4/18: Indians vs. White Sox

The Cavaliers could be on their way to a clean sweep of Chicago, if yesterday’s game is any indication, and the Indians are looking for the same in today’s series finale against the White Sox at Progressive Field.

cle.gifINDIANS (5-6):
SS Cabrera, CF Sizemore, RF Choo, 3B Peralta, 1B LaPorta, 2B Valbuena, DH Grudzielanek, C Redmond, LF Brantley. RHP Carmona (1-0, 3.21).




cws.gifWHITE SOX (4-8):
LF Pierre, 2B Beckham, RF Kotsay, 1B Konerko, C Pierzynski, CF Rios, DH Teahen, 3B Vizquel, SS Ramirez. RHP Floyd (0-1, 4.50).


hmm, Peralta batting 4th? Is it May yet? I’d trust Laporta there more. It might actually be better to have Peralta hit 2nd in this lineup too, and slide Sizemore and Choo down to 3-4. As it stands, once you make it through the top 3, there isn’t much of anything to worry about for Floyd. Maybe they’re trying to give him a false sense of confidence … and then Peralta, Grudz, Remond and Valbuena will destroy him. I actually find myself hoping Branyan’s rehab assignment ends soon. I’m counting on Branyan to hit .300 and have at least 10 HR by June 1st.

Peralta already doing his best to prevent the Indians from scoring runs, but Valbuena and Grudz did indeed destroy Floyd after he was given a false sense of confidence. I’ve been saying for at least the last 2 years that Peralta should hit 8th and get plenty of off days in April–why doesn’t any Indians manager listen to me?

I can’t imagine any manager just giving up on Peralta to start the year. If he keeps this up coming May, though, then things should be interesting.
At one point do teams just start walking Choo every time he’s up, realizing that we really don’t have any offense without him?
LaPorta/Brantley/Hafner are potentially making Shapiro’s signings of Kearns and Branyan look very good.

It’s not giving up on him to start the year, it’s playing to how you expect Peralta to perform in April. He’s done this every April. For the first couple years, you figure it’s just a coincidence, after 4 years its a trend and at this point I figure Peralta has a mental block about hitting for the first month of the year, or hitting in cold weather. The guy hits .210 – .230 every April and usually hits .290 in May.

ST, a first year manager is going to say to one of his starters “I expect you to be awful for the first month of the season, so I’m going to bench you?” Not likely. And, for that matter, who’s to say that his awful April isn’t what lets him build to a productive May? What if pushing him back a month just pushes his slump back a month? If he’s going to have a bad month, get it out of the way now.
Besides that, he might only have 3-4 months left with this team, so we’ve got to play him in hopes he’s able to get through the slump and increase his trade value, if nothing else.

Rafael Perez continues to baffle me. Aaron Laffey continues to keep this bullpen from being awful. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have confidence in Chris Perez, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think Jensen Lewis seems to be the set-up guy now, which is well deserves, as I’ve been impressed with him so far. I wonder how they’ll deal with that when Wood comes back.
We need a consistent, situational lefty, because Laffey’s more than that.

I’m not advocating benching Peralta, I’m advocating starting him out lower in the lineup. I said they should bat him 7th or 8th, not sit him. Giving him a couple days off couldn’t hurt either. Speaking of days off, it also seemed a really odd game to sit Hafner. They day before an off day, and they were going against a right handed starter. I wonder if the shoulder was actually acting up … They should just release Rafael Perez. Plenty of options in AAA and at this point they can’t have any confidence to use him in a close game.

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