Valentine, Lovullo interviews are set

Bobby Valentine will be in Cleveland on Thursday for his formal interview for the Indians’ managerial post and subsequent meeting with the media, and Torey Lovullo’s interview/press conference will take place Friday.

As you know, Manny Acta, who interviewed Tuesday, and Don Mattingly, who is in the NLCS with the Dodgers, are the two other finalists. Mattingly’s interview won’t be set until after the Dodgers’ postseason run is completed.

Mark Shapiro said Tuesday that there are two other potential candidates that might still emerge. It’s believed that former Rockies manager Clint Hurdle could be one of the two, though that’s not confirmed.

In unrelated matters…

Here in Anaheim, CC Sabathia talked about the possibility of facing Cliff Lee in the World Series. Great catching up with CC, who, I think, might have actually gotten taller. Or maybe I’ve just become too accustomed to interviewing Aaron Laffey.

Elsewhere, Derek Shelton is named the Rays’ hitting coach. I’m happy for Shelton, who will get to be near his kids, who live in the Tampa area, full-time.



In a related story, the not-shocking whatsoever news that Derek Shelton won’t be returning, it will be interesting to see if and where Willis or other coaches end up, and how they do…

Yeah,Shelton doesn’t surprise me. The guys over at Let’s Go Tribe did a great breakdown of the entire organization, and the person who came out looking the best based on the team’s overall performance was Shelton.
The hitting coach position should be an interesting one, mostly if they pick Mattingly as manager, since he’s been a hitting coach for a while. I would think it would be tough to coach under a guy who’s had a hand in two of the best offenses in baseball the last few years.
Speaking of which, that’s lead me to be more inclined towards Mattingly (awful soul patch and all) than Acta. Living in L.A., I watch a lot of Dodgers games (just to listen to Vin Scully, if nothing else — and see Casey) and Mattingly has worked with an awful lot of young hitters, guys like Ethier, Kemp, Loney, and Martin. In that regard, he might have an edge.
But, again: it’s all about pitching.

You know, I’d actually be okay with a C.C./Lee match up in the first game of the WS. I mean, sure, it’s salt in the wounds to a certain extent, but I can still take a certain amount of pride in the fact that both of them won the Cy Young with the Tribe.
More to the point, I’m going to feel a little bit bad for Lee, who will be 32 when his current contract is up. I wonder what kind of money he’s going to be able to come by. I mean, I’m sure it’s not going to be small potatoes, but it certainly won’t be Sabathia money.
It’s funny — in that article C.C. talks about how he’s performing better now because he has more confidence, whereas ’07 was his first real run deep into the post-season so he lacked that. This is Cliff’s first post-season experience, and so far he’s completely dominated.

This is really the first time that it’s really bugged me, but the article didn’t come off very well to me. Sounds like he just shrugs it off like he doesn’t even care about 2007 or the Indians. The fact is he didn’t perform up to his capabilities, NOT that he had to do it by himself, but he certainly didn’t do his part to get us to the WS. We had a nice “Core” on that team, so i don’t know how he couldn’t of been confident in ’07. It’s all about money, as long as he get’s payed his $25 Million a year he’s happy. Frankly he never finished his job in 2007 and stunk at the beginning of 2008 which forced us to trade him. *sign* Go Phillies!

Not to disagree with you, 09, but C.C. actually pitched like an ace in May, June, and July of last season. His ERA was under 2.5 for all three months, and under 2.0 for June. The problem was across the board for the team. Fausto got progressively worse and we only had Jake for 5 starts. We also had (yet another) god awful bullpen.
That was the thing — C.C. was getting better and better as the season went on, to the point where the number of games he won for the Brewers was actually more than the number of games the Tribe ended up out of first, which, you know, makes you think.
That said, it was clear there was no way we were going to sign him after ’08 and we have obviously gotten some solid players back in return, so it’s probably best we did deal him.
But, yes, I don’t understand how he could have felt more pressure in Cleveland. Sure, we haven’t won a championship in sixty years, which is a lot of pressure. But he’s playing for a team that’s paying him a gazillion dollars to perform.
I guess the bottom line is that Yankee fans just don’t really care as much, so he’s who he going to let down if he fails?

I completely understand and agree with the reasoning of trading him because of the money he was going to command. He is getting over $20 Million a year, i believe, with the Yanks. My point is that he didn’t quite finish his job in ’07 (playoffs). So i agree with the Trade, but don’t understand how he can just shrug it off like it (2007 Playoffs) was nothing and it wasn’t his or the teams fault. Then who’s fault is it C.C? Take some responsibility C.C. Just irritates the He!l out of me, but what are we going to…

Also, Like you and I stated before.. They had a nice group of players on that team to get it done, so all of the pressure was NOT on him to perform. I hope we get this thing turned around soon! I hope you have another sport LACF to cheer for.. Cavs? This (Tribe) is terrible..

yeah, CC saying that he’s confident now because of the guys on the Yankees is ridiculous, it’s not like the Indians needed him to go out and pitch a shutout or anything, they had a strong bullpen, strong offense, the only reason they lost is CC totally bombed, didn’t even give them a chance in the games he pitched … I’m not sure how Shelton looks so great, this has been such an inconsistent offense. I feel like he must preach patience to the extreme, they draw a lot of walks, but seem to take a whole lot of called strikes too, I don’t know how many times I saw Hafner sit with the bat on his shoulder for strike 1, when it’s a very hittable pitch. Pretty much every hitter on the team other than Asdrubal underperformed this year, even Choo … Glad to see the Phillies in the Series again, Philadelphians won’t know what to do with themselves if they win two in a row, what will they have to complain about? They’ll probably quit going to the ballgames, the team will be too successful for Philly to handle. That’s the thing about the Cliff Lee trade, i don’t care what Carrasco or Knapp turn into, it’s a pathetic trade, Lee was Philly’s ticket to the World Series, without that trade they had no chance, their pitching staff was too thin and the Phillies knew that at the time, so how can you not get their best prospects for him? They have Cliff for another year at a ridiculously cheap price too, not to mention they got Francisco, who might be a better player than Marson and Donald … The Indians should’ve at least been able to get Carrasco and Kyle Drabek, really, how do the Phillies not make that trade if Shapiro holds out for it? (or did Shapiro prefer injured Knapp to Drabek?) Or Domonic Brown instead of Marson. If Carrasco and Drabek both became Cy young winners it would STILL be a great trade for Philly, because it got them back to the Series, and might mean that they win two in a row, and they will have a dominant team next year too

I support all Cleveland teams, 09, but you and I both know that the Cavs season will end with them losing in the finals to the Lakers and LeBron leaving after that. Because that’s the way it works for us.

Don’t Say that…

I generally don’t hate on CC just because he is a Yankee (although it’s an uphill battle). I know a lot do. I’m sad to see him go, but am happy for the guy now that he is dragging in boatloads of money, and has a shot at the WS. However, as I read the article, I couldn’t help but be slightly put off by some of his comments.

“Once known to overthrow in high-pressure situations, Sabathia isn’t feeling any such pressure now.

‘You don’t have to,’ he said. ‘You’ve got Derek Jeter, you’ve got Alex Rodriguez, you’ve got Robinson Cano, you’ve got Johnny Damon and all these guys behind you. You don’t have to do too much. You just have to be yourself, and let everything else take care of itself. It definitely helps to have this great team behind you.'”
Perhaps I’m a biased, partisan reader in this situation, and it could have simply been CC supporting his current team, but I couldn’t help but interpret a little bit of frustration and blame in his comments. Especially when he says, “It definitely helps to have this great team behind you.” Oh yeah? What were we to you in ’07, CC? Nothing? Were we nothing to you?! Haha….ok, I’m starting to sound like a bitter ex-girlfriend. All logic and reason has left me. I will continue my thoughts when I have collected myself.

AC, it was good to hear you on The Really Big Show. How many other writers can throw out a back rub joke. I think I heard the crickets chirping after that one.

I found your take on Lovullo quite interesting as you implied he might actually be the perfect fit for this team under different circumstances. I think, objectively, the smarter fans would agree. And while your perspective on Sabathia’s success in the postseason with N.Y. would probably raise an eyebrow to the emotionally unstable fan it all makes sense. Good stuff AC. It was interesting to hear you in a different forum.

something interesting I read about Jon Nunnally as a potential hitting coach for the ML club next year: while Columbus finished last in their division (and the second worst record in the IL slightly ahead of Buffalo) the Clippers sported the best team batting average in the International League. Interesting stat.

Has anyone read anything about Mattingly being interviewed anywhere else? Houston hasn’t said anything about it, and isn’t on any of their lists. I’ve heard the Nationals have contacted the Dodgers, but I’ve only seen that printed once. I’ve always thought that Acta would be the one to likely get the job. However, I think Houston seems a more likely fit for him.
Mattingly seems really fired up about managing, and he is only being seriously courted by the Tribe as far as I’ve seen. Perhaps now that the Dodgers are out of the playoffs, we will hear more whisperings.

“I think the big thing we’re going to try and talk about and be consistent with about is making sure our approach stays consistent,” Shelton said.

IMO the Indians did not have a consistent approach under Shelton. Peralta especially.

Maddon has been hoping to improve the situational hitting at the Major League level as well as throughout the organization.

Shelton went right to the heart of the problem when he cited one of the most important aspects of situational hitting was getting a runner home from third base with less than two outs.

Since TB had a 1007 OPS with a runner on 3B and

The software cut off the end of my response.

Here it is.

Since TB had a 1007 OPS with a runner on 3B and less than 2 out (2nd in AL, Cle was 5th at 907), why do Maddon and Shelton think they need to work on that?

Thanks, amseeley. I thought I would get chased out with a hook, a la Showtime at the Apollo, after the back rub line.

AC, I am just poking fun at you. I actually thought it was a good line but it felt awkward b/c Rizzo and Goldhammer didn’t respond to it at all.

The LA Times is reporting that the Angels have granted the Indians permission to speak to Ron Roenicke about managerial job.

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