5/18: Indians at Rays

Jason Donald is coming up to replace Asdrubal Cabrera, who has a fractured left forearm. More on Cabrera’s prognosis later, but for now the prognosis on Donald is that he’s scheduled to land right now (10:30 a.m.) and then be in the Tribe’s lineup for the 1:10 p.m. game against the Rays.

Grady Sizemore remains out of action with a bruised left knee.

cle2.gifINDIANS (15-21):
CF Crowe, 2B Grudzielanek, RF Choo, LF Kearns, 3B Peralta, DH Hafner, 1B LaPorta, C Marson, SS Donald. LHP David Huff (1-5, 5.35).




tb.gifRAYS (27-11):
SS Bartlett, RF Zobrist, 3B Longoria, 1B Pena, DH Aybar, CF Upton, LF Kapler, C Navarro, 2B Rodriguez. LHP David Price (5-1, 2.03).


Well I guess the good thing is he doesn’t really have any time to get nervous, lol. Too bad he has to make his debut against David Price though.

I guess that lineup signals that Manny is going to move Grady back to leadoff when he returns tomorrow vs. KC. Matt Underwood said yesterday on Facebook before Monday’s game, then again this morning, that Manny told him yesterday Grady would not play either game in Tampa.

I am slightly excited to see what Donald can accomplish in his time topside. While I’ve never been sold on Valbuena and really never gave Donald the benefit of the doubt to stay healthy and productive (another reason why snapshot numbers are a poor evaluating tool… he batted .277 [38-for-137] with two homers and 17 RBIs in 37 games for the Clippers) there is still a great opportunity for him to take the job and run with it much like Cabrera did in 2007.

Is anyone else noticing what Wes Hodges and Shelley Duncan are doing this year in Columbus, particularly Duncan who might be the most impressive 4-A prospect at 30 years old no less.

Or maybe not Wednesday. Hoynsie says he’s having an MRI tomorrow, what did they say AC?

it is good to see Acta keep the lefties separated against Price

Cabrera is having surgery and screws implanted tomorrow in Baltimore according to Manning and Underwood

AM, you should look at more than just batting average though. Hodges is hitting .313, but his OBP is only .354, 11 walks to 29 Ks. Also he has 7 errors. Hodges is having a decent year, but really, can he be anything other than a DH? A non-power hitting DH with a low OBP? Donald was hitting .277, and scuffling for 2 weeks, but his OBP was .396, and he had 10 stolen bases … … Santana’s numbers are ridiculous right now. Almost an 1.100 OPS … .461 OBP … Gimenez has also been a beast, slightly better than Duncan

Duncan and Hodges have an OPS of .877 and .864 respectively. Not earth shattering, not putrid. We know Hodges is a sieve-like work in progress in the field which is why missing the entire year last season was unfortunate for his development. But he and Donald are two entirely different types of players. They bring different aspects of their game to the table. I just want to see Donald get aggressive and do it at the ML level.

Speaking of Donald, would your psyche be a little bittersweet considering you were lighting it up two weeks ago, LV was terribly struggling at an embarrassing rate, they refused to promote you and now b/c of injury the organization is practically forced to bring you topside. I would be happy to get called up, but a little miffed that it didn’t happen two weeks ago when I truly was performing at my top level. Like I said, bittersweet IMO.

yep, I really think a lot of Donald’s struggles the last couple weeks were that he was pressing because he knew the situation, and he started to try to do too much to force the call up. Hit in his first AB, which was good to see, about as many hits as Valbuena had in the past 2 weeks right there

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