, the Tribe’s vice president of food and beverage, served as GM of the House of Blues in New Orleans. I’m only including this note because it simultaneously makes me hungry and brings back extremely pleasant memories of my 21st birthday weekend.
  • Huff has a new tattoo of a samurai slaying a three-headed dragon, with Japanese letters that translate to “The Silent Assassin.” Again, not in the guide, but ought to be.
  • I’ve mentioned here once or twice that Raffy Perez is probably the most elusive guy in the clubhouse, from a media standpoint. So I find it fitting that this is the full extent of the “personal/miscellaneous” section of his bio: “Single… resides in Santo Domingo, DR.” Enlightening.
  • Newly signed reliever Chad Durbin obviously isn’t in the guide. So I’ll take it upon myself to provide this nugget about the Durbster. Back when he was with the Tribe in ’04, the Illinois native guided the Chicago Cubs to video game glory. I can’t remember which game, exactly. MLB High Heat, maybe? Anyway, that’s not important. What’s important is that Durbin acquired himself to pitch for the Cubs, and he made himself the fifth starter. Not the ace. The fifth starter. Humble guy, that Durbin. Good to see him back in the fold. 
  • OK, now I’m getting completely off-track from the media guide stuff, but I must include this note, as well: Also in ’04, myself and former Indians PR intern Jeremy Martin were rooting for a game in which Chad Durbin gets the win, Scott Stewart gets the save and Rob Deer comes out of retirement to hit the big home run, only because the Indians.com headline could have been “One Durbin, One Scott, One Deer,” with a tip of the cap to George Thorogood. Maybe now that Durbin’s joining a bullpen coached by Scott Radinsky, this can still happen, somehow. Just need a Deer.
  • All right, back to the guide… Radinsky is the lead singer of the alternative punk rock band, Pulley, and was formerly the front man for Ten Foot Pole. He owns a skateboard park in bronxtale.jpgSimi Valley, Calif. Radinsky might be the coolest guy in baseball, and that’s saying something.
  • This will make some of you feel old: Mike Hargrove has eight grandchildren.
  • LaPorta’s favorite TV show is “Swamp People.” I have no idea what that is, but color me intrigued.
  • Chris Perez majored in criminology at Miami.
  • And finally… Manny Acta’s favorite movie is “A Bronx Tale.” Well done, Manuel. A classic film. So classic that my uncle uses “bronxtale” as his computer password. For my money, there are few bits of movie dialogue better than the one delivered by Robert De Niro when he gives his young son, Calogero, the “working man is the tough guy” speech. And then, of course, you have “A Bronx Tale’s” greatest contribution to our society – spreading the gospel of The Door Test. I’ve employed this test multiple times in my life, and suffice to say it works. (My
    wife, naturally, passed The Test… otherwise she wouldn’t be my wife.) Great movie. And I didn’t know it was Manny’s favorite until I read the media guide.


PS: In case you missed it, here’s my column on Grady Sizemore’s ongoing recovery from microfracture surgery.


ne Durbin, One Scott, One Deer,” with a tip of the cap to George Thorogood. Maybe now that Durbin’s joining a bullpen coached by Scott Radinsky, this can still happen, somehow. Just need a Deer.


Thanks for the wonderful article. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

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AC, you just saw “The Shawshank Redemption” a few weeks ago because you never got around to it? Wow. I’d feel even more strongly about the subject but I am guilty of the same thing: I’ve never seen “The Godfather.”

It looks like Eric Wedge likes Aaron Laffey just as much as you do buddy.

btw, I haven’t been here for a while and I will rectify that. Great tagline for the blog. Herb Score 1995, right?

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In Fausto’s defense, Major League didn’t have Omar Epps in it..


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