5/3: Indians vs. Blue Jays

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game at Progressive Field — the biggest game on Gateway Plaza — will be on STO and WMMS 100.7 FM.

cle3.gifINDIANS (10-14):
SS Cabrera, CF Sizemore, RF Choo, LF Kearns, 3B Peralta, DH Hafner, 1B LaPorta, C Marson, 2B Valbuena. RHP Mitch Talbot (3-1, 2.05).




tor.gifBLUE JAYS (13-13):
LF Lewis, 2B Hill, DH Lind, CF Wells, 1B Overbay, SS Gonzalez, 3B Bautista, C Buck, RF Snider. LHP Brett Cecil (1-1, 3.55).


I hope Wells has already come back down to earth before tonight’s game. He’s been destroying RHP’s. Should be a good test for Talbot.

Hmm… Hafner against a left-hander. Hopefully he can have a solid game and earn a little more PT. Same goes for LaPorta, glad to see them both in the lineup.

The indians need to pound the blue jays I mean yea I know the blue jays have a good offense however their pitching staff does not scare me. Hopefully the tribe can get back on the winning track tonight. Go Tribe.

ugh, I’m not sure how you can be glad to see Laporta in any lineup. 2 hits against lefties this year. He’s actually had a reverse of the normal lefty/right split in the minors and so far in the majors. It would be great to see him start hitting, but right now when I see him come up I barely bother watching the at bat, because I know nothing good will come of it. 6 GIDPs already in 64 ABs, we thought Jhonny was bad last year with his 20 in 582 AB. I really hope that his performance is due to his injuries, but even if it is, the question then becomes, why is he playing here and not on a rehab assignment in AAA?

Ya, there is no denying he has been awful thus far on the year. I’m not defending his numbers, I don’t even think that’s humanly possible, but he is supposed to be one of our key core players moving forward. I went in to this year looking forward to seeing the growth of our young team, not expecting a 90, or even 80, win ball club. I am hoping to see LaPorta, among others, start improving more than I care about wins right now. Still… wins are nice.

I don’t feel there’s anything to be served by having Laporta up here for at least the past week. He is either injured and/or his confidence is shattered. His start makes those of Brandon Philips, Alex Escobar, and Barfield look good in comparison … I don’t care about wins but the fact that these guys can’t get hits is so frustrating. Going into this year I figured they were pretty much set at every position but 3b, 2b, and C, and that those positions were ones that had good prospects coming up for next year. Now, with Laporta, Brantley, Sizemore and Hafner being beyond bad, it’s like out of the entire 25 man roster, maybe 4 guys appear to be keepers. I wouldn’t mind seeing them lose 9-6 every night, I expected that, but these games of scoring 0-2 runs have me thinking this team is a lost cause for the foreseeable future. Instead of having 3 All Stars at SS, CF and RF, and good prospects in LF and 1b, it seems they have one decent player in Choo, a middling one in Cabrera, and a bad one in Sizemore, a total bust in Laporta, and maybe a future decent 4th outfielder in Brantley

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