"Grab your ticket and your suitcase"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

australia.jpgAs a thank you for sticking with me and this blog throughout a long and difficult Cleveland Indians season, I have a special announcement to make to all of you Castronauts out there.

We’re going to Australia!

We’re going to Australia!

We’re going to Australia!

Oh, no. Wait. That’s Oprah’s audience.

Sorry for the confusion.

Forget Australia. Let’s just go to the Minutiae.


  • The Indians were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention last week. To soften the blow, there’s good news tonight — the release of the 2011 schedule! Yes, it’s time for renewed hope, reborn optimism, visions of a healthy Grady Sizemore and Carlos Santana and, most importantly, three more games against the Pirates to look forward to.
  • The big news is the Indians opening at home for just the third time in the last 14 years, and that opener (Friday, April 1, against the White Sox) will be earlier than usual, with the bulk of teams starting their season on Friday as opposed to the usual Monday. It’s the first time since 1905 that the season, by and large, will begin on a Friday. MLB pushed it up to avoid World Series games in November.
    The aforementioned Pirates have become an annual Interleague foe for the Tribe, much like the Reds have been since 1997. The Pirates did not have a natural AL rival built into their yearly schedule the way most teams do and they pushed MLB to make the Cleveland-Pittsburgh series a regular feature. It seems to have been good for attendance in both cities when the Indians and Bucs play each other.
  • So ,why were the Indians mathematically eliminated this year? I don’t have enough gigabytes to get into all the grim details. But to break things down as simply as possible, Manny Acta believes that to be a viable playoff contender, you must score 800 runs, have an on-base percentage of .340 or higher and have an ERA of 4.00 or lower. There are exceptions, of course, but those are his basic benchmarks. The Indians, in case you’re now wondering, have an OBP of .320, a team ERA of 4.32 and are on pace to score just 635.5 runs. How they’re going to get that last half a run is beyond me.
  • Obviously, the losses of Sizemore and Santana (and Asdrubal Cabrera for two months) contributed to that run total (which, at 561 coming into the night, is third-lowest in the league). But when evaluating what went wrong with this team in 2010, Acta looks no further than these two numbers – 521 and 106. Those are, respectively, the number of walks issued and the number of errors made by the Indians this season.
  • Consider this: The Twins, on their way to winning the AL Central title (they can all but wrap it up with a three-game set against the Sox this week), have walked 319 guys and made 61 errors. So the Indians have let somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 extra men on base (depending, of course, on the nature of the errors) when compared to the Twins. That’s, uh, going to lead to a run or two.
  • Here’s what Acta had to say about the long-term outlook for the Tribe: “In order for us to turn things around here, we’re going to need some pitching. The depth here, with the way [Josh] Tomlin, [Jeanmar] Gomez and [Carlos] Carrasco have thrown the ball, is better. That’s a key for us. Bullpens are unpredictable, and they’re easier to put together than a starting rotation. I think we’ve made some progress [in building starting depth].”
  • Jason Donald is out at least a week with a bruised tendon in his right index finger, which is why Drew Sutton (known to some of you as “Who?”) was summoned from Triple-A Columbus today. Obviously, Sutton is pleased to be here, though he was pulled away from the Governor’s Cup against Durham, which began tonight. He’ll help out at second, third and short, if need be. Luis Valbuena will see the bulk of the time at second.
  • As of this writing, the Indians are still getting a read on whether Mitch Talbot’s shoulder inflammation will prevent him from making his next scheduled start, Saturday in Kansas City. Acta said the injury did not appear serious. If Talbot can’t go, Justin Masterson will take his turn. If Talbot can go, then Masterson’s season is likely over, because the Indians don’t want to push his innings total (currently 173) any higher if they don’t have to.
  • Hard to know what to make of Masterson’s season, though he’s certainly shown improvement and reasons to believe in August and September. There were times this season when his spot in the rotation appeared tenuous, at best, but the Indians, it appears, never seriously considered removing him from the rotation (until he reached his innings max, of course), in part because of his performance but also because there simply weren’t other intriguing options to turn to. The Indians hope their patience has paid off and that something clicked for Masterson in the second half, and I don’t foresee a scenario in which he’s not in the Opening Day rotation.
  • In case you missed it, here’s the latest Indians Inbox
  • I’ll be part of the panel for the Tribe Social Forum, taking place here at Progressive Field on Thursday at 5:45 p.m. (doors open at 5 p.m.). General manager Mark Shapiro will give some opening remarks before the panel on how social media is changing the way we communicate. The $50 ticket gets you access to the discussion, a buffet meal with drinks and a spot in the Champions Suite for the Indians-Angels game at 7:05 p.m. More details here.



Oh, I thought you were going to pay for the trip. The Marlins may be relocating a series between them and the Mariners to Canada in 2011.

Tumbleweed blowing through AC’s blog! It’s a sad state of affairs.
I’ll say this much: between Masterson’s last month of work, Carmona’s season and his periodic moments of ’07 brilliance, and Carrasco’s performance since getting called up, I’m starting to look at our potential rotation a bit differently. I think it’s probably clear that those three could be really good, if they all manage to get ahold of themselves.
While I’m not crazy about the offense, it is what it is. I’ll refrain from stressing out about it too much until we’re healthy again, and until we have an actual third baseman again.
I do worry about the bullpen, though, if only because I don’t know where people fit, aside from Chris Perez, obviously. Acta has started using Germano as a set up man lately, but he’s also used him for multiple innings, so I don’t know if he sees him as long relief or 8th inning. His stuff seems to translate better for middle innings, from what I’ve seen, but I don’t get paid to figure that stuff out.
I also still don’t trust Sipp or R. Perez. I’m looking forward to the continue maturation of Hagadone in hopes he could be our left handed set up man sometimes in the future.
At the very least, I think we should be substantial better next year, mostly because we can’t be too much worse, but also because we’re at least competing with everyone at this point.

Brown couldn’t hit the ball into center field with the strange defensive alignment? Heck, they only had two outfielders.

They have to get better defensively and have to score more regularly. The pitching has gotten better, but the defense and offense has been horrendous for most of the season. IF they look at a stopgap for third (other than Nix), it should be a defensive minded third baseman with all of the ground ball pitchers we have. IMO

Hopefully the Indians have better… well… directed fire next year than the OU Bobcat showed.🙂


A team’s bullpen is almost always in a state of flux. The only positive assurance we have is that they have finally nailed down the most important part of it in Chris Perez. You have to hope that between Sipp, R. Perez and Laffey that one of them can simply put it together for an entire season as your go-to lefty. Wishful thinking though and LACF is right on the money about Hagadone. Unfortunately for the rest of the bunch it is all a matter of uncertainty, disgust or intrigue. I am intrigued by Germano, Hermann, and Pestano but on the flipside I am terrified by Joe Smith and Jensen Lewis. We could still use a veteran innings-eater to lead this young staff by example. We all still seem to think that Westbrook would be the logical choice if for the right price. He’s a class act and coming off an injury he’s gonna start 30+ games and probably reach 200 IP. The guy is a workhorse, get it done.

Despite his poor average and penchant for striking out does Shelley Duncan have a place on this team next year? I think he does, moreso than Jordan Brown. Choo, Brantley, Sizemore and Crowe in the outfield with Duncan assuming the Andy Marte spot on the roster.

Disregard Marte, Nix and Sutton but we wary. The free agent 3B crop this year is weak. Defensively, the only guy I would trust is Brandon Inge as I assume Mike Lowell will retire. Not to mention those FAs will be very expensive in relation to what Marte, Nix or Valbuena would cost your for 1 to 1 1/2 years as we hopefully wait for Chisenhall.

Kinda off topic for the blog, but here’s something from the Jets/Dolphins AP coverage: “The capacity crowd included Miami Heat newcomer [LeBron] James, who wore a Florida Marlins cap. Fans roared when he was shown on the video scoreboard, while they booed Taylor, a former fan favorite playing against the Dolphins for the first time after 12 seasons with Miami.”

A Marlins cap? Where’s his Yankees cap? Doesn’t want to offend the locals? Guess he was always an Akron boy, never a Cleveland boy.

Anybody know if C.P. is going to return for the Tiger series?

Anthony – I know you’ve been busy for mlb.com covering other things baseball-related and not just the Indians. I was wondering (and I’m probably not alone) whether you are still going to be covering the tribe next season?

Manny Acta sticks his foot in his mouth in 3…2…1…

“Last year he was unable to play more than three games in a row, and this year he started the season without restriction,” Acta said. “We were just managing him to 5-6 games a week. He hurt his shoulder and went on the DL [in August], but after that he’s been able to play 4-5 games a week, which is better than what he did last year.

“I think he made some progress this year, according to what I heard about last year,” Tribe manager Manny Acta said. “We’re going into Spring Training with the hope that he has no limitations.”

So, he started this season without restriction and got hurt through what amounts to normal wear and tear. And now your hope is that he won’t have any limitation next year for the entire season? Please. Try selling that bag of goods to someone that doesn’t know any better.

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