Sandy Alomar Jr. joining Acta's staff as 1B coach

That guy directing traffic at first base at Progressive Field next season will be a familiar face to Tribe fans. Sandy Alomar Jr. is coming back to the Indians.

Manager Manny Acta, nearing the completion of his coaching staff, has hired Alomar to be his first base coach. Alomar will also work closely with the Tribe’s catchers.

Alomar had a job as a catching instructor with the Mets, but his acceptance of the position with the Indians makes for a homecoming, of sorts. Alomar spent 11 seasons with the Tribe from 1990 to 2000. While with them, he was a six-time All-Star and a leader on the field on Tribe teams that won five AL Central titles and two AL pennants. The Indians gave Alomar a fitting tribute when was a he was inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame this past summer.

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Yes please.

Wow, that was a surprise. I think NY’s GM said that Sandy wasn’t going anywhere, But welcome home Sandy.

Also, this is great news for Santana, and even Marson. Sandy will help them out so much. I really really like the way this coaching staff has come together. The hitting coach is still a big deal, however.

Nice! Finally some good news out of Cleveland! Welcome back Sandy

If coaching is what Sandy wants to do, it should definitely be in an Indians uniform.

If Grady is hurt for whatever reason at the start on next season, any chance Sandy gets the loudest ovation on opening day?

! Sandy! Campion forever! Welcome Home! Your Pal, REXLIBRIS

I have a big goofy smile on my face. Being a catcher in little league and onward, and a young Indians fan in the early ’90s, Sandy Alomar, Jr. was always my favorite player. I’m excited.

If only half our coaching staff was 10 years younger, we could use their talent on the field! Joking aside, I’m very excited. As usual we have a lot of young talent and I believe Acta is putting together a great staff.

Welcome home Sandy Alomar Jr. he was a good player when he played with the tribe and it will be nice to have his experience as 1st base coach and working with the indians catchers.

Hey that you just very much to the article, it was very and informative study! I am going to be again afterwards for positive.

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