Acta to interview for Tribe's managerial post Tuesday

Manny Acta, you’re up.

The Indians will hold their first formal interview for their managerial vacancy on Tuesday afternoon at Progressive Field, and Acta, the former Nationals skipper, will be the one under the microscope. He’ll meet with the Indians at 1 p.m. ET and the local media at 3 p.m.

acta.jpgThe Plain Dealer reported that Bobby Valentine and Travis Fryman are two other finalists for the job, but, as of this writing, the Indians have not yet confirmed that. Mark Shapiro had said there would be “three to five” finalists invited to Cleveland for a sitdown.

Two things about Acta that might appeal to the Indians: he’s a statistically minded manager who does not shy away from discussing and applying sabermetrics, and he’s a bilingual Dominican native who can develop a good relationship with Latin players.

Valentine, with 15 years of big-league managing experience and seven years of experience in Japan, is the most experienced of the bunch, and he’d also be the most costly. He made about $4 million last year with the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan.

Fryman has managed the last two seasons at short-season Mahoning Valley. His potential inclusion at this stage is a surprise, given that the Indians aren’t (or weren’t) expected to promote from within.

Stay tuned to for more on Acta on Tuesday. I’m on the West Coast, covering the ALCS for, so, unfortunately, I won’t be in Cleveland for the press conference. But we’ll have it covered, all the same.


I think the fans should come to a bit of a realization that perhaps Manny Acta will be our new skipper. His losing record doesn’t bother me much considering the team he was managing. Bobby Valentine, for some odd reason, strikes me as someone I would not want managing the kids. I like Travis Fryman but I believe like many others do that he’s a few years away. It would be interesting to see if Acta would select Fryman as one of his bench coaches albeit doubtful that he’d hire a guy that could potentially take his job sometime down the line. The same would apply for Mike Hargrove as AC suggested it would be more likely for him to anchor a bench spot than the managerial position. I would just have a hard time thinking that Acta would bring on guys that could easily replace him.

So I am going to assume that Acta is the best option given the other two candidates we know are being interviewed. However, AC is spot on when he said that the pitching coach might be the more important hire. And while a Gary in Columbus asked the question about LaRussa and Duncan in the Inbox story that scenario is an unlikely pipedream.

and btw, the Indians vacancy is MUCH more attractive than the one in Houston for the long term despite Acta’s history

ST, look at that team. It is in such disarray that I do not think even Casey Stengel would have made them competitive

Man, what a bummer. You’re stuck in Southern California, and won’t get to cover all the action on the Lake Erie Coast? I hope you are dealing with this tough time well. Seriously though, enjoy it while you can! The new manager will be here for you to meet whenever you get to return home, but nice weather won’t be.

You left out the part about Acta leading the Nationals to a phenomenal 26-61 record this year … and how the team went a sort of respectable 33-42 after he was fired. How you can fail that spectacularly yet still be considered a viable candidate is beyond me

I am not going to judge a guy by his record. While it’s not the most encouraging thing I have seen, that team is horrendous. The fact that he is a Dominican native is very intriguing, since we have a roster with plenty of Latin-American players on it. And I don’t know about Fryman… A jump from A ball to the majors is pretty big. I don’t know much about managing a team, but I feel like that may be a bit much. Then again, he would probably work great with our young players, and the fans love him. Finally, I am not crazy about Valentine. He would want a ton of cash, and I don’t know if he is really worth that. You are going to pay a guy 4 million a year to make a lineup every day, decide who to put in from the bullpen, and give a motivational speech to the team every couple of weeks??? No thanks, not worth it.

Well, Acta seems to be getting all the attention in the information I’ve read. That could just be because he has been the only one to make any public statement about the job (at least that I’ve seen). Of those finalists that have been made public (Acta, Valentine, Fryman) I think I would be ok with any of them. I know that Acta hasn’t been seen as a positive candidate. But, lets face it, it was the Nationals he was managing. I’m not going to get up in arms about his losing record. I do need to review him further, but I’m not going to prematurely judge him.

AM, Acta had been there since ’07 so them being in disarray is hardly a point on the positive side for Acta … the fact that their winning % improved from .298 with Acta to .440 without him makes me question what he was bringing to the table? I mean in 2009 without Manny Acta they were a better team than the Indians, with him, they were one of the worst teams in the history of baseball. I don’t know much about him but some of the quotes I’ve seen about him make me cringe “he always preached patience and emphasized the importance of keeping an even keel” … “he’s a statistically minded manager who does not shy away from discussing and applying sabermetrics” … Sounds like the opposite of what they need.. From reading articles about the Indians minor leagues I feel like Fryman would be a good choice, I’ve seen numerous stories where players have gone out of their way to compliment him, to say how he helped them. He’s spent his whole life in baseball, what experience is he missing? Is he going to be incapable of drawing up a lineup that works, or properly substituting pitchers? Valentine would be interesting, but like pigeon I don’t see them going that route

ST, I think his first year in Washington is about as respectable as anyone can manage the Nationals. They are a terrible team, with not a lot of talent. Rather, in Cleveland, I tend to agree with him when he said, “It is a very attractive situation, because they already have a good, young nucleus of players on the team and a very strong farm system. I believe that an exciting time is coming again to Cleveland.” I think we do have a fresh, young team with a lot of talent, and a lot of potential. The “exciting time” he threw in there even warmed my heart just a bit. Plus, there have been a lot of managers over the history of Major League baseball that haven’t started with a strong record, that are now considered some of the best in the game. Whether that will be true for Acta is yet to be determined.

ST has it nailed. Acta is a Wedge clone. Down to the horrible starts to the year.

Acta’s team’s winning pct for April has been below what they did the rest of the year for all 3 seasons.

Hopefully Acta is just their mandatory minority interview because they can do better than him.

maybe jk, who knows he could be the next Bill Belichick and the Nationals were his Browns … reading the comments on articles about when he was fired indicate the Nationals fans seemed to like him pretty well, of course the fact that these people are fans of the Nationals calls into question their sanity and judgment ability … I feel like the Indians need something of a fiery kind of guy, the knock on Acta was he was excessively patient and didn’t hold the players accountable, which makes it sound like he’s not a strong leader … NOT what the Indians need, in my opinion.

You could be right. When it all comes down to it, I’m more interested in the coaching staff the new manager selects….whoever he may be.

If I am Shapiro, my first question would be “who do you want as your pitching coach?” For me, that is more important than manager for us. We have so many young pitchers and ones who need help… a solid coach is crucial. Honestly, either Fryman or Acta would be fine by me.

On a completely unrelated note, I was wandering around the video archives of the season, and I came across this Justin Masterson tutorial that he did in Boston in the last series of the season. Since it was done in Fenway, it has Boston tags, and I hadn’t seen it until now. As I’ve said before, he seems to be a really great guy, and I’m glad he’s on our team.

I am officially calling off the pa-tooey of losing readers during the season! You were the #8 ranked Writer Blog in the official MLBlogs season standings! Imagine if the Indians had done that well this season.

guys you have to understand the fact that Acta, had to manage probably one of the worst teams in this decade. They had one good player…Ryan Z, who will most likely leave in the next 2 years and Adam Dunn, who wont be around for long.

The fact is, Acta might have a good shot over here, i see potential in him. but like many of the viewers stated, its most interesting what he does with his managing staff.

Personally, i would love to see Mike Hargrove sitting next to him on the bench as bench coach, a new bullpen coach that knows how to pitch at least. and a pitching coach who will concentrate on the whole team, not just one player. “ahem” – cy young player amidst a team who’s ERA is in the 5.90’s…. “ahem”. Please dont bring back Willis. We need someone like Dave Duncan

I’m with AM on this: I’m not going to judge Acta on his time in Washington. It’s not like he had a team one game away from the World Series in ’07 and then came in last just two years later. And the fact that the Nationals won more games after he left? They still had a losing record over that time, and given the fact that they had a lot of young guys on their team throughout the season, they were bound to improve. No, as a friend of mine used to say, you can’t shine a ****.
But I agree with everyone who has said the first question should be “who do you want as your pitching coach.” In some ways, the pitching coach position is almost more important than who they pick for manager.
And a “no” to Valentine. He’s a bad choice even without the high price tag.

Anyone watching the post-season? Anyone want to give C.C. the finger?
I’m watching the Dodgers/Phillies game right now and just a few moments ago they showed a clip of Thome telling his Dodger teammates about how a crowd can influence a game. He gave only one example: his years in Cleveland.

LACF, I was torn on my feelings for CC, but I don’t want to give him the finger. He was traded, and it’s hard to walk away from that enormous amount of money. At any rate, he is line to pitch a potential game 7. If it gets to that point, then I will be upset if he comes out and wins that game.
By the way, reporting that Mattingly has interviewed for the managerial position.

about a week ago I threw out the idea of Donny Baseball as a candidate. I didn’t actually think that it would be possible… and I still don’t. While the report appears accurate I have to wonder three things: (1) why didn’t we hear about his name during the phone interviews, (2) why didn’t the Indians pursue him much like Farrell, as in when their season was over, and (3) isn’t his background as a hitting coach contrary to everything that the Indians have said that they want?

Perhaps those, myself included, that suggest the pitching coach hiring is more important than the managerial vacancy would allow the FO to hire Mattingly despite his background. Personally, I do not think that he would leave Torre who only has one year left on his contract. Mattingly is “being groomed” as they say to take over for Torre after the end of the 2010 season. The only reason I could see him going outside of Torrre’s shadow/inner circle is b/c he wants to develop something that is HIS, and not the leftover pieces and parts from Joe Torre.

I just find it odd that we NEVER heard his name rumored during the initial precedings and NOW he interviewed for the job, presumably in person I would think.

I wanted to slap C.C. because if he had pitched like this in ’07 the Indians would’ve won the World Series, instead he choked, and now he’s taking the freaking Yankees to the World Series … of course a Phillies/NY Series would be one that I’d like to watch, because I hate the Yankees and I’m fond of the Phillies, having lived in Philadelphia for 8 years … It’s amazing how unlucky the Indians are, looking at what Cliff Lee has done in the playoffs, imagine if he’d turned into the awesome version of himself one year earlier, instead he wasn’t even on the playoff roster in ’07

Seriously, ST, imagine the ’07 version of Fausto and C.C. combined with the ’08 Lee in that ’07 rotation. We’d have won it all, easy.
pigeon, ST got what I was saying. I don’t have a problem with the fact that C.C. is no longer with the Tribe, I have a problem that he choked so horribly (multiple times) for the Indians, but is pitching lights out for the Yankees.
AM, I would assume Mattingly kept his name out of the press because he’s still coaching. It was the fans who forced the media to cover Farrell, even with the Sox were still playing.

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