Give what I got until I got no more

By Anthony Castrovince/ 

Updating my previous blog entry, I had quite a few e-mailers and Twitterers wondering how Tony Amato’s perfect game on “R.B.I. Baseball 3” is considered a perfect game when, as the photo of the box score illustrated, five errors were committed by the San Diego Padres.

Apparently, the errors are attributable to Amato’s generosity and appreciation for the virtual fans. He told me he has a habit of tossing the ball into the stands after an out is recorded at first base. And each time he does this, “R.B.I.” charges his first baseman with an error.

So fear not, skeptics. The perfect game was legit and remains intact. I’ll let you know the broadcast schedule for when it will air on the MLB Network as soon as it’s announced.


  • David Huff and Fausto Carmona started today’s 6 -inning intrasquad game, which, for the completists, was a 5-3 triumph for “Smitty’s American Racers.” Carlos Carrasco, Jason Grilli, Mitch Talbot, Yohan Pino, Hector Rondon, Jeanmar Gomez, Zach Putnam, Josh Judy, Alex White and Kelvin De La Cruz all threw.
  • The deciding blow came on Donnie Webb’s three-run blast off De La Cruz in the sixth. Webb was brought up from Minor League camp. Andy Marte and Lonnie Chisenhall also homered, and Jordan Brown went deep for the second time in as many intrasquads.
  • Carmona has begun throwing from the first-base side of the rubber, in an attempt to improve his effectiveness against left-handers. “Being on that side of the rubber gives him a better opportunity to hit both sides of the plate,” Manny Acta said. Acta said he was going to suggest the move to Carmona during winter ball. But when Acta arrived in the Dominican, he was pleased to discover Carmona’s Aguilas teammate Jose Lima had already made the suggestion, and Carmona had already made the move. “It worked for him in winter ball,” Acta said. “It was only 13 innings, but it worked.”
  • It didn’t work as well today. Carmona was taken deep by the left-handed Chisenhall for a solo shot that marred an otherwise efficient inning of work. Carmona had Travis Hafner guessing on a nice changeup for a punchout to start the inning (yes, Hafner led off, but more on that in a second).
  • Chisenhall had a nice day, going 2-for-3 with the homer and two runs scored. The first-round pick in 2008 converted to full-time third base duties last year and will probably begin the season at Double-A Akron. “This kid is walking around the clubhouse like he’s been there before, without being cocky or anything,” Acta said of Chisenhall. “He’s not intimidated by anything. He’s just a ballplayer, and he’s going to be a nice player for this franchise.”
  • Though Wednesday’s action marked the debut of the Asdrubal Cabrera-Grady Sizemore 1-2 punch, the real highlight of the intrasquad lineups was Pronk in the leadoff spot for “Sarby’s Sour Balls.” “I must have shown them a few things running sprints,” joked Hafner, who went 0-for-2. “I told Fausto that if he walks me, it’s a triple.”
  • Pronk also spent some time at shortstop during batting practice. But because of his shoulder woes, he hasn’t actually thrown a ball in two years, so he flipped every ball he fielded to the second baseman. “Every play has to be a highlight, with that flip,” he said.
  • I’ll have a full story on Hafner and his recovery from the shoulder issue up at tonight.
  • Single-game tickets for the full slate of 81 home games go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. Those who purchase tickets on Friday will receive no online fees for April and May games and free parking for select games (May 22 vs. the Reds, June 7 and 10 vs. the Red Sox, July 26 and 29 vs. the Yankees).
  • Former Tribe third baseman Aaron Boone made an appearance at batting practice this morning. He announced his retirement last month and will soon begin working as an analyst on ESPN.
  • Media relations director Bart Swain threw BP to some Tribe hitters — in full uniform, no less. He complained of groin soreness afterward. Could be a DL situation.
  • Stat guru Bill James released his annual Young Talent Inventory in his newly published book, Gold Mine 2010, and the Indians fell 19 places to 26th overall in the game. The Rays ranked first. Age 29 is the cutoff.
  • Here’s what James had to say: “In my many years as a baseball fan, I’ve rarely seen things go bad for an organization, through no fault of their own, the way they have gone bad for the Indians. Two years ago, the Indians appeared ready take on the world. Two years later, with CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee long gone, Victor Martinez gone, Carmona having imploded, and even Grady Sizemore not playing as well, they’ve been pushed down to near the back of the line. I’ve never really seen anything like it. Their top five: Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jhonny Peralta and Carlos Santana.”
  • Hey, I’m all for the integrity of the game. But there’s something to be said for the pace of these 6 -inning affairs. And just think of the money that could be saved on middle relievers.
  • Finally, I’d like to wish a very Happy 59th Birthday to Plain Dealer beat reporter Paul Hoynes, one of my all-time favorites.



Way too early too make much about it, but does Jordan Brown stand a chance?

I think I’m coming around to ST’s (I think it was ST) line of thinking with regards to Branyan. And I’m also okay with LaPorta starting out in the OF, assuming he gets periodic starts at 1B up until mid-season. I really don’t want to rush Brantley and I’m fine with waiting, particularly given the money considerations.
Did everyone read Tom Singer’s article on Marson? I found these bits from Marson interesting:
“Tell you what, Carmona finished the year really strong and I hope he can build off that. I don’t see any reason why he can’t. I caught Westbrook’s bullpen the other day, and he looks strong. Justin Masterson (acquired from the Red Sox in the Martinez deal) is going to be real good; he’s dirty.
“I’ll tell you who I like a lot: [Yohan] Pino,” Marson added, referring to a non-roster 26-year-old right-hander acquired from the Twins last August in the Carl Pavano deal. “Good athlete, throws strikes with a bunch of different pitches. I think he’s going to be a sleeper.”
Good to hear, and funny, as many of us wondered why the Tribe risked leaving Pino at risk in the Rule 5 draft.

General “Buck”: Well, uh, Sir? Ah, i-if the pilot’s good, see – I mean – i mean if he’s really….sharp, he can barrell that baby in so low, I – hehe! You oughtta see it sometime, it’s a sight ya – a BIG plane like a 52 – VROOM! Ha! Just jet exhaust, fryin’ chickens in a barnyard! Hahaha!” President: “Yeah, but HAS HE GOT A CHANCE?” General “Buck”: “Has he GOT A CHANCE? Haha! Hell, yeah……yea…….ye……..” *

Hoynes is a creampuff.
Terry Pluto is the man!

Thanks for including the quote from Bill James, AC. Anyone got an over/under on how many times THATS going to be thrown back in our faces by the top brass?

And Carmona was experiencing “Lima Time?” Or lordy…

Terry Pluto is an amazing author. I love his book “The Curse of Rocky Colavito”. Also Brown is looking very good. 2 homers in 2 days, not too shabby. Watch out for this kid.


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