Indians protect seven from Rule 5 Draft

INF/OF Jordan Brown, OF Nick Weglarz, INF Jason Donald, RHP Jeanmar Gomez, LHP Kelvin De La Cruz, 3B Wes Hodges and SS Carlos Rivero have been added to the Indians’ 40-man roster, which is now filled.

More info available in this story.


Upon further review I don’t know if I would have protected de la Cruz given his injuries however I understand why they did. But I also wanted Reyes to be designated so what do I know. If Pino gets drafted, as I think he could, then IMO the Indians chose Reyes and his weathered arm over Pino (mistake). If Lofgren is drafted then that’s a loss I can live with b/c the guy doesn’t ooze consistency. The only other issue that I’m sure someone is going to make is keeping Chris Giminez rather than Matt McBride. I also would not have cried about dumping Jose Veras.

I think they should have protected Pino, and McBride. I guess we are loaded at the firstbase/DH/Catcher position though. But Pino??? If he gets drafted, is the Pavano trade all for naught?

Also, word on street (the streets of ESPN, that is) is that Omar is close to signing with the White Sox.

Those are the two main things I disagree with, I would’ve designated Reyes and rostered Pino, Reyes is out for another year so I really don’t get that, and I would’ve designated Gimenez and added McBride. I don’t agree with the inclusion of Rivero or De La Cruz, because I don’t think either guy would’ve been taken in the Rule 5 or even if they were, the chances of them remaining on the choosing team’s 25-man roster are virtually nil … McBride, Pino Tomlin and Wright I see as guys who are likely to go in the Rule 5, they might miss Pino the most next year although it’s not likely he had a long-term future with the team, and McBride I see as the guy who has the biggest upside that they’re exposing

Well, if there’s any universal agreement on this, it’s that not protecting Pino seems odd. Given that the team seems determined to stock the system with arms, exposing a guy who came over (albeit briefly) and performed very well in Columbus just seems strange.
ST, given how erratic our rotation is sure to be at least through next year, I don’t think you can say Pino had no future with Cleveland. I would consider our 2011 rotation to be something of a free for all at this point; I don’t think I can safely say who anyone in that rotation will be, not with complete certainty.
But, AC pointed out in his write-up, any team that makes a move is going to have to invest in him, at least to some extent. But I would imagine there are plenty of teams out there who’d like to get him into their system.

Let me rephrase, I would HOPE that Pino had no long-term future in Cleveland, because I would hope that Laffey, Carmona, Masterson, Rondon and Carrasco would do better than Pino, and that Hagadone, Knapp and de la Cruz continue to develop/get healthy, rendering Pino obsolete … same goes for Reyes, if they seriously need Reyes or Pino for 2011, then something will have gone terrible wrong … but like I said of the guys they left unprotected I see Pino as the one who was most likely to impact the major league team in 2010. I have no clue why they think they needed to hang onto Reyes, who may never recover and if he does is likely no better than an halfway decent 4th or 5th starter … I’d take Pino, Tomlin or Lofgren over him, and I’m sure most any team would do the same in the Rule 5

Any player who is picked in the rule 5 draft has to be on that team’s 25-man major league roster for the entire year, or be waived. Maybe the Tribe figured that no team would be willing to take that chance on Pino, seeing as he started the year at AA. That would be a HUGE jump, especially a pitcher, to start one year at AA and the next at the major league level.

Can we get some love for the Ohio University Bobcats today? Next week’s game is a big one, people!

well, I would guess that a team like the Pirates, Marlins, Nationals, or even the Rays might take a flier on a guy like Pino as a #5 starter. It’s the idea of utilizing a cheap alternative with potential upside versus a more expensive veteran innings eater. It’s a balancing act that I would love to hear Mark Shapiro explain. Why Giminez over McBride (I realize I instigated that argument but we all knew it was coming from someone). Why Reyes and his injury over Pino? Does he honestly think that no one will take them? Heck, I’d give up on Adam Miller before giving Pino away for nothing. AC made a great point about designating Reyes and giving us an additional roster spot. We all took that concept and ran with it.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is reporting that Manny Acta has already named Jake Westbrook as the Opening Day starter. I’m guessing that he plucked that from one of Acta’s interviews. But consider the source

I enjoyed the back and forth about Donald and Valbuena, and I’m excited to see how that battle turns out in spring training. It also got me thinking about some other assumptions I seem to have about this team going forward.
I’ve always considered Crowe to be the fourth outfielder by default. He’s played in the majors, he has speed (which we used to lack), and he can play center. But all of those criteria are met by Brantley So now I’m wondering if perhaps Jordan Brown is an option as 4th infielder, particularly since he can also play 1st (and he’s playing outfield in winter ball, if I remember correctly).
As far as 2nd goes, I don’t know what you do with the guy who doesn’t win that job. I don’t think you can just stick either one of them on the bench — it would be a waste.

LACF, it was a little disconcerting to me that Crowe got injured, par for the course during his playing career, right at the moment he was starting to figure out how to hit at the ML level. I’m not saying he has hitting .400 but in contrast it wasn’t .169 either.

As for the possible veteran innings eater, not to be confused with a veteran role model, I will stick with my prediction from back in July that the Indians target Erik Bedard (type-B) as the Carl Pavano circa 2010. Pavano himself is a possibility but unlikely for the aforementioned reasons cited by AC. I also like Kelvim Escobar as an option. Justin Duchscherer (type-B) will be too expensive and seeking a multi-year deal from the bigger clubs. Likewise for Rich Harden (B). We quasi-chased Brad Penny last year but I’m not a fan. However, a cheap one year deal can never be ignored, perhaps Jason Schmidt? I can’t think of anyone else out there that I would care for but ESPN has a link to free agent starters on their main MLB page.

As I said before I don’t think Brown works as the 4th outfielder, if that’s what you meant LACF, because he’s left handed, and defensively he’s obviously well below Crowe’s level. Is Brown going to hit better against left handers than switch-hitting Crowe will? Without much of a sample size, Crowe hit .255 against lefties, .228 against RH in the majors. In the minors in ’09 he hit .351 vs. left (.921 OPS), .273 vs. right. I’m not sure of Brown’s career minors numbers (don’t know of a site where you can view full minor league splits), I think in Columbus he was somewhere around .300 vs. LH and .360 vs. RH in ’09, in the fall league he hit only .222 vs. LH, .373 vs. RH, and in ’08 in Columbus he hit only .199 against lefties and .323 vs. RH. So their minor league numbers at least indicate that Crowe should actually hit better against left handed pitching than Brown will (Crowe could certainly potentially exceed Sizemore’s career .235 BA .719 OPS against LH pitching) I think Brown has a shot at making the team because he has some value as a backup 1b (and if Laporta’s injury keeps him out at the beginning, a Brown/Marte platoon would be likely to start the year) and as someone who they could pinch hit for a guy like Marson late in a game, and if Hafner regresses then Brown will become the full time DH … Unless Westbrook can’t go, I see no reason to sign a starting pitcher honestly, I just don’t see if as something that will make much of a difference … if by some miracle they are competitive next year then they’d be better off making a move in July if they need an upgrade for one of their young starters; if they are awful next year, then a one-year rental is a monetary and developmental waste

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