5/29: Indians at Yankees

Today’s 1:05 p.m. ET game at Yankee Stadium will be bradcast on WTAM and STO.

cle2.gifINDIANS (17-29):
CF Crowe, RF Choo, LF Kearns, 3B Peralta, DH Duncan, 2B Grudzielanek, 1B LaPorta, C Marson, SS Donald. LHP David Huff (2-6, 5.25).




nyy2.gifYANKEES (29-19):
SS Jeter, RF Swisher, 1B Teixeira, 3B Rodriguez, 2B Cano, DH Thames, C Cervelli, LF Russo, CF Gardner. LHP CC Sabathia (4-3, 3.86).


Well, it’s certainly never boring being a Tribe fan.
When this game started, I said that Huff vs. the Yankees could get ugly. I had no idea. That was just brutal. I’m happy to hear that everything points to Huff making a full recovery.
Pretty amazing performance from the bottom of our order. Donald should clearly be playing every day, as should Grudz, if only to increase any potential trade value.
AC mentioned in his twitter that we might see a roster move tomorrow, between Huff leaving the game and the use of our bullpen. If they went with a starter, I’m not sure who’d they’d call up. Carrasco had another rough outing last night, but has the most experience, particularly when compared to the rather ridiculous Josh Tomlin. It would perhaps make more sense to call up a reliever, as only Sipp and Wright didn’t pitch today. Bringing Jensen Lewis back up would seem to make some sense.
Which lets me segue nicely into “what’s wrong with Aaron Laffey?” I honestly don’t know, but perhaps they bring back Lewis and send Laffey down, theoretically to correct him and stretch him out to be a starter again.

How great would it be for Santana to debut against Boston? Man, imagine if they play Martinez at first that game and Santana gets on base — Santana, Martinez, and Alomar standing together would be a sight to see.
Yeah, what is the deal with Marte?
Let’s not forget Westbrook, ST, or Carmona. The Tribe hasn’t gotten much of a return on their investment beyond a few flashes of brilliance at the start of their collective careers. Watch, Choo will be the one guy who has a long career, due in no small part to the fact that we won’t be able to sign him long term.

I would imagine it will be Lewis too … Who wants to bet that, true to this franchise’s luck, Sizemore is going to need knee surgery, and might never be the same. Everyone complains about the Dolans not spending any money to keep players, but more important than the loss of Victor, Lee and Sabathia is the decline of Hafner, Sizemore and Peralta, when all three should have been in their prime … Laffey always seems to have stretches where he struggles badly. I do think they should send him down too, maybe actually make 2 moves, call up Lewis, and bring Herrmann up in place of Laffey, with Herrmann taking Sizemore’s place on the roster. Though I don’t know who they plan on sending down. Duncan I suppose. They could carry an extra reliever for a couple days and then have Marte replace him. How long does it take to recover from an ingrown stomach hair, anyway? … And Carlos Santana should be called up on June 7th to face Boston. Couldn’t have a more perfect team to debut against

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