Westbrook to the Cardinals deal close … DONE

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com
The Indians are close to sending right-hander Jake Westbrook to the Cardinals.
Westbrook was scheduled to make the 1:07 p.m. ET start for the Tribe against the Blue Jays on Saturday, but a late scratch appeared likely.
Details on what the Indians would get back for Westbrook or how much of his remaining contract the club would have to give to the Cardinals were unclear. But it appeared possible that a third team might be involved in the deal.
Money is a major factor in this deal, as Westbrook is still owed nearly $4 million this season, plus a reported $2 million bonus, if traded. 
Westbrook is 6-7 with a 4.65 ERA in 21 starts this season. He made his return from 2008 Tommy John elbow surgery on Opening Day. He is 69-71 with a 4.34 ERA in 221 career appearances, including 181 starts. All but three of his career appearances have been with the Indians, who acquired him from the Yankees in 2000.
UPDATE: Confirmed to be a three-team deal. Multiple reports claim Ryan Ludwick is headed from the Cardinals to the Padres as part of the trade.
UPDATE No. 2: This deal is confirmed. The Indians are receiving Double-A right-hander Corey Kluber from the Padres. Also sending cash to the Cards. More to come on MLB.com and Indians.com soon.
UPDATE No. 3: Outfielder Jordan Brown has been called up from Columbus to take Westbrook’s roster spot. Josh Tomlin making today’s start on three days’ rest.
UPDATE No. 4: The  Padres also sent Class A lefty Nick Greenwood to the Cardinals. The Indians’ official release says the Tribe sent cash to the Cards. No word on any money coming back to the Tribe. Assistant GM Chris Antonetti to talk to reporters soon.
UPDATE No. 5: Jeanmar Gomez is expected to come up to make Sunday’s start. He’ll also be on short rest.


We Cleveland fans are accused of being poor sports after Lebron left. The quote was the fans didn’t support the Indians or Cavaliers before Lebron. Whoever the commentator was that was criticizing the fans failed to acknowledge all the sold out games when Jacobs was the owner. Why would anyone want to watch a team that can’t hit and keeps trading all the veterans that people identify with. We ended up getting a AA player who doesn’t even have a decent record or ERA plus have to give money to the Cardinals. Can we fire this owner who is the worst owner in the majors!!!! We now have a minor league club playing in the majors. We’re ready to cancel our Direct TV baseball pkg.

I think the Branyan deal, while somewhat confusing at the time, worked out fine for the Indians. He was coming off his best year, and signed a realitivley cheap deal, and the Indians had to come into the year preparing for the best, with the hope that the rotation can carry the team, so bringing in a guy like Branyan, a veteran with some pop, was worth the risk. In the end, it was like signing a prospect from the M’s.

Austin Kearns was maybe the best signing, making $750,000 and as Acta said, pretty much carried the offense through April and May, and then it ends up being like you signed a Yankees prostect.

I think a lot of fans enjoyed and respected what Westbrook brought to this club, but with that said, I am happy for him. He had been around a long time, and he gets to go somewhere with a good chance of playing October baseball (though I am rooting for the Reds).

Hopefully Wood will get moved in a couple weeks, but don’t expect anything for him. It will either be cash or a low level prospect.

I don’t mind all this hating. I am excited about the Indians future, and see good things in 2012/2013. If you want a team that just signs and keeps everyone they want where money is no object, root for the Yankees, but the Rays have proven this sort of building of a franchise can be succesful, and hopefully the Indians can find a similar success. And honestly, while some people may not appreciate it, at least in the last few years, we have had a lot of guys we could trade away to build the next wave. Look at the Pirates or Royals, who don’t have anyone to give up, so they have no way to buld a good team, except hope all their draft picks work out.

Time for people to complain about things they don’t understand! Hooray!
How is a deal a salary dump when we’re not dumping any salary? The Tribe is still going to pay the majority of what is owed to Westbrook. The deal was made to get good prospect and to open a spot in the rotation for one of the Columbus guys to get regular starts so we can see what we have for next year. That’s why ALL of these deals are being made.
Are people really lining up for games just to see Jake Westbrook? This team has been below average all year, I don’t think making these trade is going to drive people away. And, really, if you’re only sticking around to watch players you’re familiar with…well, you’re probably just staring longingly at the first base coach all game.
These are the games that I’m THRILLED to watch, far more than what we got a month ago. I love seeing the youngsters get the call, seeing what they can do and what our team will turn into for next year. Josh Tomlin just pitched another great game on short rest!
Anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching these guys get a chance at the big league level, who isn’t excited to see it, doesn’t enjoy baseball.

(sorry about the double post. these mlb blog comment things sure can be screwy sometimes.)

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

Yankees take Wood off our hands, not sure for what yet. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ll probably see Perez in the 9th of today’s game!
Kind of surprised Duncan didn’t get any interest, but with Wood going, I think we’ve cleared away exactly everyone I figured we would.

AHHHHH! Not my fault — blame the stupid MLB servers!

LosAngeles: “Time for people to complain about things they don’t understand! Hooray!”
I’m not complaining outside of the Branyan deal and I understand everything going on, I’ve watched it for years. All of these things needed to be done. They’re all salary dumps because even though it may be minute, we’ll end up getting some cash towards the salaries on just about all of these. Even if not, you’re dumping these guys because you can’t afford their salaries next year. I agree the prospects are fun to watch, but they don’t sell tickets unless their last name is Strasburg. It’s a downward spiral and the only thing that can stop it is a freak year like 2007 when a bunch of young kids play outside of themselves. Think of the players who led us that year. It took most of them having career years. Betancourt and Perez never pitched that well and never have since. Carmona, Asdrubal Cabrera, Grady Sizemore, and even Westbrook were all the same. You can’t deny that every year for the past however many outside of 2007, we’ve been unloading guys on the back end of their deals because of finances.

They seem to have received a halfway decent prospect for Westbrook. More than I would’ve expected.

djacks, that’s simply not the case this year. It’s not like Kerry Wood was performing well, and he was blocking Perez. Westbrook is a free agent after this year and, again, we’re paying a pretty decent chunk of his remaining salary. That’s NOT a salary dump.
Trading Dan Haren in the middle of his contract for debatable returns is a salary dump. The Tribe hasn’t done anything like that.

Any time you’re trading a guy because you can’t afford him, that’s salary dump. Period. All of them qualify. You’re insane if you think otherwise.

djacks, in the case of all these trades, except maybe Kearns who was not expensive at all, the Indians are paying a good amount of the remaining salary, in Branyan’s case I believe they paid all of it. With Branyan, Kearns and Wood, I’d say the Indians have better in-house alternatives than all 3 of those guys, with Laporta, Brown and any reliever in AAA. Either way, it had nothing to do with making trades because they “couldn’t afford” these players, they are all free agents, so the Indians are only sacrificing the remainder of this year, and they gain the chance to give some of their young guys a shot. In Westbrook’s case, with Carrasco being injured and Talbot on the DL, it would’ve made some sense to hang onto him, but not when they can make a trade and get an actual prospect in return. They can make an offer for Westbrook after the season to come back if they choose, I can’t imagine trading him now makes much of a difference in determining whether Westbrook would accept that offer, versus had he remained with the Indians for the rest of this year … Overall I’m impressed they actually moved all of the guys they needed to move, and that they got something in return for Westbrook

Best part of this day is seeing that Jordan Brown is getting a chance finally.

How is it salary dump if we’re still paying them? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of a salary dump? The Yankees are picking up less than half of what’s still owed to Wood. We had to cover a $2M trade clause for Westbrook — it cost us $2M just to trade him! We would have SAVED money by NOT trading him! As ST said, Kearns didn’t have a salary that’s worthy of dumping.
This is all about building for the future. You’re insane if you think otherwise.

Meh, we shouldn’t be going back and forth like this, anyway. What difference does it make? Honestly, I didn’t intend my original comment to be that jerky. And, really, djacks, while I might have mentioned the salary dump thing, it was more directed at the guy who seems to think keeping Jake Westbrook would have saved the season and kept people watching the games.
The other things is that “salary dump” is negative, but all of these moves were positive. We unloaded 3 guys who were certainly not going to be with this team next year, got prospects for them, and have opened up room for internal replacements. The possibility still remains that we could sign Westbrook in the off season, but that was going to be the case no matter what. We certainly don’t need him for the rest of this year, we got a decent prospect, and Jake actually gets to pitch in meaningful games.
For a team that’s rebuilding, the Tribe has made nothing but positive moves.

Question that I just sent to AC via Twitter, but now expanded: Is Carrasco hurt? His last start was July 25th, so why wouldn’t he get the call on more than full rest for tomorrow?

So are we going to have have 2 busses to bring in everyone ftrom Columbus & Akron?

Carrasco is hurt, forearm injury, he was pulled from a start, then they thought it was better and he made his next start and the injury was still bothering him, he was going to miss at least one start in Columbus

Thanks, ST. That makes the final spot in the rotation a pretty big question mark. I guess we have to turn to Huff? I think Manning said they’d need a starter for Tuesday, and I also think that would be Huff’s normal day.
Any thoughts on how the bullpen is going to shake out? I figure we’ve got five guys that will stick around for sure: R. Perez, Sipp, Herrmann, Smith, and C. Perez. I honestly don’t know who I give those last two spots to, particularly if we’re looking at auditions.
How crazy is it that in one week we lose two starters to the DL, trade one, and the other two get shelled to the point of taxing our bullpen beyond belief? Geez.

Oh, and can’t help but point out that Nix made his 3rd error since being made the every day third baseman and was lifted for Marte. It does beg the question: If Marte is better defensively, is Nix’s bat really that much better? It doesn’t seem like it.

Or, even more to the point, why not just have Goedert come up and play third? If Nix and Marte can’t provide offense better than the 20 points above or below the Mendoza line, and Nix is making the errors anyway, why does it matter that Goedert is a poor defender?
Nix, Marte, Goedert…..I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point.

As far as the bullpen goes, if you’re talking about the rest of this year, you forgot about Ambriz. Right now, with Jensen Lewis, that’s a full 7-man bullpen bullpen. They do need to get a look at Judy and Pestano at some point though, I’d prefer either of those guys in place of Lewis. With a rotation of Carmona, Masterson, Tomlin, Gomez and Huff/Carrasco, I’m sure they will get plenty of opportunities. That’s the one bad thing about the Westbrook trade, it could put some major stress on the bullpen arms. After September callups, it shouldn’t be an issue though … and yeah, with Nix, I still have no idea what they’re thinking playing him every day. I’d rather see Valbuena play every day at third for a month, and then bring up Goedert in September if that’s the timetable on Goedert.

hearing Jake Westbrook’s comments about living up to his contract and willingness to restructure his trade bonus was quite refreshing. I cannot remember the last time I heard a professional athlete make a statement like that. EVER. It’s not a term that gets thrown out there often, but JW is a consummate professional. Personal preferences for the players notwithstanding, he joins Jamey Carroll and Casey Blake in that category IMO.

ST, I’ve never been clear on why you’re so high on Ambriz, but I’m willing to be convinced! So what do you like about him?
If I had to guess, it would seem our rotation will be Carmona, Huff, Masterson, Tomlin, Gomez for a bit. Who would have called that at the beginning of the season?
As for our roster…
Again, we see Marte come in as a defensive replacement. That would be the .194 hitting Marte coming in today to replace the .164 hitting Valbuena. I really don’t understand what they’re doing over there.
So we’ve got Santana, Gimenez, LaPorta, Donald, Cabrera, Choo, Duncan, Hafner, Crowe and, as of right now, Marte, Nix, Valbuena, and Brown. Word is Brantley will return when he clears the 10 day wait. Personally, I’m of the belief they should send Valbuena back down, but I’m guessing it will be Brown, which is going to be unfortunate — I mean, not really much of a chance for him. But maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

I’m not that high on Ambriz, I’m just saying he’s going to be part of the bullpen for the rest of the year. He’s a Rule 5 pickup, after this year they’ll have control over him and can send him to Columbus, but they can’t send him down prior to that unless they want to lose him, which they’re not going to do. I do think Ambriz is worth keeping, though if they could option him to Columbus this year, I’d prefer to see Judy or Pestano right now … I’m not really clear why they’re so in love with Brantley. To me, the third outfield position next year should be a battle between Brantley, Brown and Weglarz. Right now I’d actually give Weglarz the edge as the guy I’d like to see earn that job, and I’d like to see Brown make a case of himself, but all the Indians ever talk about is Brantley. The only reason would seem to be their bias towards players they pick up in trades over players they’ve drafted, and possibly overvaluing Brantley’s base stealing ability. Brantley is still young and could come around, but right now he doesn’t really bring much to the table on offense other than his okay but not great speed. The biggest thing about Brantley, is it seems the Indians think he’s going to be able to draw walks in the majors like has in the minors and I just don’t see it happening. Opposing pitchers have thrown fastballs to Brantley 71% of the time this year. He’s not going to be drawing many walks, because he’s not going to see that many balls out of the zone. Someone like Weglarz you should see his ability to draw walks translate much better, because pitchers aren’t going to get away with just throwing him nothing but fastballs

what incredibly terrible luck, Red Sox inexplicably send a runner home down 4 runs and it looks like Santana just suffered an awful knee injury


The Dodgers made him a catcher.

You beat me to it…. Before you open your mouth, get your facts straight…. The dogers made him a catcher before we had him… Lets play Shapiro for that too… Geez

Yeah, TribeInsider’s last tweet on it:
“Santana’s knee tested well with the training staff and will have an MRI in Cleveland tomorrow”
It looked freaking awful, though. They’re actually warning people when they show it on Baseball Tonight.
Not that he’s been hitting well lately, but no Santana in the line-up tomorrow and Huff pitching…yikes.

Sorry… Lets try again…. Why are we blaming Shapiro for something that the Dodgers did???

And… Where is AC ????

Tough pill to swallow tonight. I quit watching because I’m so disturbed by what I saw. Hate to speculate, but it looked like a prototypical career-ender for Santana. And, Zigman? Wow! Please grow-up! Santana became a solid backstop right before our eyes in the last couple of months. Clearly, this kid was going to excel at any position he was thrown into. My thoughts go out to Supernatural! Get back soon, Carlos!

yeah, I feel real bad for Santana, sure hope it looked worse than it was. And hey, if Willis McGahee could come back and play running back in the NFL after what happened to his knee, then Santana can hopefully return to play baseball at some position, though really I’d be surprised to ever see him catch a game again.

supposedly Santana was still in the clubhouse though and it wasn’t looking that bad, maybe it really did look worse than it was

It would appear that MLB blocked my post because I used the word “fre….aking,” because that’s bad, m’kay?
Anyway, it looked awful, but TribeInsider is saying the trainers think it okay. He’s supposed to get an MRI in Cleveland tomorrow.
I guess he told Kalish it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Also, Terry Francona called Manny Acta over to the clubhouse to ask how Santana was. Say what you will about the Red Sox, but Francona has always been a good guy.

goodbye Carlos, hello Lou. Now that’s a depressing statement.

Looking at the video again, I really think it looks much worse than it is. I firmly hope that this is the case, because it looks like his leg is bent the wrong way in two places. They key thing, though, is that his shoe was coming off during the collision and at the point when his leg looks the worst, his foot is already clear of the shoe. If you ignore the position of the cleats, the knee doesn’t look too bad… not twisted too much and certainly not turned 90 degrees like I thought originally.

As I said, here’s hoping I’m right and that Carlos will just be recovering from a mild sprain/twist and a decent amount of bruising.

Classy behavior from Kalish and Francona.

it’s too bad the Red Sox were classy about the whole ordeal. I was hoping that Huff would search out a batters earhole tonight. I wouldn’t see what’s so wrong about hitting a guy in the leg or middle of the back to send a message but as I said, they apparently handled it with class and care so that’s out the window.

Greg Brinda brought up an intriguing concept for the money-driven Indians on The Tenth Inning last night. He said that since Hafner is making $11.5M this season and Jordan Brown will be making the league minimum right now and in the foreseeable future, then why not simply shut Hafner down and give the starting DH job to Brown?

In the grand scheme of things the Indians aren’t losing anything for the most part as Brown will provide Hafner’s production (maybe more) this year and considering the total dollars it would be a logical move. That way $11.5M of the ~$12M paid between those two guys is absorbed by Hafner. And we finally get the see what Brown is about

Now this will make ST quite happy to read, at least I suspect it would. But not matter what happens, the idea of the Indians simply dropping Hafner and eating his salary isn’t an option.

The idea of the indians dropping Hafner and eating his salary certainly should be an option next year. The Indians have 3 major league ready players who could potentially surpass the production they get from Hafner: Brown, Duncan and Weglarz. To say: “we’re going to hang onto X player because he’s paid X amount of $” is completely illogical. If that player can be replaced at negligible cost by someone who will provide better production, then the amount of money they’re paying the player shouldn’t be considered I disagree with those who have said the Indians should have released Hafner THIS year, for one thing, there are questions about next year that need to be answered first, and there were questions that needed to be answered about Hafner. I think the questions about Hafner have been answered: we can’t expect much, Hafner’s a left-handed platoon player without much power or speed, basically David Dellucci who walks a little more frequently. Other questions do still need to be answered as far as the outfield spots are concerned, primarily whether Sizemore will be healthy and productive, and if Brantley can take the third outfield spot. If those 2 things happen, then it would be a bad idea to hold onto Hafner, because Duncan has already demonstrated that he can out-produce Hafner in the majors. After that, we have 2 other unknowns, what can Brown do, and what can Weglarz do. The rest of this year should be geared towards finding out if Brown can out-produce Hafner as well. With Weglarz, I’d fully expect that he can do better than Hafner right now. In the case of all three of those players, they are also more valuable than Hafner simply because they can actually play a position, while Hafner is stricly a DH, so you’d only have to get equivalent production on offense to make releasing Hafner the smart move. Since Brown and Weglarz would be making the minimum, and Duncan wouldn’t be very expensive, releasing Hafner wouldn’t result in any increased expense, it’s likely some major league team would give him a chance and sign him to a cheap contract, the cost of which would be subtracted from what the Indians owe him.Of course, I don’t expect them to actually release Hafner. I don’t know why the idea is anathema to baseball owners: how did these guys get the money to buy a baseball team, when they don’t even have the business sense to recognize a sunk cost? I guess it’s because they get caught up in the “what ifs”, thinking that perhaps Hafner will suddenly turn back into the 40 HR, 1.000 OPS guy he used to be, while if he was an expensive piece of malfunctioning inanimate equipment, they’d have no expectation that the equipment could suddenly start producing better on its own. However, all evidence right now is pointing to Hafner being an expensive piece of broken equipment that is never going to produce as much as the nice, cheap, shiny new pieces of equipment that are sitting in the warehouse just waiting to be put into production.

Where is AC????????????????//

would it be considered tampering if the Indians asked Hafner to sit on the 60-day DL for the rest of his contract, essentially retiring so that he gets his money but also the Indians get insurance to pay his a portion if not most of his contract?

You know what bugs me about last night? I mean, aside from the fact that Josh Beckett is a giant d-bag.
It was clear that Beckett meant to hit Duncan and Choo. It’s not like he hit Brown or Nix. He went after the two best hitters currently in our line-up. Fine. That’s what he does.
But why was it up to our bullpen to defend our guys? Why didn’t Huff do it? Bad enough Beckett was allowed to hit Choo after hitting Duncan earlier, but then he basically threw at Duncan AGAIN later in the game. Huff should have hit one of the Red Sox players and drawn a line in the sand. It would have been over and done with.

oh how I long for the days when one of our starting pitchers actually stood up for our hitters. The last time I can remember it happening was in 2005. Kevin Millwood drilled some dude from Texas (I think) after the Rangers’ starter had plunked Hafner AND Sizemore. No benches cleared but a message was sent. End of story, and frankly that’s the way it should happen. HBPs are inevitable in baseball but when a team thinks that a pitcher is specifically targeting one of their own, or in this case two, then repercussions must be made. Seeing as how we always lead the league in HBPs when EW was in charge I severely doubt that Millwood was told to do that.

Is anyone concerned that Santana is having his knee surgery at the Cleveland Clinic? Personally, I am not but I when I read that little blurb about his situation I could not stop myself from thinking about the Browns’ mishaps.

I would love the see the number of games the Indians have come back from being down 2 or more runs after the 5th inning.
I would be willing to bet it was less than 10.
While I am encouraged to see the effort from these young guys, as a fan, once they hit the 6th and they are down by 3, I’m not at all confident in a comeback.
Oh well, hopefully they build that fight over time.

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