Indians acquire INF Hernandez, designate Bixler

The Indians have made a waiver claim, grabbing infielder Anderson Hernandez from the Mets. To make room for Hernandez on the 40-man roster, infielder Brian Bixler was designated for assignment.

Hernandez, 27, was with the Mets and Nationals last year, batting a combined .251 with 15 doubles, four triples, three homers, 37 RBIs and 39 runs scored in 123 games.

In 186 career Major League games, the switch-hitting Hernandez has hit .245 with 20 doubles, five triples, four homers and 57 RBIs.

So count Bixler out of the running for the middle infield utility spot and count Hernandez in. Mark Grudzielanek and Luis Rodriguez are also competing.


with the season rapidly approaching is it safe to assume that LaPorta will be healthy enough for everyday 1B duties and the wasted $2M man will be on the DL? I only ask b/c as much as we all love seeing Brantley’s daily stats we would still consider it a shock if he starts the year in Cleveland. It’s an interesting dynamic b/c it opens the door for Crowe to get the majority of the starts in LF. Furthermore, doesn’t Kearns have an out-clause in his contract about being in the majors at a certain date? I would not be against an outfield of Crowe, Sizemore, Choo with Kearns as the temporary 4th OF (despite his lack of production) for the 15 days that Branyan is on the DL. When he returns, LaPorta shifts to LF, Branyan to 1B, Kearns is cut and Crowe assumes the 4th OF spot.

I consider this debate to be more intriguing that than 4th and 5th rotational spots, which should be Huff and Talbot IMO but will probably be Laffey and Talbot. Less intriguing conversation. Moreover, if the 5 guaranteed bullpen spots hold true regardless of effectiveness then when are we going to hear more from Ambriz, J. Lewis, Rivera (whom I think will get a spot) and Wright? I see now why AC thought that Grili was the so-called darkhorse of this competition.

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