7/27: Indians vs. Yankees

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game at Progressive Field is on WTAM and STO. Josh Tomlin will be making his debut and hoping to avoid serving up No. 600 to Alex Rodriguez.

Here’s a story on CC Sabathia returning to Cleveland and again sharing his revisionist view of history.

cle2.gifINDIANS (41-58):
CF Crowe, SS Cabrera, RF Choo, LF Kearns, DH Duncan, 3B Peralta, 1B LaPorta, 2B Donald, C Gimenez. RHP Josh Tomlin (0-0, 0.00).




nyy2.gifYANKEES (63-35):
SS Jeter, RF Swisher, DH Teixeira, 3B Rodriguez, 2B Cano, CF Granderson, 1B Miranda, C Francisco Cervelli*, LF Gardner. LHP C.C. Sabathia (13-3, 3.18).

*Jorge Posada was a late scratch with left knee soreness.


In regards to sending Brantley down to Columbus, bottom line is Crowe was playing better, which wasn’t all that hard to do. Plain and simple to me.

Probably smart, giving Santana the day off. Gimenez is probably familiar with Tomlin from AAA.
I’d pay fat sacks of cash to see LaPorta take Sabathia deep tonight.

This is fun to watch! Tomlin looking phenomenal. Would be great to take a W off of CC. Anybody know what the plan is for Tomlin? Is he up for the rest of the way?

so Jordan Brown had 3 HRs yesterday in Columbus in 4 ABs? How about that? Nothing will be mentioned how he had 3 HRs in the previous 252 ABs though. Where’s ST when you need him?

Brown had 1 HR yesterday, not 3 … hopefully we will get to see what Brown can do soon. I don’t see a reason to hold onto Kearns any longer. If he can’t be traded he should be released, someone will pick him up to use off the bench.

my apologies ST. Either I didn’t see the correct prompt on Sportstime or they had it wrong.

LACF, you wanted a dinger but will a double suffice?

Yeah, AM, I was pretty psyched to see that! The sac fly was actually really nice, too, because LaPorta has looked a little clueless at the plate, but managed to hit a sac fly on an 0-2 count against C.C.
Agreed, ST, Kearns should be released if he’s not dealt. No reason to let him block up the works.
I’m torn on keeping Crowe instead of Brantley. On one hand, Crowe is obviously hitting better. But I think the big benefit of being 16 games under .500 is that we can give guys more time to work things out. As much as I like Crowe (mostly because I think he’s insane), he’s not the future of our outfield, but Brantley might be.
Also, I’m annoyed he hit into that double play with the based loaded tonight.
Clearly, Columbus is unnecessary for our starters.

I was going to say the same thing about Tomlin – right handed Sowers. They sort of look alike, same height and weight, throw about the same speed, though the top I saw on Tomlin in that game was 88 … I don’t think Crowe is insane, just that he has ADD … If Crowe were a better fielder, he could be a legitimate CF option, but he rarely gets a good read on the ball. I wonder if the ill-fated conversion to second base hurt his outfield defense, of if it’s just the ADD, which is made worse by the infrequent fly balls the Indians pitchers give up so Crowe’s out there thinking about what he’s going to have for dinner, or butterflies, or whatever, and not really paying attention to what’s happening in the game, and then he’s like “fly ball, oh ****” and runs in a random direction

Josh Tomlin is the righthanded version of Jeremy Sowers

Don’t you think it’s a little soon to be comparing the guy to other pitchers when he’s pitched in one major league game?

tribe1045, the answer to your question is yes. However, they were simply making a comparison and a decent one to boot, that highlights my feelings about this organization as I think about Sowers’ career: this FO is incapable or unwilling to sell a player at their highest value. The last time that I can remember when they traded a high valued prospect was Brian Giles. Highly touted but he was blocked by THREE All Star outfielders.

For the record I agree with the notion of dumping Kearns in favor of Brantley’s development. As I said before, he played his way into the lineup in April and has played his way out of it since then. I would rather see Brantley and Brown on the 25-man roster than Kearns and Duncan. Nothing against Duncan but it’s a numbers game. Are we to assume that when Wood returns to the active roster that Todd will be sent back down?

joey, I wasn’t trying to assume an implication from your statement. Jeremy Sowers is the forgotten name to me so when I saw it in a reference it made me think about how he was quite exemplary in the second half of 2006 and then fizzled out. Hindsight it always 20/20 but imagine if the Indians traded Sowers or even Jared Wright when their value was highest. Oh, if I knew then what I know now about some of these guys…

I wasn?t making the comparison of his career or fate with the team, but as ST said – same build and arsenal of pitches. I do hope his career takes a better path than Sowers’, but given Tomlin’s stuff, I would doubt it. Who knows, he could be a (very) young Jamie Moyer.

Maybe it’s the being arrested thing, but I’d be shocked if Tomlin became the nibbler that Sowers turned into. That’s easy to say this early on, though.
I read that Colorado is interested in Peralta, but that was before they started being awful. It would make things much easier if we could deal Jhonny, since it would give another spot on the roster, one that we really wouldn’t have to fill with a third baseman since I believe Nix can play third. Then you can release Kearns and have enough spots open to keep Duncan and call up Brantley and Brown, if you wanted.

I remember all the urban legend trade rumors regarding Jared Wright.
Wright for Perdro
Wright for Schilling
I’ll make one up now: Tomlin for Strasburg, straight up.

joey, I don’t know if those reports were quite urban legend. Both teams wanted Wright following his 1997 playoff run and the Indians kept offering Bartolo Colon instead. Nonetheless, it’s funny to remember back.

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