6/15: Indians vs. Mets

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game is on WTAM and WKYC Channel 3.

cle3.gifINDIANS (25-37):
CF Crowe, RF Choo, C Santana, DH Hafner, LF Kearns, 1B Branyan, 3B Peralta, 2B Valbuena, SS Donald. RHP Justin Masterson (2-5, 4.74).




nym1.gifMETS (35-28):
SS Reyes, CF Pagan, 3B Wright, 1B Davis, LF Bay, DH Carter, C Barajas, RF Francoeur, 2B Cora. LHP Johan Santana (4-3, 2.96).

1 Comment

Why are the Indians and all of their fans being punished by having Peralta bat twice? We already get to see him reach for outside curveballs in the dirt or fan on fastballs at his neck about 4 at bats per game, no need for 8!

I guess the good news is that two Peraltas at 3B may lead to average fielding.

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