8/15: Indians vs. Mariners

Today’s 1:05 p.m. ET game at Progressive Field is on WTAM and WKYC Channel 3.

Travis Hafner has been activated off the DL, with Jordan Brown optioned back to Columbus.


INDIANS (48-69): CF Brantley, SS Cabrera, RF Choo, DH Hafner, 2B Nix, LF Crowe, 1B LaPorta, 3B Valbuena, C Marson. RHP Justin Masterson (4-11, 5.47).


MARINERS (46-71): RF Suzuki, 2B Figgins, DH Branyan, 3B Lopez, CF Gutierrez, 1B Kotchman, C Moore, LF Saunders, SS Woodward. RHP Felix Hernandez (8-9, 2.71).


Will the real Justin Masterson please stand up

I am really surprised that LeVon Washington signed

I am too considering he represented by Boras and the Indians’ offer was virtually the same as what TB offered him last season. However, his stock dropped with that shoulder surgery – so in essesnce the Indians paid more for a player deemed less valuable than he was last season.

joey, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised then that he signed considering his JuCo status and recent injury. I asked AC if he was surprised by the signing at all. Unlike you, I did not research to find out what the Rays offered him last year. I just naturally assumed that it was a higher offer than what the Indians presented b/c he was a first rounder and a year younger.

Washington is billed as a speedy, athletic CF with lead-off potential. Does this sound like any struggling CF that is currently on the 25-man roster? I have to wonder, as ST has brought up the notion of the Indians not being sold on Brantley, if the Washington signing is more indicative of the organization’s fear the Brantley will not come to fruition and realization that Crowe might best be suited as a 4th OF. To steal a phrase from LACF, the organization might be hedging their bets here. Just an observation.

Now that Torre will not be going back to the Dodgers as manager, this would be a good time for the Dolans to show how serious they are about wanting a winning team.
Go after Torre for GM or President of the Indians.
To have someone who actually knows baseball would be a breath of fresh air for a change!

Torre for President and GM of the Indians!

@AnoukT probeer nu Hootsuite uit op de Tablet. Maar krijg Twitter API melding dat ik dan over de limiet ga. #ahum

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