Bouncing off a satellite

The Indians’ regular season and Spring Training broadcast schedules have been released, and they should offer you plenty of opportunities to see Mitch Talbot in action.

During Cactus League play, SportsTime Ohio will telecast six games, the Indians Radio Network (including flagship station WTAM 1100 here in Cleveland) will carry 20 games tv.jpgand will broadcast 10 games to subscribers.

During the regular season, a total of 151 of the 162 games will be televised on SportsTime Ohio, WKYC Channel 3, ESPN and FOX.

STO will carry 148 games (all of which will be available in HD). WKYC will carry 20 of the STO games, FOX will carry the April 17 home game against the White Sox, and ESPN will carry the June 7 home game against the Red Sox and the July 26 home game against the Yankees.

The full schedule, which now includes start times and broadcast plans, can be found at this link.

The Tribe’s TV and radio broadcast teams remain the same, with Rick Manning, Matt Underwood and Al Pawlowski on STO and Tom Hamilton, Mike Hegan and Jim Rosenhaus on the Radio Network. The added wrinkle this year is that Rosenhaus, in addition to his pregame show host duties, will also be doing play-by-play for an inning each game.


So…. why are 11 games not being broadcast? I see on the schedule that one of them (4/24 @ Oakland) falls within the FOX exclusivity window, but I don’t understand any of the others.

I also see 4 Wednesday afternoon games, 4 Thursday afternoon games, and two evening Saturday games against Cincinnati that are not being broadcast.

What exactly is their reasoning for this?

The Mets are playing the Indians during my finals. That will definitely make my life fun. ugh. They couldn’t have scheduled that series a week later?

AC, will the Indians’ games on Channel 3 be simulcasted on STO like last season?

After having MLB extra innings package, it is obvious the Indians have the absolute worst tv broadcast team in the majors. How can the radio broadcast be so good and the tv so terrible?

Great post A.C. I can’t wait to see all the tribe games on STO HD and WKYC Channel 3 also Fox and ESPN also I look forward to hearing all the games on the cleveland indians radio network on WTAM 1100 , Sirius XM Satellite Radio and on The tribe has the best broadcasts in all of MLB GO TRIBE.

Everyone seem to “Not Like” Underwood. I guess it really doesn’t matter to me.

I guess I’m lucky not having to hear the Indians TV broadcasters. I think I’m spoiled with the Mets having Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and Keith Hernandez. They are absolute gold! If any of you can get the SNY feed for the series with the Mets you should check it out.

I personally am a fan of Underwood. Maybe it’s just because he is the only announcer I am really familiar with (other than the great Tom Hamilton). He gets the job done.

And after having an subscription for years (before they allowed you to choose feeds), I can say that the Tribe has one of the BEST broadcast teams in baseball. Rick Manning is one of the most no nonsense guys on the air and he’s just as critical of Tribe players as anyone on the other side.
And I say all that as a guy who gets to watch every Dodgers game, called by the great Vin Scully.

Good move by the Indians to get some one else in the booth when Hamilton takes his inning off. Hegan was horrible when he was by himself.

amseeley, I like this move by the Tribe.🙂

Al Pawlowski is so robotic. My goodness, loosen up man.

Al Pawlowski does a good job when he is filling in for Matt Underwood when he is off furrski. Al does a good job doing the tribe games plus he is the voice of CSU Baseketball on the radio.

duane, thanks for the kuiper seal of approval notification🙂 I think our previous posts really resonated with people as other members of the CastroNauts followed suit and pined over our Indians history experiences.

As for Rosenhaus, I know absolutely nothing about him but I would agree that upon occasion that Hegan can get a little dry. I don’t think it’s his own fault. He’s just a different personality compared to Hamilton. I remember one game a couple years ago in the middle of a game where we were getting trounced that he spent 1 1/2 innings talking about a pie someone brought into the booth. He smoothly transitioned that one pie into a conversation about the best pies he has ever eaten. Classic Hammy.

Amseeley, Very funny. I don’t mind the Indians’ announcers, and find them entertaining some times. Like the scenario you pointed out. They got to keep it going somehow. I know it would be tough for me to talk about Pies for 1 1/2 innings though.

I don’t mind Hegan. He’s no Hammy, but, not bad.

10indians, it was an epic conversation between Hamilton and Hegan. We were losing like 11-2 to the cellar dwelling Royals (who just signed Rick Ankiel) and the game was still in the 6th inning or so. Boston Cream, Lemon Meringue, Pecan, Banana Nut, classic Apple, you name it and he talked about it and he could tell you WHERE he got that best pie ever. I was listening in the car with my sister and we were dumbfounded that our team’s putridness had reached the level of “well, pie is more interesting that our ballclub at the moment.”

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN had an interesting statement about the Indians while analyzing the remaining SPs available in free agency. He said, “Cleveland is absolutely desperate for pitching, but GM Mark Shapiro has no money to spend.”

Would the rank-and-file fan would actually care if we signed a one year innings-eater such Todd Wellemeyer, Braden Looper, Erik Bedard or went with the young movement? Probably not. It wouldn’t affect ticket sales b/c the damage (trading Sabathia and Lee in successive seasons) has already been done. Conversely, IMO most CastroNauts would prefer to see what we have in the gluttony of young, albeit unproven arms we have in our system. It’s time to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks (Talbot?) and what doesn’t (Sowers?).

I wonder this though: if Mark Shapiro is true to his form that a potential bargain signing would happen closer to Spring Training then would he be willing and financially able to deviate from “reloading” plan and send Huff AND Laffey to Columbus in lieu of Talbot and a FA to partner with Westbrook, Carmona and Masterson? If Talbot or Sowers start the year in the rotation I cannot imagine either of them being given a huge leash.

I just can’t seem to shake the notion that we have TOO many options with closing windows and not enough time to access these guys.

Jerry Crasnick is insane. Cleveland is desperate for pitching for what? I mean, is there a pitcher on the market right now that would make this team World Series contenders, but we just can’t get him because we have no money?
I realize that some of the Castronauts are optimistic about next year, but I refuse to buy the idea that we’re “retooling.” Our projected rotation has “rebuilding” written all over it, although I’m completely willing to accept the idea of a single season spent in that mode (well, season and a half given last year).
As AM and most of the rest of us have said, I would absolutely loathe a move that sends Laffey to AAA because we’ve signed some bargain starter. We HAVE to find out what we have in Laffey and Masterson this year, whether the former can go a full year consistently and whether the latter is a better starter than reliever. I can’t see any good that comes from waiting to figure that out — and in Laffey’s case, it HAS to be this year so we know where he fits for our supposed first competitive year in 2011.

I’m not saying that I agree with Crasnick. Quite the contrary, but I did find his statement a little eye-popping to say the least. My detraction goes back to my “too many unproven options with closing windows and not enough time to assess” argument.

Not only do we need definitions from Laffey and Masterson but I would add Sowers and R. Perez to that list not to mention J. Lewis although he still has options. IMO Laffey must be in the rotation. Sowers is a lost cause to me and may very well be the next Jeremy Guthrie type of SP (blossoming elsewhere).

Imagine the conversations we could possibly be having in January of 2011 with guys like Carmona, Masterson, Laffey, Talbot, Huff, Rondon, Carrasco, Pino, et al. Wow such unproven commodities makes you think that 2012 is actually our potential year to compete.

Oh, I knew you didn’t agree with Crasnick, AM; you follow this team too closely to buy what he’s trying to sell.
And your point about our conversations a year from now (which you know we’ll all be having) are why I think the first half of this season is so essential, particularly for Laffey and Masterson. This will truly tell us where they belong. The upside is that I think either of them could be great relievers.
Best case scenario, we have at least one more opening in the rotation for the second half of the year (because we’ve dealt a productive Westbrook) and have a good working concept of what Masterson and Laffey — and Talbot and Sowers — have to offer. I can’t see all four of them proving to be solid starters after a half season, which means we’ll have openings for Huff, Carrasco, Rondon, and Pino to fill, even if it’s just one or two spots. And that’s not taking into consideration the possibility of Fausto falling off the radar again.
At the very least, I would expect everyone in our 2011 rotation to have at least a half a season of MLB experience…which isn’t a lot, I know, but I’ll take it for our #4 and #5 starters.
If the optimist in me were to hazard a guess at the 2011 opening day rotation, it would be Carmona, Masterson, Laffey, Carrasco, and Rondon. Then again, I’ve been drinking.

I am a little surprised that I didn’t go off on a totally random tangent like I typically do in the early mornings considering I worked until 2am and was drinking the High Life again. It brings out the best in me🙂

Given the current state of the team if I were to “hazard a guess” about the 2011 rotation it would be Carmona, Laffey, Huff, Rondon, Carrasco in that order with Pino and Gomez waiting down on the farm. Although as AC has noted, having an entire spring training to prepare as a SP will immensely benefit Masterson so he might turn the corner but in the end I think he might be better suited for the bullpen given our other options. Furthermore, the bullpen would shake down as such: C. Perez (CL), Masterson, Sipp, Smith, R. Perez, J. Lewis (so long as he gets cured of his gopherball-itis), and Jess Todd. Talbot is the wildcard, Ambriz is the darkhorse, and Sowers is a viable candidate to replace R. Perez if he blows up again.

Speaking of Perez, here’s a thought: is it at all possible that Eric Wedge ruined this guy forever given the workload thrust upon him in 2007? Raffy Betancourt openly said that he was running on fumes and had nothing left by the time the Boston series started and it took him an entire year to get right. I know Perez was a starter in Buffalo but his 2007 stats were off the charts and his workload was even more amazing.

I’m curious where the Masterson to the bullpen argument comes from? I see it commented on lot, that he may be better suited for the bullpen, but the only reason for it that I can see is that the Red Sox had him in their bullpen when they brought him up to the majors, which probably had more to do with their specific needs and not wanting to tax his arm (since he only had one full year in the minors where he logged 153 innings) than anything to do with his abilities. He has a sinker, slider, change and doesn’t seem to have an issue going deep into games. When he had problems last year it was with his control, which I’d think could actually benefit from the consistent work that comes with starting. Also I see Masterson referenced as a future “number 4” type starter, again, where does this come from? I watched a few of the games he pitched at the end of last year and he was consistently hitting 95-96mph with his sinker. He seems to have a similar arsenal to Carmona (who theoretically can still throw at 95-96 but in practice lately maxes out around 92mph), yet Carmona’s considered a potential no. 1/no. 2, but Masterson is a no. 3/no. 4 starter? It seems to me Masterson’s underrated. As far as “stuff” goes, I’m no scout but I’d actually think that he has the best stuff of any of the Indians potential 2010 starters. My unprofessional scouting would rank 1.) Masterson 2.) Carrasco 3.) Laffey 4.) Huff/Sowers in terms of physical ability, with Carmona a wildcard, the 2007 version was a different guy than the 2009 version so it’s kind of hard to say what his deal isIf I were to guess at the 2011 rotation it would be 1. Masterson 2. Laffey 3. unknown FA 4. Rondon 5. Huff. I’d place no bets on Carmona, who when last seen in the majors was a guy whose velocity usually topped out around 91mph with average movement, basically a right-handed Laffey with seemingly less deception and enhanced command issues … and although it would be foolish to pick up a free agent this year for the pitching staff, unless both Carrasco and Rondon work out or someone like de la Cruz comes on strong next year, they’ll almost certainly need to pick someone up for 2011, or re-sign Westbrook, if he works out this year

ST, I think it’s his numbers as a reliever from ’08 that cause people to wonder if he should be in the ‘pen — they were better than anyone else we had in our bullpen last year.
Personally, I like him in the rotation. I think he’s got the stuff for it.

Amseeley, The Indians haven’t been that great, so i guess it would be hard to find a positive everyday. Though, it sounds like they over did it that

10, we’re all about nicknames here so please, call me AM😉 I would suggest that if Buster Olney were writing the article rather than Jerry Crasnick I might have given it more real attention.

ST, I have a question for you. Why would Carrasco be your #2 scouting rank but NOT in your 2011 rotation? Do you think he needs 1+years in Triple-A to learn how to “trust his fastball” and tweak the rest of his arsenal?

Additionally, I think the problems that Masterson showcased against left-handed hitters in 2009 (.323 BA, .399 OBP) put a Joe Smith specialist (2009: .355 BA, .412 OBP; 2008: .320 BA, .443 OBP) type of scare into talent evaluators with regards to keeping him in the rotation. I like Masterston and would prefer to see him in the rotation. He needs to turn that corner IMO and a full year as a starter might be his chance to do so.

I’m just talking about their physical ability, not the mental side of things. If you saw Carrasco pitch, he’d throw a good fastball, get a swing and a miss on a nice curve, and then throw an 0-2 pitch right down the middle of the plate which would be crushed. Stuff wise he looked very good, but that doesn’t mean he’ll ever develop into being a good major league pitcher. Like Jason Davis … Masterson’s splits weren’t bad in ’08, .238 BA against vs. lefties, so I’d wait to see a larger sample size. I wouldn’t think as a sinkerballer that he’d have some great disadvantage against lefties, the right or left handed specialist type pitchers are usually guys who rely a lot on sideways movement from their pitches

good stuff

Given the current discussion, is there any chance that we’ll all be happy with our rotation coming out of spring training? David Huff debate aside, I think we all agree on who the 1-4 should be for multiple reasons. And with the whole Talbet and Sowers situation, I just wonder if we’re going to be mad at what we get.

Personally I imagine I’ll be fine with the rotation as long as Laffey’s in it … and I’m guessing he will be. As far as Huff/Sowers/Talbot, I don’t think I’d be upset no matter who they picked there. It does make sense to me because of the option issue to go with either Sowers or Talbot to start the year in the rotation, with the loser of that battle going to the bullpen and Huff opening the year in AAA, that Huff would have to perform much better than those 2 in spring training to earn the job. They can always make the switch if the original choice doesn’t work out. Ultimately we’re talking about a 5th starter and a bullpen guy who’s (hopefully) not going be getting a ton of work

I would agree with ST. Personal preference aside, I would envision a staff comprised of Westbrook, Carmona, Masterson, Laffey and Talbot with Sowers headed to the bullpen and Huff to Columbus. Sending Sowers to the ‘pen therefore bumps J. Lewis and Todd out of the equation. The other 6 spots would be Wood, C. Perez, Sipp, Smith, R. Perez, and perhaps Ambriz or one of the invitees (Grili, Rivera).

Perhaps I am wrong but if I remember correctly AC’s educated guess on the rotation two Inboxes back had Wesbrook, Carmona, Masterson, Sowers and Talbot but also included Grili in the bullpen. Now THAT starting rotation alignment would make me mad unless Laffey and Huff either bomb in Spring Training or get hurt. Then again, I’ve openly admitted to being done with Sowers so I have a skewed perception on this issue.

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