7/7: Indians at Rangers

Tonight’s 8:05 p.m. ET game at Rangers Ballpark is on WTAM and STO.

Matt LaPorta still out after suffering a head contusion Monday. He’s done some cardio work, but the team medical staff didn’t want him playing yet. Manny Acta said LaPorta is “day to day.”

cle.gifINDIANS (33-50):
CF Brantley, 2B Nix, C Santana, DH Hafner, 3B Peralta, RF Duncan, LF Crowe, 1B Marte, SS Donald. RHP Mitch Talbot (8-7, 3.86).




tex.gifRANGERS (49-34):
SS Andrus, 3B Young, LF Murphy, DH Hamilton, RF Cruz, 1B Smoak, C Treanor, 2B Blanco, CF Borbon. RHP Colby Lewis (7-5, 3.35).


Jordan Brown now hitting .301 with 18 doubles. I’d much rather see him than Crowe in the lineup. Goedert seems to hit a HR every day. 13 in 29 games is absurd. It would at least be more interesting to see him in the lineup instead of Peralta.

Tom Hamilton dropped a little reminder in tonight’s broadcast that put things into perspective…..Jayson Nix has 6 HRs this year. That is one more than Peralta, and only two fewer than Hafner. I’m not sure which it illustrates more; the current state of the “power” in our lineup, or the surprise that is Jayson Nix.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Jason Donald cannot adequately field the SS position at the ML level. Neither can Justin Masterson for that fact.

Jason Donald: better than Valbuena. His arm is too weak for SS. It’s not just the errors, about once a game, or at least every time I watch a game, the opposition gets an infield hit on a groundball to short that would’ve been an out if it were hit to an actual shortstop. But still, Donald is better than Valbuena. It’s unfortunate that the Indians currently have 6 second basemen and 0 shortstops in Cleveland and AAA. Or actually, Peralta’s a shortstop. But he plays 3b. Maybe they should trade some of those guys for a shortstop, or something. The two things I don’t get about the current Indians team: why wasn’t Crowe replaced with Brown when Brantley was called up, and why is Anderson Hernandez on the team instead of Josh Rodriguez? Also, what the heck was wrong with Sipp from May 28th to June 13th? Sipp’s gone 30 innings and given up 18 runs on the year. Outside of those 2 weeks, he’s gone 27.2 innings and given up 3 ERs

I think Russell Branyan was pickin’ on Tony Sipp. Branyan gets traded, Sipp gets back to his old form. Either that, or Branyan was our Jonah. Same difference.

Yeah, I’d be interested to see how Donald would perform if he was at 2B every game. Second does seem to be a toss up for the future.
Jordan Brown can hit lefties. Just sayin’.
I would consider Duncan to the be bigger issue. Crowe is a nice guy to have off the bench to pinch run or fill in. Duncan doesn’t have the flexibility that Crowe has, so if anyone is blocking Brown, it’s Duncan.
According to MLBtraderumors.com, all the guys we figured would get traded are starting to get interest, although Westbrook is leading the way (Peralta, it appears, is last on the interest list). I wonder what they’ll do if they move Peralta — play Marte, or call up Goedert? Play Marte until September, maybe?

I think they’ll play Goedert if they trade Peralta. Goedert has yet to get a shot, and is having a year in AAA like Marte had last year … Duncan’s a part-timer though, and he is someone who’s nice to have around to bat from the right side. I’d say they need the right handed power bat on the bench more than Crowe. What I don’t get is starting Crowe in a corner outfield spot. The only thing Crowe brought to the team was that he was the only guy who could (sort of) play CF, with Brantley on the team, what’s the point? Kearns can play CF too. I’d rather see Duncan playing every day in the outfield with Crowe on the bench, really. It’s not like the Indians’ pitchers give up all that many fly balls anyway, so Duncan’s defense isn’t that big of a deal. But I’d be fine with Brown in place of either Crowe or Duncan on the roster, as long as he was given the opportunity to play every day.

I agree with LACF. Duncan is the problem not Crowe. Crowe has use as a 4th OF and PR. Duncan hurts an already poor pitching staff with his poor defense.

AC, I don’t have a twitter account so couldn’t respond there, but I just wanted to say I saw your comment about the “ringless egomaniac” on that site and it almost made me feel better. Nicely put!

Also, in response to everyone’s criticism of Crowe, I’m rather confused about the faith the fans seem to have in Brantely. I know he was unstoppable last year when he came up, but he had to be sent to Columbus earlier this year because of his lack of offense, and that doesn’t seem to have changed with his stint in AAA. I know Crowe’s no Grady Sizemore, but is Brantley really any better?

Criticizing Crowe has nothing to do with faith in Brantley. Brantley’s going to be given a shot to play, as he should. It doesn’t really have much to do with Crowe, until Brantley fails and ends up battling Crowe for the coveted 4th outfielder spot next year. Crowe hasn’t done much in the minors or majors, and he plays terrible defense in CF. His speed can make up for his bad jumps in the corner spots, but he doesn’t bring much to the table on offense. Brantley will hopefully be better than that. Personally I have no faith in Brantley, and that’s the reason I want to see Jordan Brown playing in the majors sooner rather than later, because Brantley might completely fail, and I certainly don’t think Crowe is someone we want starting in the outfield next year

Kearns isn’t much longer for this team, which is why they’d keep Crowe around instead of Duncan, because he can play CF if Brantley can’t. Granted, once Kearns goes it won’t really matter, as our outfield could consist of Duncan, Brantley, and Brown, with Crowe as the 4th outfielder.
I won’t go into any commentary on LeBron (but I really, really could) aside from go to the obvious: I wonder how this will ultimately effect the Tribe. As AC has said in the past — and I completely agree — Cleveland is a two sport town: the Browns and whoever is winning. I wonder if this increases the sense of urgency in the Tribe front office because there’s a chance for them to be that other team now. They just need to start winning before the post-LeBron Cavs do.

LACF, I was on that front as well. I was pretty much the only person in Cleveland that wanted LeBron to leave. I had grown tired of his antics. Flat out embarassing and void of any respect for anyone or any other team that made a pitch to him.

As for the Indians, I thought that perhaps the Cavs becoming irrelevant for a few years would improve their abysmal attendance. I ultimately came to the conclusion that that idea was wrong.

I had to think like an intelligent, rational fan that remembered the Dolans saying that when the team was competitive that they’d spend money. They were one game away from the World Series in 2007 and went into 2008 with practically the same roster. I do not trust the Dolans. I do not trust that he will spend the money when we have a winner b/c the only example we have from previous years suggests that they won’t because they didn’t before.

and btw, when they do spend money it’s allocated inappropriately

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