5/11: Indians at Royals

Tonight’s 8:10 p.m. ET game at Kauffman Stadium will be on WMMS 100.7 FM and STO.

cle2.gifINDIANS (11-18):
SS Cabrera, CF Sizemore, RF Choo, DH Hafner, LF Kearns, 1B Branyan, 3B Peralta, 2B Grudzielanek, C Marson. RHP Jake Westbrook (0-2, 5.74).




kc2.gifROYALS (11-21):
RF DeJesus, LF Podsednik, 1B Butler, DH Guillen, 3B Callaspo, 2B Aviles, C Kendall, CF Maier, SS Betancourt. RHP Brian Bannister (1-2, 5.03).

1 Comment

I think Jake is due for a W. What has it been like 2 years or something? Once again…. awesome that I don’t see the guy in the lineup who’s name starts with Val and ends in buena. Let’s go Tribe! This one is to stay out of the cellar!

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