"An ice cream truck on a deserted street"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

Upon arrival to the press box at Target Field today, media members were greeted by three items — a Mr. Potato Head doll, an invitation to try some free Blue Bunny ice cream and a Tonic Sol-fa CD.tonicsolfa.jpg

What do these three things have in common, you might ask?

Well, according to a press release that accompanied the ice cream invite, Blue Bunny and Tonic Sol-fa are “proud corporate partners.” Those must have been some intense meetings.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but they didn’t say anything about Tonic Sol-fa’s CD cover. I’ve posted it here. And, well… you know.

I hope this is not the case, but it is altogether possible that Mr. Potato Head is here to symbolize what happens when you, the consumer, combine the music of Tonic Sol-fa with the irresistible tastiness of Blue Bunny: You will be chubby, and you will wish to possess the ability to rip the ears out of your head.

potatohead.jpgAgain, though, I’m merely judging Tonic Sol-fa by their cover. This release says they have sold more than a million albums, been nominated for two Emmy Awards and shared a stage with, among others, Jerry Springer and Bobcat Goldthwait. That’s big-time.  All I know is that if they are half as good as the Bases Loaded Butter Brickle flavor of Blue Bunny that I just tried, then the disc is worth a spin.

And Mr. Potato Head is still awesome, after all these years.


  • Here are tonight’s notes from Indians.com.
  • As reported yesterday, Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo are both coming back Friday. What does that mean for the construction of the roster and the construction of the lineup?
  • Well, on the roster front, the Indians will probably go back to a seven-man bullpen. Could be a short stint for Jess Todd, unless somebody really stumbles this week. That takes care of one spot. It’s anybody’s guess what will happen to clear the other spot. For starters, the Indians must decide whether to make Jayson Nix a utility guy and give second base to Jason Donald, or send Donald back down to Columbus to play at second every day. Either way, Donald will remain a regular. The Indians don’t want to use him in a utility role.
  • If Donald sticks, the Indians could option out Michael Brantley, who has been quiet since his callup, and move Trevor Crowe back to center and Austin Kearns back to left. Or they could get rid of Andy Marte or Shelley Duncan. Or they could pull the trigger on a Kearns trade, if there’s a taker to be had. Again, it all stems from the Donald decision. We’ll see.
  • What we do know for sure is that Cabrera and Choo will both return to prominent spots of the lineup. But it doesn’t appear Cabrera will return to the leadoff spot. Acta said he’s leaning toward having Cabrera at No. 2 and Carlos Santana at cleanup, which means Choo would slot in at No. 3. Suddenly, that’s a much more potent punch early in the order, and Santana (9-for-his-last-48, coming into tonight) might begin to see some more pitches to hit than he’s been getting the last couple weeks.
  • Brantley has been locked in as the leadoff guy lately, which an indication of Acta’s faith in Brantley finding his rhythm at this level. So it would be a surprise to see him demoted again. But you never know.
  • Should something happen to Donald or Nix during this series, Jhonny Peralta would slide over to shortstop.
  • This is the third time an Indians team has started out 4-0 after the All-Star break, according to Elias. The others were 1970 and 1995. The Indians had never started out 5-0 in the second half.
  • What’s gotten into the bullpen? The relief corps tossed 13 1/3 scoreless innings in the four-game sweep of the Tigers. Entering tonight, it had allowed just 10 earned runs in the last 53 innings of work (good for a 1.70 ERA). “They’ve been more consistent,” Acta said. “With the way they’re going right now, I can plan out two innings ahead, if I want to.” Much better, Acta said, than flipping a coin. We’ve seen that situation here before.
  • Acta views Anthony Reyes as a rotation option later this year. Reyes, more than a year removed from Tommy John surgery, began a 30-day Minor League rehab assignment in the rookie-level Arizona League on Saturday. He’ll make another start in Arizona on Friday and is expected to move up the organizational ladder from there. At some point, the Indians will have to watch the innings of Justin Masterson and Mitch Talbot, so Reyes could be in the rotation in September.
  • Todd became the seventh rookie on this active roster.
  • Akron second baseman Jason Kipnis is batting .320 with 10 doubles, four homers and 12 RBIs in 32 games with the Aeros.
  • Overheard by the indoor cages before BP today... Player A: "I've got [Francisco] Liriano's number." Player B: "Maybe his phone number."

  • That Blue Bunny release also noted that July is National Ice Cream Month. What? You were expecting January?



I can’t imagine they’ll send Donald down, he’d be competing for playing time at 2b with Phelps, Valbuena and Josh Rodriguez. Having 4 second basemen in Columbus would seem a bit excessive, and counterproductive

And I just can’t imagine the rationale in keeping Nix as the starting second baseman. Like I said before, he’s clearly not a part of the future of this team. Sure, Donald’s defense has been iffy, but he’s been hitting the ball far more consistently than most of the guys in this line-up. If Luis Valbuena was given all that time to play 2B earlier in the year, Donald should get just as much time at the position we got him for.
I wonder if perhaps Ambriz might get the short straw when Cabrera and Choo return. I hope Kearns gets dealt soon — not that I haven’t enjoyed having the guy on the team, but, even as poorly as Brantley has performed, I’d really like to see him stay where he’s at. He was 2 for 4 yesterday and 1 for 3 already tonight, so maybe he’s starting to heat up. Sure Crowe could get sent down, but he keeps getting important hits, and I always hate it when we send guys down when they’re doing their jobs.
Aaron Laffey concerns me. I have to wonder what his future is going to be like with this team.

how great it would be to see jhonny shipped out for a pitching prospect or two and thus allow both donald & nix to play full-time. and if now’s the time to flip kearns, an outfield of crowe, brantley & choo would be fun to watch and great to building chemistry going forward. go tribe!

If Peralta gets dealt, Nix isn’t getting that spot. Marte is. I would expect the outfield to be Choo, Brantley, and Crowe/Duncan, mostly because I think they’d still like to get Duncan’s bat in the line-up and have Crowe’s wheels on the bench, and they’d still need to get Brantley in there every day.
That said, Brantley just had a horrible AB for the last out in the top of the 7th. I get the feeling that he’s scared to take pitches because being down in the count freaks him out.

I was actually thinking a very smart move would be to trade Jensen Lewis to Arizona for Ambriz so they can send Ambriz to Columbus. Arizona would take that deal, because it’s not like the Indians have to give them anything, they’ll just hold onto him for the year if they need to, better Lewis than nothing, and from the Indians’ side, I don’t see Lewis being part of the equation next year. That way, they can leave Todd up and call up Judy to replace Ambriz.

There you go, ST, Todd coming in for the 9th.
So who is this team wearing the Tribe uniforms, anyway? Three outs from five in a row and Choo and Cabrera back on Friday? Watch out Royals!

Hahaha! I’m officially on the Trevor Crowe bandwagon (does it exist?). He just caught the second out and the ball kind of moved around out there, as it has all night. He caught it and turned to throw it back in as fast as he could and he just got this completely insane smile on his face. I’m pretty sure one of the voices in his head made a joke to one of the other voices, possibly the voice that told him to try for two the other day.
And now he and Brantley nearly ran into each other.
I think he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic…which is very entertaining!

I would venture a guess that Crowe has the best average on the team for RISP and RISP/2 outs, .368 and .333 respectively. The leadoff spot didn’t suit him well but the 7th spot does. It’s something Wedge tried to do with Lofton in 2007, making another 1-2-3 out of the 7-8-9 spots in the order.

Alex White did it again last night. He is dominating Double-A. 83 SO against 35 BB in 110.0 IP this year is very encouraging.

Aaron Laffey’s lack of control and loss of speed concerns me. Very concerned.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the upcoming roster moves. If the FO is deeply invested in the youth movement then we know which moves they should make. Donald was suspect at SS but should prove better at 2B. He belongs there and should get the opportunity to play with Cabrera. Nix should be released. And while Todd was taxed for one run in the 9th I was not concerned. The gork and bloop jobs are meaningless. I have more faith in Todd becoming a viable RP option than I do Ambriz or Lewis (aka the HR master).

Third baseman are dropping like flies around the majors, it seems. Someone’s GOT to take Jhonny, yeah? If Nix can play 3B, I’ve got no problems hanging on to him if we managed to deal Jhonny.
There’s a write-up on MLBtraderumors about Westbrook and it seems like dealing him isn’t a done deal, even with interest. I’m fine with keeping him around if we can get a good deal.
Laffey says he’s dealing with a dead arm, basically because he didn’t start the year as a starter. Between him and the need to watch innings on Masterson and Talbot, there should be plenty of opportunities for the AAA guys come September — maybe sooner, depending upon Laffey’s condition.
It’s amazing to me that, between Cleveland and Columbus, the Tribe would have a surplus of relievers. Unreal.

Selling or not selling, I have to admit Tonic Sol-fa make good music. Their new CD cover does not however do justice to the image they have. It looks like one for an upcoming college band that was a little bit short of cash. N pun intended here! jordan

Serious fan of the website, lots of your articles have truly helped me out. Awaiting up-dates!

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