5/17: Indians at Rays

It’s a cloudless (well, skyless) day at Tropicana Field, where the Indians and Rays will kick off a long, grueling two-game set tonight. You can catch the action on WTAM and STO.

cle.gifINDIANS (15-20):
SS Cabrera, 2B Grudzielanek, RF Choo, DH Hafner, LF Kearns, 1B Branyan, 3B Peralta, C Redmond, CF Crowe. RHP Fausto Carmona (4-1, 3.43).




tb.gifRAYS (26-11):
RF Zobrist, LF Crawford, 3B Longoria, 1B Pena, DH Blalock, CF Upton, C Jaso, SS Brignac, 2B Rodriguez. RHP Jeff Niemann (3-0, 2.27).


Sure am glad we sent Jensen Lewis down so we could hold on to Jamey Wright.

It’s not Wright’s fault that Valbuena took his good old time getting it over to 1st, and even so beat the runner and the umpire blew the call … This game was on Acta, mainly, for his wacko bullpen moves. I figured going into the 8th that Perez was going to be in there. Sipp would have been a nice choice as well. But no, as soon as the inning starts, there’s Laffey of all people giving up a double. If it’s Sipp or Perez, either the Indians win, or Wood blows the save in the 9th. Oh well, with Cabrera having a broken arm, the Indians are going to be highly uninteresting from here on out. Might as well give the Rays some wins, keep them ahead of the Yankees.

Yeah, but he gave up Kaplar’s single. Actually, that’s the kind of situation it would have been nice to have the old R. Perez — a double play ball was what we needed, and Wright’s not the pitcher to get that. Not for nothin’, but his ERA with runners on is over 6! I would much preferred having Jensen Lewis in that situation.

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I agree with you, though, ST, about Valbuena. Late in the game like that, I don’t know what he was thinking. And while the guy was obviously out, it shouldn’t have even been that close.
AC tweeted that Donald was pulled out of the Columbus game tonight, so it will be interesting to see what kind of formation Acta goes with while Cabrera is on the DL.

Speaking of Columbus, Josh Judy threw his first inning for the Clippers today, no runs and 1 K.

actually Wright’s a sinkerballer, ground ball pitcher, 55% career ground ball rate and at 66.7% this year (either is high. Westbrook’s career 59.5%, for comparison, Carmona 60.6%) … I can think of a couple times this year when he came into games and got inning ending double plays. Kaplar’s single wouldn’t have mattered, obviously, had Valbuena/the umpire made the previous play. You can’t expect guys to be perfect. I figured when they got that cheap “hit” that it was over. Overall Wright’s been decent though … Have to start Donald at short. It’s obvious Valbuena is not a short stop … speaking of bad defense, another underrated play that helped lose that game was Grudz’ in the 7th. How many ridiculously easy ground balls does this team screw up? He makes that, and Carmona might come out for the 8th, or hopefully at least Laffey is not put in the game

how about Santana, 4-4 with 4 walks, 3 HRs the past two games. The guy’s getting pitched around big time in AAA. If they don’t call him up in two weeks … well I don’t know what to say. I’d say the fans should boycott, but they seem to already be doing that. But it would be insane not to call him up. Seeing how Santana does is about the only thing left this season that might be interesting on the major league level

so I apparently missed a big game today. No radio in the lab = no clue.

ST, they said Santana’s bat could have played in the majors last year so what he’s doing this year is only slightly surprising b/c he’s coming off that hamate bone injury. It is his English, receiving and game calling skills that need work, not his bat. The total package isn’t ready yet in their eyes but the discussion still shouldn’t be ignored by the FO.

I do agree with you on Donald. Stick him at SS, throw him at the wall and see if he sticks b/c LV is a joke right now. Take advantage of these 6-8 weeks JD. Additionally, maybe Grudz would have a little trade value at the deadline if he’s playing 2B ~4 games a week. Then again we couldn’t move Carroll so… I would like to add that I wanted Peralta himself to get a slight injury (so we could see Marte every day) not be a part of an accidental yet major injury to another player.

Does this whole Saul Rivera ordeal bother anyone else besides me? Trading him for cash consideration? I realize that he was a non-roster invitee that easily could have made the team out of spring training and got sent to Columbus b/c of options/guarantee issues but this deal smells of Mark Shapiro refusing to give up on Joe Smith, and maybe even Rafael Perez. No offense to Smith who was hurt last year but seriously has he ever put up numbers comparable to Rivera even at the minor league level? This situation just stinks of Shapiro not wanting to give up on BOTH of the players we received for Gutierrez despite our plethora of outfielders at the time.

Yeah, the Rivera thing bothers me for the reasons you mentioned, AM. And, ST, those numbers on Wright are nice, but they don’t cancel the numbers I gave — an ERA over 6 with a runner on base — anywhere on base! Actually, it’s been updated — it’s 7.36 now for 2010. And while Jensen Lewis’ isn’t exactly stellar, either (his is just above six), it only adds fuel to the old argument of why we kept a guy who obviously isn’t going to be with this bullpen in the future and moved a guy who’s had a much better year.
It also underscores the fact that we don’t trust R. Perez in such situations, I think.

No, Rivera doesn’t bother me, because the only guy he would have replaced is Wright, who’s been decent, and at AAA Jensen Lewis, Herrmann, and Joe Smith should probably all be promoted before Rivera. If you were going to add someone to the 40 man roster, it should certainly be Herrmann over Rivera, since Herrmann’s a prospect and had put up numbers just as good as Rivera. Lewis and Smith and get AAA hitters out, and so can Rivera. Lewis can also get major league hitters out, and Joe Smith has better career major league numbers than Rivera too … Wright’s numbers are skewed mostly by some game where he gave up like 4-5 runs in a meaningless situation, they were already down 5-0 and he gave up a bunch more. He has the second best WHIP in the bullpen, ERA will even out to WHIP given a larger sample size … isn’t anyone going to have a high ERA with runners on base? I don’t get that stat you’re quoting. Your ERA is by definition going to be 0, except for home runs you give up, if there are not runners on base … regarding Santana, his English is supposed to be fine. What he’s doing on offense isn’t surprising at all, but it requires that they call him up as soon as they don’t have to worry about the super 2 eligibility, which should be in about 2 weeks

I thought an announcer had quoted this the other day and I did just look this up: none of Wright’s 12 inherited runners have scored. I know that twice he’s come in with the bases loaded on 0 or 1 out and got out of it. He’s done pretty well, in my opinion

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