"Everybody form a line"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

The Indians have sold more than 9,000 tickets to Sunday’s game against Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals in the past week, including 3,000 since Thursday morning.

The secondary market for Sunday’s game has also heated up. According to data from SeatGeek.com, there is a 22.2 percent increase for the Strasburg start over the season average at Progressive Field. The average transaction price for Strasburg’s start is $14.98 higher than tonight’s game and $7.72 higher than Saturday’s game.

With Carlos Santana making his debut, the Indians are hopeful for a heavy walkup crowd at the ballpark tonight.

On Saturday, there will be no Strasburg and probably no Santana (Mike Redmond will likely catch Fausto Carmona), but at least you’ve got that Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead.

Anyway, here’s the story on the Indians getting ready for Strasburg. And here’s what Tribe legend Bob Feller thinks about the Strasburg hype.



TribeInsider tweeted that Acta might start Santana tomorrow to catch Carmona. Go figure.
Funny that his big moment tonight would be on defense, given all the talk about his offense!
Austin Kearns holds a grudge.
Trevor Crowe seems to get one hit a night, but they always seem to be important hits. It’s very strange.
Found it strange that C. Perez pitched the ninth. If the excuse is that Wood doesn’t get regular work and is thus bad, why not throw him out there today?

I agree. With the off day on Monday, Strasburg throwing on Sunday, and 18 pitches in the Boston debacle (Thursday) the last time Wood pitched before that was 15 pitches and a save on Saturday the 5th. That’s two games and 33 pitches over 7 games in as many days. He’s not going to get the vesting option and his only trade value is IF he’s successful AND we eat a large chunk of his contract. The better and more frequently he pitches might reduce the money we’d have to eat in order to trade him.

Kearns is not long for this team. Someone will desire his services and inquire about his availability. His salary (and associating production) might yield a higher prospect than he’s actually worth. $750k for the year… minimal risk for the team that takes him on as a mid-season add-on to what might be a missing and needed bat for the playoff push.

Yeah, it looks like the Braves could use a bat in their outfield, too (besides the aforementioned Padres). I wonder if we can attach any dead weight (*cough*Peralta*cough*Wood*cough*) to any Kearns deal.
Actually, Mike Lowell appears to be generating interest from up to four teams, which would at least indicate some market for Peralta, since Jhonny is both healthier and seems to have more of a future. The Angels also seem to be in the market for a first baseman.
Looking forward to trade season. Should be entertaining.

I feel like you’re going to be vastly disappointed by trade season. You guys are crazy to think that Wood is or will be a tradeable commodity. Like I said, even if he goes the next month without giving up a run, who would trade for him? He has been the worst pitcher on the Indians’ staff. Even if he does manage to actually pick up a save or two over the next month, that doesn’t change the fact the he has been really bad or injured for the past year and a half. He is completely worthless in a trade, even if the Indians pay his entire salary. He’s been a below replacement level pitcher (worth -1.2 million this year, by the WAR calculation), someone might sign him for a minimum contract if the Indians release him but that is all of the salary relief they are going to get. As far as Kearns and Westbrook go, I’d rather the Indians just hang onto them. I really doubt teams are going to give up good prospects for those guys. Could be wrong, but I think teams are starting to realize the ridiculousness of giving up a Santana for 2 months of Casey Blake. Or Masterson, Hagadone and Price for a year and a half of Victor Martinez (I still think that’s going to end up one of the most lopsided trades in recent history, in the Indians favor). The Indians should hang onto Westbrook and negotiate to re-sign him, unless someone offers a legitimate top prospect for him, which I don’t see happening. Kearns, same thing … Will be interesting to see how Strasburg does. The Indians actually tend to do well against hard throwing right handers.

ST, yes in his current form you would have to think that Wood isn’t worth a gamble for other teams but you never know how desperate teams will get for a piece they think they’re missing. I would very much agree with you on the Martinez deal but we’ve talked about that before. The only comparable deal might be the Sabathia trade IF Brantley AND LaPorta come to complete fruition. In the loftiest of goals I would love to see Brantley as a Kenny Lofton-esque player and LaPorta as a poor man’s Manny Ramirez or Chipper Jones.

ST, I think you’re underestimating the arms race at mid-season. Teams are willing to take chances on relievers. The Red Sox dealing for Gagne in ’07 comes to mind. Even if we get someone to take HALF of Wood’s salary and nothing more, it would be huge. So, no, I don’t think my expectations are too high.
But Wood’s just one guy. I’m interested to see where they all go. I have no expectations on what we’ll get for any of them, but I’d love to see a guy like Kearns be able to move to a team in a race. I also think Westbrook would do well with an NL team.

perhaps. I do think the only way they can make moving Wood feasible is to have him go to middle relief now, because otherwise the opportunities to show something will be limited over the next month … Westbrook, I do think there’s a shot they hang onto him. It will improve the chances that they sign him, and they’ll likely get a compensation pick if he leaves. Kearns, barring other injuries, realistically they should move to give Brown/Brantley a look. The one guy that does interest me for a trade scenario is Peralta. He only need a little hot streak to get his numbers looking good, improve the batting average about 25 points, and hit a few more HRs. He already has a lot of doubles. I heard them say on STO last night that he’s hit .290 since something like April 26th, which is hard to believe. July is Peralta’s most consistently good month in the past, so by mid-July, he could have a good line. That guy has to be the most frustrating player in the Indians’ recent history. I wonder if his performance would have been different if they hadn’t locked him up with that contract. Very few shortstops have topped Peralta’s .886 OPS he put up in ’05. And the guy has a reputation in Cleveland for not being clutch, but that’s not necessarily the case, he was probably their best hitter in the playoffs in ’07. He’s just such a remarkably inconsistent player, and you can pretty much tell by his body language when he’s going to have a good day. Most days, he looks like he needs some amphetamines. Which could be another reason for his decline after ’05

Who are these guys and where are the 2010 Indians?
I think this Carlos Santana guy has a future. Someone on another board suggested they release Redmond and call up Marson to be the back-up, but I don’t see why that would be necessary. Better to let Marson catch every day in AAA.
Speaking of which, he’s already hitting better in Columbus, but obviously not like freaking Matt Laporta, who appears to be taking his demotion to heart. Branyan seems to be slowly heating up, which is a good sign, particularly if we want to move him at some point down the line — and why not, if LaPorta keeps up his performance.
Donald seems to pretty regular go the other way with the ball and Valbuena’s at least putting up better ABs.
I’m pretty happy with our rotation. Even if we lose Jake (and I’m of the belief that we will), Masterson, Carmona, and Talbot make for a nice core, even despite Talbot’s rough last start. Obviously, that leaves us with two spots for Laffey, Huff, and Carrasco to fight over. But if Masterson and Carmona can build off these last two outings, we’ve got potential front of the rotation guys.
Like I said before, imagine this line-up with a healthy Grady and Cabrera in it…

The intriguing aspect of our rotation is that we’ve seen brief glimpses of #1 type stuff from Carmona, Masterson, and even Talbot. I had previously questioned why Jeremy Sowers never took the opportunity to go to the ‘Cliff Lee pitching academy’ considering the heralded professor was a carbon copy of himself (Sowers that is). Now I would like to see David Huff make that transition.

wow, Sipp. Never seen a pitcher go from being so good to so bad so quickly. He came into that Yankee series with a WHIP around 1.00 and only giving up a hit about once every 2 innings. Now his ERA is up around 7.50. I’d say they should send him down, but then the only lefty is Rafael Perez. And Perez is still pretty much a danger to himself, with the number of line drives he gives up he should be required to wear a batting helmet when he pitches … Huff seems to need to work on his breaking pitches. He usually commands his fastball pretty well, but his curveball doesn’t go where he wants it to. He doesn’t do a good job of handling adversity either, like after he gave up the HR to Dunn, he walked the next guy, you could tell he was upset with himself and unable to put the HR behind him. Then he just combusted after walking Dunn with 2 outs. He’s done that before this year, where he’ll be going good, hitting his spots, but then he lets a guy on and suddenly he’s all over the place with his pitches. I wouldn’t mind seeing him sent down soon, but Carrasco hasn’t done enough to show he should be called up. I think they might make that move soon though

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