Baby Pronk is born

Congrats go out to Travis Hafner and his wife, Amy, who became the proud parents of a baby boy Wednesday.

Here’s the best part. The kid’s name? Blake Lee Hafner.

I asked if the name is an homage to two of Hafner’s former teammates (he was particularly good buddies with Casey Blake) and was told that Pronk simply loved the name Blake and is firmly expecting to get all kinds of grief from the Dodgers third baseman.

Little Blake is not so little. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

The Hafner family is said to be doing well.


Congratulations to the Hafners! And, that is one big baby.

Can we pencil him in to our projected 2031 starting line-up?

Congrats to them!

I bet the kid was born with a degenerative shoulder

Congrats to the newest addition to their family.

shameless dig on Hafner. My bad.

1) Congrats to the Hafner family.
2) am, you really have no shame. But I still laughed.
3) I am watching the Phillies vs Dodgers game, and Cliff Lee is dominant again. And he just a hit a single. Anyway, a fan was holding a sign that said “Thank you, Cleveland! We love you Cliff Lee!” It made me realize what a gift it really was for them. I mean, he is running s–t out there, and they gave up next to nothing it seems like for him. I just think it was an idiotic trade. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, we could have gotten more for this. AND he will be there next year too! Whatever… I just needed to vent.

As tough as it is now for us to be happy with the Trade, we really don’t know yet if the Trade is a success or not. I hope they made the right deal, but we don’t know yet. Plus i don’t think we would have competed next season even if we did keep Victor and Lee..

Yea, I know, you are right. But it’s just really difficult to swallow. I was for both trades, but seeing him dominate like that just hurts.

Yeah, I saw that one, Pigeon. I have always had more of the opinion of 09indians; not getting down on the trade as we still have yet to see the full extent of it, and we won’t for a few more years. However, I remember one of the commentators for TBS brought up the Cliff Lee trade. He made the comment that the Phillies gave up a lot good prospects to get Lee this year, and that they would feature prominently on the Indians roster in the near future.
I almost screamed curses at the TV…mostly because of how uneducated he sounded, but perhaps much of the emotion was due to the fact that this post season, we’ve been watching so many former Indians be very successful. And, we’re left looking at stats of our prospects in winter leagues. But, regarding the comment, I don’t know if any of these prospects “feature prominently” in the Indians immediate future. I was real impressed with Marson this year, but he seems to be a place-holder for Santana. Donald, who this commentator seemed to think of as an impact shortstop on the up and up, doesn’t seem to be any more than a utility infielder (at least in terms of the immediate future of this club). Carrasco seems to need a little more seasoning, but might be an impact starter in a year or two. Knapp? Who knows. I’d like to think his shoulder problems is a small problem that we will forget in a few years. But, it’s hard to tell anything with him right now.

I have always believed that you trade from areas of depth to acquire players at areas which you don’t have depth. So Knapp and Carrasco make sense, and it is too early to judge there. But Santana will be our catcher for years to come, and like you said, Donald will more than likely be a utility guy, seeing as we got Cabrera and Valbuena. It just doesn’t make sense to me. When it comes down to it, I am just bitter at seeing all these former Tribe players in the postseason, haha. Thome, Ramierez, Lee, Martinez, Belliard (Actually, he doesn’t really bother me), whatever.

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