Starin' at that last link in the chain

By Anthony Castrovince/
This is what it’s all about right here. October baseball.

What’s that? This is still the regular season?!



  • A long season could get longer. The word around Fenway is that inclement weather might put Saturday night’s game in jeopardy. There’s already talk about a day-night doubleheader Sunday, if that’s the case. We’ll see if Mother Nature is merciful.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera is still out of the lineup with right hamstring tightness, but available off the bench tonight.
  • Carlos Carrasco, smacked in the left leg by a Jacoby Ellsbury line drive last night, is bruised, but fine.
  • If you read Thursday’s blog entry, you know that tracking down Victor Martinez and John Farrell was no easy feat. Well, both of them were available today.
  • Farrell said what you’d expect him to say (and, sadly, did not allow my dream scenario to come to life): “I’m committed to the Red Sox, and my whole focus right now is to prepare for the postseason. We’ve got three games left, and, from pitching standpoint, we have to get some things in order, to make sure that guys come out of those games healthy. The whole focus right now is on our pitchers and getting prepared for the playoffs.”
  • Martinez, meanwhile, addressed the dismissals of Eric Wedge and his coaches and took a couple shots at the Indians’ ownership. “It’s pretty sad how everything ended up. It’s not their fault, man. It’s way easier to blame one guy than 25. What else can they do? The owners give whatever they give to them, and you just go out and compete, and you know how it is. If you want to really compete in the big leagues, you’ve got to put a really good team together. The team we had, they didn’t want to keep it together. That’s their thinking. That’s their own stuff.”
  • Martinez still seems genuinely upset over the way that 2007 team dissipated over the last two years. But he’s also genuinely happy to be in Boston and in the playoff race. “I was leaving my house,” he said. “I didn’t know what to expect. I never get tired of saying, these guys [on the Red Sox] made everything a lot easier for me. They’re great teammates, a great coaching staff and training staff. Everybody. They made me feel like I’ve been playing here for a couple years, and I really appreciate that.”
  • Martinez paid Wedge and his coaches a visit late last night, after the game. They ended up sitting in Wedge’s office talking for a couple hours. Wedge said it was a great, reflective conversation.
  • Here’s what Martinez had to say about playing for Wedge: “He made me a better player. Not only myself. He was a manager that made sure he got everybody ready to play the game. That’s big. He lets the players take care of things in the clubhouse. That’s something that’s great, too. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth, but he was a guy that’s going to tell you the truth. You’ve got to be a man to play this game, and he really helped me a lot.”
  • OF Jose “Can’t Stand Ya” Constanza, a CastroTurf favorite, has been resigned to a Minor League contract. He was eligible for Minor League free agency. Constanza batted .282 with 15 doubles, seven triples and 46 RBIs at DoubleA Akron this season, leading the league with 49 stolen bases and 98 runs scored and finishing second with 75 walks.
  • Shin-Soo Choo is one homer away from being the fourth player in the AL this year to hit 20 homers and steal 20 bases. The others are Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz and Curtis Granderson.
  • The Indians have scored three runs or less in 10 of their last 18 games, batting .239 in that span.
  • If the Indians lose tonight, they’ll set a new franchise record for consecutive road losses, with 13. Go get ’em, men.



AC, what is your thoughts about Victor’s comments? Their was talent on this team for us to contend. Between Choo, Cabrera, Martinez, DeRosa, Lee and Grady this team should have competed, but unfortunately we did not have pitching. Does Victor actually think we would have competed next season, heck, the front office said they were not going to add anymore payroll. Since they were losing so much this season. Our pitching stinks and i can’t believe they would have competed with OUT adding a piece to the rotation. (if they kept Victor, Lee) This team is so messed up, geeze!

09, I don’t think Victor was specifically referring to himself or this season. I think it was the fact that half a season after they went to he ALCS, they were trading away their core players. Now, sure, I’ve considered the fact that C.C. won 11 games for the Brewers and the Tribe ended ’08 7.5 games out of first, but there still would have been no way we would have re-signed C.C…although you have to wonder how much more money the Tribe would have made in September and October if they’d gone back to the post-season, and if it would have been enough to keep guys like Lee and Martinez THIS year. But then you have to ask yourself, where would we be in the future?
I think Martinez is speaking from the heart. And now he’s a part of an organization that can not only bring guys up, but can afford to keep them.

I am going to bring up two names, one as a potential manager and another as a possible SP ala Kevin Millwood/Carl Pavano. Tony Pena and Erik Bedard.

Pena is another guy that has ties to the Indians much like Farrell, is considered an intellectual guy (as most catchers that manage are) and in contrast to Farrell, he actually has managerial experience. I would believe that he also is on the short list of candidates. As an added plus, his daughter won the Miss RD USA in 2007 so you know she’s a looker.

I am intrigued by the Erik Bedard situation. He’s a guy that I have been eying for a while. Depending on his health, to which currently I have no idea about, he would represent the type of potential innings eater and A.S. trade bait that the Indians target in a one year deal. However, it would be difficult for the FO to give this guy a one year $7M contract given what we released off the books in Lee and Martinez, not to mention potentially Jamey Carroll, Shoppach and (still hoping) Jhonny Peralta. His health and pricetag could effect the FO’s rationale in this situation. It’s never too early to start thinking about next season.

Valuable info. Hope to check out more superior posts later on.

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