When something's broke, I want to put a bit of fixin' on it

We talk a lot about payroll in these parts, because that’s the sort of discussion that erupts when the team you follow supplies both World Series teams with their No. 1 starters.

With that in mind, I suggest you clear 20-30 minutes from your schedule and check out Paul Cousineau’s lengthy, inspired read on MLB’s payroll structure in his latest DiaTribe post.

Paul presents an interesting take on how to alleviate the payroll imbalance that gets points for creativity and, if nothing else, inspires debate.

Of course, it would take a bloodbath in labor negotiations to bring about fundamental changes in the current economic structure. It should be the more realistic hope of Tribe fans that changes are made in the way amateur talent is acquired, because that’s become another embarrasingly unbalanced playing field. To that end, MLB.com did a three-part series last month on how to fix the First-Year Player Draft (you can read that here, here and here). One would also hope changes can be instituted in the international signing market, where big-market teams can afford to throw ungodly figures at unproven commodities.

Anyway, all that reading ought to keep you busy when you’re not out buying your Austin Kearns jersey.



Hey AC, what do you think of the album you referenced in the name of that post? And for that matter, I thought you might do it, but it’s not too late if you ever get bored or want to take a moment to step away from the Tribe, and make a post sharing your favorite albums, movies, or whatever from 2009. That might make for a nice non-tribe related discussion.

Not that you asked me, CW, but I enjoyed Backspacer, and the quoted song is one of my favorites of last year. A poppy Pearl Jam song — who knew?
As soon as I’m not at work, I’ll check out the column, AC. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of the talk on your own blog about the payroll issues and I have to say you touch upon something we’ve only barely mentioned — the First Year Player Draft. We always talk about how the Tribe has failed to draft any high end talent that’s panned out in recent years (which is true, I think), but you have to wonder if that’s because they don’t bother drafting guys they know they can’t sign. It really is just as bad as the FA market.

Honestly… and it seems I’m in the minority on this… Backspacer didn’t do it for me. I enjoyed the self-titled disc a few years ago much more. “The Fixer” is a good tune, but so much of the rest just bored me. I know, for instance, I was supposed to be intrigued about PJ doing a slow love song (“Just Breathe”), but I don’t think they needed to steal ideas from Faith Hill.

LACF… the Draft is the one area that I think can realistically be fixed to assist the small markets. I’m sure it will be a major piece of discussion in the CBA talks.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally enjoy Backspacer way more than self-titled, but I guess it’s all personal taste. And for the record, I would say, that Just Breathe is one of, if not my, least favorite tracks on there.

Sorry, but I like to jump at the chance of discussing two of my favorite things, the Indians and Pearl Jam. It is sort of like when George tried to combine sex with eating and watching tv. Unlike George though, I try not to fly “too close to the sun on wings of pastrami.”

I thought the self-titled was their best since Vs., but I enjoyed Backspacer. I wouldn’t rank it higher than the two I just mentioned, though.
If I remember correctly, one of the supposed sticking points on a salary cap was the inclusion of a salary ceiling, but I think that was probably posturing.

The pastrami quote is classic. And the Indians and PJ have a lot in common in that they are both trying to recapture their 1990s magic.

the First Year Player Draft needs to be constructed much like the NBA draft pay scale, period. We’ve had this discussion before but it would be MONUMENTALLY beneficial to the smaller market teams if there was a set slotting system for the MLB draft. No longer would the power be held by guys like Scott Boras or Drew Rosenhaus (as the NFL is looking at a draft slotting system as well). Talent yet so-called unsignable guys like Rick Porcello would not fall in the draft b/c of signability. It’s not that I am veteran-player driven but giving a guy like Steven Strasburg or Matt Stafford $40M in guaranteed money is outrageous when they haven’t had one meaningful play at the highest level of the sport. AND, for MLB if there were a slotting system then teams could actually trade draft picks more easily.

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