Herrmann gets the call, Wright DFA'd

Frank Herrmann’s 0.31 ERA in Triple-A proved irresistible to an Indians team with significant issues in the bullpen.

Herrmann is joining the team in Chicago today, taking the place of veteran Jamey Wright, who was designated for assignment. Herrmann, signed by the Tribe as an undrafted free agent in 2005, was 3-0 with that 0.31 ERA and a 0.80 WHIP in 28 2/3 innings over 19 appearances for the Clippers.
Wright was 1-2 with a 5.48 ERA in 18 games.


Thank… Goodness. I was becoming trained to give up hope every time Wright took the mound.

microfracture surgery is scary for someone like Sizemore who depends on his legs though. It’s killed the careers of some guys in the NBA. As a Cleveland fan, I can only assume the worst, i.e. Sizemore will never be back doing what he was doing prior to ’09 … It’s funny, I watched a couple innings of this game early on before the Indians scored, and I saw Peralta bat and even though he flied out, there was something about his demeanor that said “Jhonny decided to try today” I see he’s gone 3-3 with 2 doubles since then. Too bad Jhonny only looks like he tries about once per week. And Valbuena actually seems to have turned the corner the last couple games. I hope Acta doesn’t play Grudz tomorrow. If Valbuena keeps hitting a little, he should be in every day.

I know this team is bad, but Frank Herrmann is one of the reasons I keep watching. Great to see him make his debut tonight and 1.1 hitless innings, nonetheless!
Tough news about Grady, although now is clearly the time for him to have the surgery. This team is obviously not going to be competing for a playoff spot, so better to get him back if/when they are.

I’d like to go on record (again) and state that I DO NOT want Drew Pomeranz with the fifth overall pick specifically b/c of his recent injury concerns. Personally, I would prefer to potential power-hitting right-handed outfielder in Michael Choice. I do find it interesting that only these two guys are rumored to be on Cleveland’s radar, once again only going with collegiate players rather than the high risk/high reward H.S. arms. Should be interesting to see what happens given the scouting department’s new “draft philosophy.”

Hindsight 20/20: Imagine if the organization hit a homerun on the last several years in just the 1st round alone:

2009: Alex White
2008: Lonnie Chisenhall
2007: Jason Heyward or Rick Porcello (Beau Mills)
2006: Joba Chamberlain (David Huff)
2005: Colby Rasmus, Jacoby Ellsbury or Clay Bucholz (Trevor Crowe)
2004: Jered Weaver, Phil Hughes, Yovani Gallardo, Dustin Pedroia, Hunter Pence (Jeremy Sowers)
2003: Chad Billingsley, Adam Jones, Andre Ethier (Michael Aubrey, Brad Snyder, & Adam Miller)

Imagine if Kansas City took Evan Longoria, Clayton Kershaw or Time Lincecum with the first overall pick in 2006 rather than Luke Hochevar. For that fact, imagine if Cleveland could have signed Lincecum when they drafted him. Oh I love a good draft.

Not that I think Huff is going to have a real impact on this organization, but I do wonder what Chamberlain’s ultimate story will be. He was SO hyped (because it was the Yankees), but he’s been rather average the last two years, and the year he broke out was the year we beat them in the post season.
What I find even funnier is how lambasted Hughes was for so long, and yet he’s clearly the more important member of that team right now.
White has looked good and appears to be on a course to have real impact for the Tribe. And I think we’ve talked a great deal about Chisenhall.

Yeah, Joba was hyped but he was the most notable ML in the draft.

Choo… what an idiot. Little leaguers know that you NEVER make the first or last out at third base. This guy loses concentration while on the diamond more than the casual observer would think. People who want to defend him will say he’s being aggressive. I say he’s often wreckless and overlooks the simple fundamentals (see balls going under his glove twice this year already). Bench him tomorrow as he cost us a run, maybe more!

Didn’t see the Choo play, but I’m guessing people defend Choo because Choo is about twice as good as the Indians next best hitter. This is not to say Choo is totally awesome. But, not counting Kearns, who’s the second best hitter? Hafner, I suppose. 3rd best? Peralta. … Speaking of the Indians awesomely pathetic hitting, I don’t get the lack of Carlos Santana. Are they planning on holding him out until June of NEXT year, or what? Otherwise, they have free major league development time as of right now, so why is the future catcher not here already? I’m assuming they’re not calling him up for Monday, or they’d have already announced it to hopefully sell a few extra tickets vs. Boston.

From a marketing standpoint, I can understand why they’re not calling him up against the Red Sox, because they don’t need help selling those tickets, as the Red Sox themselves bring people in. Also, it’s a series during the week. The Nationals series seems to make more sense, although my baseball purist heart sinks at the thought of him coming up for interleague play. Still, Strasburg is supposed to pitch in one of those games, so that would be something to promote — Strasburg vs. Santana.
I can appreciate that our defense will take a hit, but I wonder if Brantley is the obvious choice to get called up now that Grady is out. Would Jordan Brown be a better choice?

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