There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

By Anthony Castrovince/

This guy walked into the lobby at the Marriott at the Indiana Convention Center this afternoon. Actually, it wasn’t a guy. It was a Guy. He was tall and looked vaguely like a professional athlete, though I have no idea who he was.

Everyone in the vicinity craned their necks to take a gander at the Guy. They watched him mix and mingle with various agents, and everyone asked some version of the same question.

“Who is that Guy?”

I never did receive confirmation as to the Guy’s identity, but he was the type of Guy who attracts attention in a crowded lobby filled with reporters, agents, general managers trying to take a quick Starbucks break and people with nothing better to do than watch baseball people schmooze.

Oh, and there are a few genuine Marriott guests mixed in. Most of them look confused and/or horrified by the goings-on.

This is what it’s like covering the Winter Meetings. You’re just standing around looking for Guys.


  • Good Lord, it’s quiet, where the Indians are concerned. They even delayed the announcement of their hitting coach. As of this writing, a formal announcement has not been made, but Jon Nunnally is the guy. More on that in a separate post.
  • There was one newsworthy item this afternoon: Manny Acta’s hat. He was walking around in a black fedora. It takes a certain type of guy to pull off that look. Acta is that type. I am not. And I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that most of the CastroTurf Commenters are not, either.
  • Acta had his interview session with reporters. I have no idea what kind of manager he’ll be, but at least he’s a good quote. When talking about how the Indians won’t be bringing in a Matt Holliday or Jason Bay, he said, “Obviously they might come, but into the opposite clubhouse.” And when asked about the famous Grady Sizemore pictorial, he said, “I’ve never seen [the pictures]. Why would I want to see them?”
  • Regarding more serious matters, the D.C. media had a few questions for Acta about his experience with the Nationals and his new job here. They asked him to compare the two situations, and this was his response: “I don’t see [the two jobs] as similar, because I think there are more pieces in place here in Cleveland. I think when we arrived over there [in Washington], we only had Ryan Zimmerman, basically, and we were looking for more pieces to add. … But I’m getting into a situation where I already have one of the best right fielders in the American League in Shin-Soo Choo. We have Grady Sizemore, we have Travis Hafner, we have Jhonny Peralta, we have Asdrubal Cabrera. So that’s what attracted me, and also the fact that the farm system is a rich one. So I’m looking down the line to see guys like Carlos Santana, Nick Weglarz, [Hector] Rondon, [Carlos] Carrasco, and that kind of really attracted me to the Indians.”
  • Acta said he doesn’t expect Travis Hafner, now more than a year removed from shoulder surgery, to be limited to no more than three consecutive games played, as was the case in ’09.
  • With new players to work with, Acta is expecting some changes to his managerial “style,” as it were. “You have to be different this time because you have three guys in the outfield that, from the get go, will have green lights,” he said. “Guys that can run [and get a] high percentage of stolen bases. The style of every one of us, the 30 [managers], just changes depending on the personnel that you have. It’s that simple. None of us are basically defined as doing something. I think all of us will adjust to what we have.”
  • Allow me to just reiterate that the Indians will not be trading Kerry Wood this winter.
  • The Indians might, however, make a selection in the Rule 5 Draft. “We’re spending time on it,” GM Mark Shapiro said. “We’re definitely talking about it. In the past, we’ve felt we wanted to protect our own players. But we were able to create some roster flexibility this year.”
  • I’m still hearing that there’s a good chance Jason Grilli will get swiped in the Rule 5. We’ll see.



Acta really does say the right thing. He also seems to much more forthcoming than Wedge, although I guess it’s all relative. I love that he said all three outfielders would have the green light. It’s clear he expects Brantley to maintain the level he was at when the season ended and get the start out there, which bodes well for moving Grady down in the order. I also love that he acknowledged that Choo can run — perhaps someone should send that along to Steve Phllips (he who said Choo can’t/doesn’t steal bases).

Obviously, if he said that, he doesn’t watch the indians that much.

He actually said it while calling an Indians game on ESPN and, at the time, Choo led the team in steals. I think he had 11 at the time (and stole two more during that game).

I just saw the fedora on MLB Network. CastroTurf readers gotta work on rockin these at progressive field next season for a game!

there is a reason that Steven Phillip does not have a job in the majors league nor with ESPN for that matter.

And I have 2 fedoras

or how about Steve Phillips… man my typing is terrible

AC, since there won’t really be anything to report on about the Tribe, how about taking some quick pics of the ridiculousness that is the Winter Meetings. The MLB Network tries to make it look to polished and professional. How about posting some sneaky cell phone pictures of the various dirtbags and skanks roaming the Marriott this week?

I definitely can’t pull off a fedora. I am a big fan of a good flat cap, though.

Also, “the Rondons of the world” is becoming my favorite Acta phrase.

I would also argue that we’re not really talking about trading for anyone of huge value (well, most of us). We’re looking for stop gaps until we get healthy. registry cleaner reviews

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