Eight more cut from camp

The cuts keep coming in Indians camp.

On Tuesday morning, eight more players were discarded from the Major League side of the Player Development Complex. Right-handed reliever Jess Todd was optioned to Triple-A Columbus, while left-hander Mike Gosling, right-handers Frank Hermann, Josh Judy and Yohan Pino, catcher Damaso Espino, infielder Brian Bixler and outfielder Shelley Duncan were reassigned to Minor League camp.

While the Indians have had a rash of cuts in the past week, none of the players sent packing were considered favorites to win a job on the Major League club. The more intriguing decisions will be made over the next two weeks, as the Indians prepare to break camp and head to Chicago for Opening Day. There are 38 players left in camp.

Of those given the axe on Tuesday, only Duncan was viewed as a legit candidate for a spot on the Opening Day roster. He had hoped to compete for a job on the Tribe bench, helping out in the corner outfield and first base. But an elbow issue prevented him from getting in any Cactus League games between March 8 and 17, and that significantly hampered his chances.

Todd, Gosling, Hermann and Judy all have the potential to provide bullpen depth this season. Bixler had been acquired as a middle infield utility option over the winter, but he was removed from the 40-man roster last week, when the Indians acquired Anderson Hernandez off waivers from the Mets.


ST, I would agree with you that Rivera and Wright probably won’t be around all year unless they surprise us. I disagree with the notion that Marte + LaPorta presents a better offensive and defensively alignment that LaPorta + Crowe.

I don’t know much about Hernandez so I would still assume that it’s Grudz’s job to lose. If we are to take Acta at his word that the last 8-10 games are to be a preview of our opening day ballclub then the FO should be nearing those decisions soon.

Wow, from our posts to real life.
ST made a number of interesting comments in the last post that I thought I’d bring over here so we don’t lose them.
I think we’ll see a number of the young relievers get the call over the course of the year, but I don’t think Rondon will be one of them. I think he’s solidly in a starting role. Honestly, depending upon what happens at mid-season, he could be Westbrook’s replacement, particularly if he out pitches Huff in Columbus.
I hadn’t considered the possibility of LaPorta playing in left even if Branyan is on the DL. It’s an interesting idea, if only to get Marte more ABs, but they seem to be playing LaPorta exclusive at first these days. I do like the idea of playing him in left and playing Marte at first periodically, though.
I also think Valbuena should start the year at second, at the very least.

Ha! AM and I are clearly on the same wavelength this morning (it’s still morning over here).

ST what would your rotation and bullpen look like?



Wood (when healthy)
Sowers (when healthy)

C: Marson , Redmond
1st: Laporta (assuming Branyan starts on DL)
2nd: Valbuna
SS: Cabrera
3B: Peralta
OF: Grady,Choo,Brantley, Crowe (or Kearns)
DH: Hafner
Utility: Gruds, Marte…
Whats everyone think?

That’s probably true about Rondon as long as the 7 guys they start with in the bullpen hold it together for a while. If I were to pick the best 12 pitchers right now though, the starting 5 would be identical to what I expect the rotation will actually look like, but Rondon or Judy would open the year in the Indians bullpen, and whoever didn’t would be first in line for a callup when someone doesn’t work out. Since it’s expected to be a trial and error kind of year, I don’t mind having the young guys open the year in the minors, as long as Lewis and the rest all have a short leash … While I like Crowe, I wouldn’t want to rely on him full time for an extended period. His problem has always been he’s streaky to the extreme, it seemed like every year in the minors he started off hitting around .200 for the first 2 months and then would hit .350 for a couple months. Agreed that Laporta at 1st and Crowe in the outfield is a better defensive alignment, but that was always true, and yet they were still intent on Branyan at 1st and Laporta in the outfield. Marte is certainly an upgrade over Branyan on defense. Really they could just rotate those guys around, go with the hot hand … I don’t know that Branyan will ever play this year, really, if he isn’t any better now what makes them think he will ever be? He’s had since August to rest, and obviously that hasn’t worked. This back problem could actually be a career ending thing

Of course, Grudz commits an error today as we’re all naming him the utility infielder. I think it’s his first, though.
And, wow, Sowers. Between his injury and his starts, he’s kind of made himself a non-issue.
I like the idea of the Crowe, LaPorta, Marte rotation in left and first, but who would get the extra roster spot?

I only put sowers there because he is out of options. I don’t think they will put him in the rotation. And he seems to pitch really well the first time through the batting order. He will probably start the season on the DL.

There is 25 there… maybe you missed Redmond as the back up catcher? 5 starters 7 bullpen…

I hope Carmona, Westbrook and Hafner can bounce back… IF (and its a big IF) that happens i think we can surprise some people!

Also… Crowe will the the 4th OF… Brantley would start in LF if Branyan is on DL

Carrasco has looked good… Hopefully he can keep it up…

I understand what your saying about Brantley, but do you think him starting his arbitration early should be a reason to send him down? I think they should give him a shot… If he does well they can sign him to a long contract to avoid all the arbitration like sizemore, peralta…

I think the biggest debate will be Huff or Laffey. I think Talbot will get the 5th spot, so where does that leave Laffey and Huff. Laffey did well in the pen last year, so do you put him in the pen and Huff #4? Or send Huff down and put Laffey at # 4?

gotribe, theoretically they still don’t want to open the season with Brantley, so that’s why there would be one more. I actually would have gone with Shelley Duncan instead of Kearns. He can play outfield and 1b and is probably a better hitter than Kearns. As it stands I guess if no Branyan and no Brantley then that probably does mean that both Crowe and Kearns are in. Real tough to justify leaving Brantley off, I’d hate to see Kearns starting in the outfield on any kind of regular basis, and Crowe is definitely more ideal as the 4th outfielder … What’s up with Carrasco? Like a whole new pitcher out there the last couple times.

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