7/20: Indians at Twins

Tonight’s 8:10 p.m. ET game at Target Field is on WTAM and STO.

Austin Kearns (right knee soreness) and Michael Brantley (injured right shoulder) are both day-to-day. Brantley hurt his shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield last night.

Here’s the full story on Asdrubal Cabrera’s return. And here are tonight’s notes.

cle.gifINDIANS (39-54):
SS Cabrera, LF Nix, C Santana, DH Hafner, 3B Peralta, 1B LaPorta, RF Duncan, CF Crowe, 2B Donald. RHP Justin Masterson (3-8, 5.31).




min.gifTWINS (49-44):
CF Span, 2B Hudson, C Mauer, RF Kubel, 1B Cuddyer, DH Thome, LF Young, SS Hardy, 3B Punto. RHP Kevin Slowey (8-5, 4.95).


Glad to hear that about Brantley. Well, not glad to hear about his injury, but glad he’s not being benched. I hope they keep him in the lead off spot despite his troubles because — why not? Where’s the downside?

Carrasco was pulled from the game after 3.1 innings in Columbus, injury, or are they anticipating they’ll need him to replace Laffey?

Injury for Carrasco, of course — his throwing arm. I haven’t heard anything beyond that, but one would imagine he’s going to be out for a while (being his throwing arm and all).
I would guess that would make Gomez next in line to come up, since Tomlin isn’t on the 40 man and given Jeanmar’s current major league line. I wonder if they’d consider just skipping Laffey the next time through.
Joe Smith definitely worked something out and Chris Perez makes Kerry Wood that much sadder.
Donald with what should have been an error in his first official game as our every day second baseman, but then goes and drives in a run to make up for it, as usual.

the question then becomes what to do with the lineup upon Choo’s return? Lets assume that Brantley and Kearns are simply both d2d. Perhaps that is a pipedream with this organization b/c d2d issues tend to get exponentially worse. You have to wonder if this knee business doesn’t keep Kearns from being traded. I’d prefer to see Brantley, Cabrera, Santana, Choo, Kearns, Hafner, Peralta, LaPorta, Donald.

I would like to see Kearns traded if only to keep Crowe’s bat in the lineup. Yes, I did just say that. But if someone from Columbus (i.e. Brown) needs to be promoted then replacing Crowe in the lineup becomes a more acceptable PR move than replacing Kearns.

I actually totally disagree with that last statement but I’m just playing armchair Shapiro/DiBiasio rolled up into one. Personally, I think that if Kearns can play his way INTO the lineup in April then he can play his way OUT of it as well (.373 BA in April, May-June-July .250, .250, .220). Those numbers speak for themselves.

I could do without Crowe and Kearns both. I wish someone would tell Crowe to stop bunting with 2 outs and guys on base. I have seen him do that at least 6 or 7 times this year and every time has made the third out. Almost as inexplicable as Mauer bunting with 2 guys on … really bad luck for Carrasco, he might have been called up in a couple days … the Indians would get nothing for Kearns in a trade so I don’t think the knee injury really matters that much. He really shouldn’t be on the team at this point, both because of his recent lack of production and more importantly because he’s not going to be part of their future, and should be released or traded when Choo returns, as long as Brantley’s healthy. Brantley, Brown and Choo should be the normal starting outfield … glad they didn’t keep Jensen Lewis around, but I still don’t understand why they don’t work something out with Arizona so they can send Ambriz down as well. They can’t afford to go this entire year without getting extended looks at Todd, Judy and others in that very crowded minor league bullpen, because they’re going to have some roster decisions to make.

ST, I appreciate you don’t like Crowe, but the man has the highest AVG on the team with RISP and is tied with Santana behind Kearns and Brantley (both more and less chances) in AVG w/RISP and 2 outs. Crowe has been in right the thick of this winning streak and deserves to play, if for nothing else than to see how far he can take this.
Agree with both of you about Kearns. There’s no reason to keep him even if he doesn’t get dealt,, particularly given how small the investment was. He knew what he was getting into when he came on board.
If Ambriz is blocking someone from AAA, then I don’t see why the Tribe should go to any real lengths to keep him. I think we have better options. Honestly, I don’t think Ambriz/Lewis is an either/or situation, so much as a both.

ST said: I wish someone would tell Crowe to stop bunting with 2 outs and guys on base. I have seen him do that at least 6 or 7 times this year and every time has made the third out.

I did a search on Crowe’s gamelogs. He has only bunted 3 times this year with ROB and 2 outs. 5-30 vs Burnett. 6-13 vs Strasburg and yesterday. He did make outs all 3 times.

He has bunted 8 times this year. One for a hit. Two for a sac. And 5 times he made an out.

Hades hath no fury like duanekuiper scorn over statistics

Yeah, but in his defense, ST does seem to have a chip on his shoulder towards Crowe, so actually numbers were necessary.

ONLY? He ONLY bunted 3 times with runner on and 2 out? Why would anyone, ever, bunt with runners on and 2 out? How many times did he bunt with 2 outs, and no one on? Because I’m pretty sure I have seen more than 3 two-out bunts from Crowe. But even if it is 3, that is 3 too many … RISP average is pretty meaningless, over a small sample size it’s pretty much 100% attributable to luck (in Crowe’s case there could be something to it, but only in the sense that he DOES NOT concentrate, so when he gets RISP he maybe concentrates like a normal person) Crowe also has a .669 OPS while playing atrocious defense. He’s better in a corner spot, where his speed makes up for his running in the wrong direction, but he’s nothing special, and his bat is not a corner outfield bat, obviously. Jordan Brown or even Weglarz COULD provide a legitimate corner bat. They know what they have in Crowe, i.e. NOT someone you want to have as your everyday corner outfielder

In this case I wasn’t trying to needle duane. I actually agree with him b/c ST and I differ in opinion over Crowe’s worth. But in ST’s defense his last statement about Crowe as an everyday player is probably accurate. But I do think that he is a near perfect 4th OF candidate.

ESPN is reporting that the NYY are serious contenders for Jhonny Peralta, claiming “Peralta is reportedly higher on the club’s wish list (than Wes Helms).

Well, yeah, ST, ONLY 3 times, as opposed to AT LEAST 6 or 7. Duane might be understating it by saying “only,” but you’re clearly overstating it by saying “at least,” particularly given that it wasn’t “at least” half of what you said.
And, yeah, in a perfect world, Crowe is our 4th outfielder, but that’s not the case. It is the case, however, that he’s been playing well as of late and helping us win games.

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