Here comes Santana, down goes Marson

By Anthony Castrovince/


UPDATE: Here is the full story on Santana’s promotion, including quotes from Mark Shapiro.

Oye, come on up.

On Thursday, manager Manny Acta said catcher Carlos Santana, the Indians’ top prospect, would be with the club sometime before Sept. 1.

Friday certainly qualifies.

Santana, a switch-hitting slugger who is one of the more hyped Tribe prospects in recent memory, is joining the Indians in time for the weekend series against the Nationals. He has been promoted from Triple-A Columbus, which is where Lou Marson is headed

The news comes as the Indians are gearing up to face another of the Majors’ top prospects, Nats right-hander Stephen Strasburg, who is fresh off a dazzling debut against the Pirates. A Strasburg-Santana matchup is certainly an appealing one.

Santana earned the callup by batting .316 with 13 homers, 14 doubles, 51 RBIs and a 1.044 OPS in 57 games for the Clippers. He went 3-for-4 with a homer and three RBIs against Rochester on Thursday.

The Indians were pleased with Santana’s defensive development over the course of the season. They were ecstatic about the defense from Marson, who had thrown out 38 percent of those attempting to steal. But Marson was batting just .191 with a .530 OPS.


Should be a real interesting series this weekend. Must see TV. Santana, and we go against former Indian JD Martin on Saturday, and then Stasburg, plus Acta facing off against his old team LACF, a future position change is one thing, but saying “oh, Santana can maybe get some time in at 1b” is entirely different. Fielding ground balls and getting the footwork down to play 1b is something completely different than catching, and 1b is quite a bit different than 3rd. (not to mention that they have Laporta, Brown and Marte who have actually all played 1b) When Redmond is catching, Santana should DH, and really I wouldn’t mind Santana DHing against every left handed starter and Hafner sitting. Once again, Hafner’s put up good numbers against right handed pitching and awful against lefties. They should cut Carmona loose from his Redmond, and use left handed starters as the days to work Redmond in Could Santana play 1b, or even move back to 3b in the future? Probably, as long as he had a good long stretch of practice there before he was in games that mean something. Just like Marte would probably be an average to above average defensive player if he played 1b or 3b every day, and like Brown would probably be an average defensive player if they had stuck him to one position instead of swapping him every single year between 1st and outfield. (yesterday’s Marte move was really odd, if you think about it. Why wasn’t Marte the DH in place of Hafner, instead of replacing the right handed Peralta?) And actually Marson to the outfield, except for the fact that he hit .190, wouldn’t be any more crazy than Garko in the outfield, or Barfield to the outfield. This team seriously seems to think they can play anyone anywhere, and their defense won’t suffer. Witness Valbuena single-handedly losing them two games this year playing shortstop.

First off, I love the idea of Santana coming up and playing for the big club, I really do.

That being said, if you are Marson today you have to feel pretty screwed over. Kid is throwing out everyone his pitchers allow, isn’t hitting great, but has done much better of late. Heck, last night he had one of the biggest hits in the game. Today, he’s in AAA.

ST – I agree he should DH whenever he can, as Hafner still isn’t doing much other than that slam the other night. In fact last night his AB in the 9th was horrible. I also loved Peralta’s face when he popped it up, was happy to get back to the bench from what I saw.

I know I haven’t written here much, but have been reading, keep it up guys. Should be a very fun series to watch this weekend. I can’t wait for tonight’s game.

Now I’m giddy at the thought of watching the game! I can’t wait!

Did anyone else notice how Carlos Santana looks like a young James Earl Jones like when he played in the movie Dr. Strangelove? I just thought that was interesting, he sure would be influential when calming the pitcher.

I wonder if he has more personality behind the plate than he did ignoring the fans at the Clippers meet and greet earlier this season. Oh well. I hope he is a positive on the team.

I cannot wait to watch him play.

ST, the “time at 1B” response was Acta’s answer to what they’d do if they kept Marson when they called up Santana. Not really an issue, given they sent Marson down.
I have no problems tooting my own horn — I said this weekend would be the best time, marketing-wise, for them to call up Santana.
It should be interesting to see how Westbrook does tonight. I have a feeling that his trade value is better for the NL than AL.

let the pandemonium begin. Looks like I get a two-for-one prospect deal on my Sunday tickets. I’d love to see Santana go yard against Strasburg in his first AB. Fairytale though.

Stick Santana behind the dish and don’t move him… ever. Leave him be.

A fun little statistic: Tampa Bay is 22-8 on the road, Cleveland is 23-36 overall on the season. Disturbing.

Responding to the bullpen conversation on a previous thread, if the organization wants to look for open FMR spots or even ML opportunities for other relief guys then they shouldn’t look any further than Rafael Perez, Hector Ambriz, and Shane Lindsay to name a few.

You know, R. Perez is kind of like Wood, if only because they seem determined not to let him go. So what do they do with him?
ST mentioned the possibility of moving Wood to middle relief, which I think would be a good idea. Not only do you get him in there more often, but that also lets C. Perez close again. Granted, that makes Wood like the highest paid middle reliever since Zito, but so be it.
Speaking of middle relief, has anyone else noticed that Frank Herrmann is throwing just as many balls as strikes, if not more? Man is living on the edge.
As for R. Perez, wasn’t the big silver lining on him because of how he pitched in winter ball? Wasn’t he a starter then? I can’t claim to have any knowledge of the mental difference between the two roles, but maybe the Tribe should consider letting him start a game. Do like the minor league teams do, on occasion, when they need a spot start — use a couple of relievers to make up one starter.
Out of the box thinking!

The movement on Herrmann’s fastball is crazy.
R. Perez has had success as a starter and given that this is something of a lost season, I say why not? If anything, the fact that he has only two pitches is all the more reason to move him and force him to experiment with a third, as his two pitches haven’t exactly done wonders for him as a reliever. Honestly, he’s not all that different from Fausto.
I really don’t think Carrasco is ready. Not unlike Masterson, he shows flashes of brilliance, but he’s way too inconsistent. But I agree that Huff has to be on probation and I’m still under the belief that Westbrook will be dealt — the Cardinals come to mind as a potential match, but there are plenty of teams in the NL that could use a back of the rotation guy like Westbrook. Even if they just take on his remaining salary, it would help the Tribe.
Big assumption, yes, but if Santana lives up to his potential, imagine that line-up with a healthy Sizemore and Cabrera in it. Suddenly, it’s not awful.

LACF, you bring up an interesting point about R. Perez. If I remember correctly Shapiro stated that moving him to the rotation for 2011 wasn’t out of the question but that 2010 would be in a relief role only. The best way we might be able to accomplish this is the day/night doubleheader against Detroit that was rescheduled for July 17th. I realize that’s almost 5 weeks away but I don’t see it happening any other way barring injury or a pitcher getting scratched from the lineup in the 11th hour.

I think they should definitely keep Ambriz. He’s struggled but that’s pretty much to be expected when he’s barely pitched above AA and hasn’t even spent long as a reliever either. No reason to send him back to the Diamondbacks, they can hide him in the bullpen for the rest of the year and then they’ll have control over him, and who knows he might start doing better here in the second half … R Perez has seemingly pitched better lately, as far as I can tell. At least he’s managed to get some outs. But making him a starter was always a rather silly idea, isn’t it? The guy throws 2 pitches that are only about 4 mph apart. That’s a weak repertoire for a reliever much less a starter. And right now, I don’t see Masterson getting pulled from the rotation anytime soon, I could see them pulling Huff, but if they did that, it would be as much to see what Carrasco can do than anything else. IPI quoted Ross Atkins a few days ago talking up Carrasco, which I thought was weird because Carrasco’s numbers had been really bad his previous 4 starts, made me think they were preparing to call him up, and his last start should only help that case. If Huff’s next outing is bad, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carrasco in the rotation in a couple weeks … Herrmann’s the man. He was actually putting it right in Marson’s glove last night, but Marson was set up off the plate to Beltre when he walked him. How long has his scoreless streak been going on? 4 games in the majors, and like a month and a half in the minors. It’s funny that he was always profiled as one of these guys who doesn’t throw hard and pitches to contract, but the guy’s up there throwing 95, just as hard as C Perez. Nice to see an Indians pitching prospect take a step forward for a change

Laporta has 5 HRs in 16 at bats now in Columbus. don’t even know what to think of that, after he was a singles hitter for 2 months in Cleveland … I like this lineup with Santana. And Kearns is starting to really grow on me. Maybe they should sign the guy to a couple year contract … It will be interesting to see whether they get a little life to the offense now. Crowe, Santana and Donald are used to winning games down in Columbus and Akron.

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