4/15: Indians vs. Rangers

In honor of Tax Day, I am only going to give you two-thirds of today’s lineups. The rest is available at IRS.gov.

cle4.gifINDIANS (2-6):
SS Cabrera, CF Sizemore, RF Choo, LF Kearns, DH Hafner, 1B LaPorta. LHP Huff.




tex3.gifRANGERS (5-3):
SS Andrus, 3B Young, CF Hamilton, DH Guerrero, RF Cruz, LF Murphy. LHP Harrison.




(All right, fine, if you must know, it’s 2B Grudzielanek, 3B Marte, C Redmond for the Indians and 1B Garko, C Treanor, 2B Blanco for the Rangers. But let’s keep this under the table, all right?)


That was hilarious, AC – I’m listening to some Bruce as I write this.

I’m excited to see Marte at 3B, too – Peralta has been horrifying.

Is it sad to say that I’m thrilled to see Marte at 3rd today?

It is sad…. but I think Manny is doing the right thing by benching Jhonny “I wear my emotions on my sleeve” Peralta. His performance yesterday was absolutely disgusting! PLEASE PLAY WITH A LITTLE FIRE FOR ONCE!!!!!

wow, and I thought that I was fed up with Peralta… love the fire from the gallery

I have to agree with fargokyle — nice decision by Acta. Not only is he benching a guy who has cost us two games in the field (and killed a rally last night), but he’s doing it in a way that gives him plausible deniability! Since it’s an early game following a night game, he can just claim he’s resting Peralta. And I’m sure that’s true, but he’s got to have other motives under the surface.

I like Acta even more now – bringing Huff back for the 9th! We’re still not hitting it much, and not the best at situational hitting, but we’ll take the other team giving us runs when we can get them!

So far, I was completely wrong about Huff. He’s been their best pitcher. I guess I just never saw him pitch when he was going well before. It’s funny that before the year started I figured the relief pitching and hitting would be fine, but so far the starting pitching’s been good, and everything else has been terrible. I think not going with Carlos Santana is a big mistake. The margin of their losses has been small. I’m pretty sure they would’ve lost the Detroit game regardless of the wild pitch, but still, Marson lost that game with his defense, and neither catcher can get a hit. They could easily be 5-4 if Santana were up here and hitting well and actually blocking balls in the dirt. The only reason they’re holding him back is the stupid arbitration clock thing, but it’s idiotic not to put the best team on the field now and hopefully win some games and draw more fans.

I disagree. Even if Santana helped us win one or two more games, I really and truly doubt we’d have more people at the games. I do think, however, that guys like Santana and Brantley are future stars for this organization, and having an extra year of them on the team would generate more wins and ticket sales in the future, but not until the rest of the team comes around. And it’s also early, so I don’t know that I’m willing to concede that Santana would make that much of a difference at the major league level — unless he doubles as a reliever.
Besides, I think the trade deadline call ups are going to be the main way they inject excitement into this team after the first half.

Yeah! A win for once!!!

I agree that the idea of having Santana up here is a good one, however only the idea is good right now. He’s still working himself into it defensively, and yes he can hit better than Marson, but then if we bring him up now he’d have too much pressure on him to save the offense, and if he doesn’t then he could be ruined confidence wise. Instead let him gain confidence at AAA, work with the pitching staff there, and then bring him up later to hit in the 7 hole and see what he can do. If the entire lineup is all guys new to the big leagues that isn’t going to be too great of an offense either.

Way to go Huff btw – great game. Glad Choo could pull it out. So far I’m an Acta fan – I like the way he handles the starters and pushes them a little. Now to see if he actually benched Peralta, or just gave him a day off….can’t wait for Friday’s lineup.

I really and truly doubt that Acta will bench Peralta for another game. He’s our starting third baseman, but it is good to know that Acta will go to Marte if need be.
Huff has been kind of unreal, although looking at his performance it’s hard not to think of a certain other lefty that was with this team up until last year. In fact, what I’m enjoying most about Huff is the fact that he’s performing this well by just throwing strikes, something the rest of our pitchers could afford to learn from.
Granted, it’s because I dislike them a great deal, but I consider our main competition this season to be the White Sox. I don’t care where we end up in the rankings, if we can end up higher than the White Sox, I’ll consider the season a good one.

the whole “Santana needs to work on his defense and game calling” is just some b.s. they’re spinning because they don’t want to call him up until June. I have a big problem with not putting the best team on the field, even if you don’t think that the team won’t be competitive regardless. If Marson were an adequate replacement it would be one thing, but at least so far he’s not. Having a giant hole in the lineup (3-30) in the C spot is enough to ruin the offense right there. I would hope that Marson will eventually improve on his .063 average, but if the guy’s hitting .100 in May, they’ll pretty much have to turn to Santana anyway if they want to maintain any credibility to their fans.

If the front office brings up Santana before sometime in mid to late May, they should be fired immediately. Keeping him in AAA for 20 days puts off free agency for a year. That’s enough in and of itself. Keeping him in Columbus long enough to put off Super 2 status is worth many millions of dollars. The Brewers saved about $6 million because Braun was not a Super 2. The Giants, by failing to keep Lincecum down for an extra week, are paying him $12 million instead of $1 million. The Nationals will save almost $20 million by keeping Strasburg in the Eastern League until May. There’s no way a few extra wins in a rebuilding year, or a few thousand extra tickets sold are worth that kind of money.

fredox, you nailed it.

The same people who complain that Santana isn’t up now are the same ones who will scream the front office is a bunch of idiots when he becomes arbitration-eligible a year too early (which hastens the player’s ultimate departure from Cleveland).

It’s a well-known fact that ALL organizations aren’t fielding their best teams for the same exact reason. It’s the only rational way to run a team, particularly small to middle market clubs, and you’re correct, if we didn’t play this game, the front office should immediately be fired for gross incompetence.

Fact is, this is what kept LaPorta down last year, and will be the reason both Valbuena and Brantley will spend some of their summer in Columbus as well.

MLB will undoubtedly attempt to address this issue in the next collective bargaining talks, but for now, the only prudent course is the one we’re taking. I just wish the press would take the time to educate the fans to more of the subtleties of running a baseball team, rather than just take the easy way out and continuing to fanning the flames of ignorance and negativism.

Again, kudos fredox…

And not to gang up on you, ST, but the Tribe has played nine whole games. I’m not ready to say that Marson is a bust, particularly since he’s only played in five of those games! Between actually giving Marson a chance and, as stated above, the HUGE upside of keeping Santana in Columbus, I don’t see how making the move you’re suggesting is a good one.

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