Every year's a souvenir that slowly fades away

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

A scalper outside Progressive Field the other night was wearing the Tribe’s alternate blue jersey.

I didn’t think much of it, until I saw this gentleman turn around to reveal that the jersey bore the name and number of one Hector Luna.

luna.jpgNow, seeing somebody wearing an outdated jersey is not uncommon. I’m pretty sure you can walk through this ballpark on any given night and find someone still wearing a Vizquel or Lofton or even the occasional Thome jersey.

But Hector Luna? The guy who made about 15 errors while trying, unsuccessfully, to win the Indians’ utility infield job in Spring Training ’07? Who knew they even made such a jersey for public consumption?

I know the Indians ticket scalping market can’t exactly be bustling these days, but this guy needs to dole out a few bucks for a serious upgrade.

Might I suggest Mike Rouse?


  • Eric Wedge hasn’t even been relieved of his duties yet, and we’ve already had a favorite to replace him and, now, a name nixed from the search. Unfortunately for many Tribe fans, the favorite just so happens to be the name nixed, as FOXSports.com reported today that Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell has a clause in his contract that he cannot accept a managerial job elsewhere until after the 2010 season.
  • Farrell seemed to some to be a natural fit for the Tribe’s (likely) soon-to-be-vacant managerial post, because of his background as the farm director here from 2001-06 and the acclaim he’s earned in the industry for his work in Boston. The two sticking points with Ferrell were expected to be salary and his lack of managerial experience.
  • If the FOXSports.com report is accurate, that’s all moot now. And the Indians, who no doubt must be mentally lining up their options for Wedge’s replacement if they’re going to pull the trigger at season’s end, will have to look elsewhere. It seems a given that the Tribe would look outside the organization to fill the job.
  • Matt LaPorta (left hip inflammation) is back out of the lineup. Wedge said it was best to back off LaPorta because of the field conditions tonight. “We don’t want to risk losing him for the rest of the year,” Wedge said. Wedge said LaPorta won’t be at 100 percent for the rest of this season, and it sounds like it will be a few days before he’s ready to play in the field.
  • Joe Smith (left knee sprain) is scheduled to throw his third bullpen session Sunday. If all goes well, he could be ready to come off the DL, Wedge said.
  • That was a big outing for Jose Veras last night. Chris Perez had the night off, and Veras stepped up in the setup role. Since his Sept. 1 promotion from Columbus, Veras has allowed four runs, only one of which was earned, on six hits with three walks and 12 strikeouts over 9 2/3 innings in seven appearances. He’s pitching himself into consideration for next year’s bullpen, but the catch is that he’ll be arbitration-eligible.
  • If you’re wondering, the Tribe’s other arb-eligibles will be Kelly Shoppach, Anthony Reyes and Rafael Perez. Perez will likely be a Super 2. Smith will be close to Super 2 status, but he probably won’t make the cut.
  • After a dicey weather outlook, tonight’s game is about to get underway. Should the weather intervene again, my personal suggestion is that you find a way to tune in to watch the mighty Ohio Bobcats topple 21-point-favorite Tennessee. Upset special.
  • Finally, best of luck tomorrow to Tribe media relations director Bart Swain, who be participating in a Half Ironman competition. That’s a 1.2-mile swim, followed by a 56-mile bike, topped off with a 13.1-mile run. Sounds pretty easy, right?



Mike Rouse sounds alright. I personally would go with Lou Merloni, more of a fan favorite.

Or he could save a few bucks and get a two for one special… Jason Davis and Ramon Vazquez.

AC, there is no way that Foxsports.com report is true because just this last offseason, Pittsburgh wanted to talk to John and John turned them down. Now the signifigance of that could be the contract, but don’t you think it would have been mentioned then? How convientant Ken Rosenthal points this out when alot of teams are thinking about asking John Farrell for an interview this coming offseason. If it is true, and I am part of the Tribe, I do whatever it takes for the Red Sox to rip up that contract, give them money, whatever. But I make it perfectly clear that John Farrell is the man to lead the Tribe down the next road. Why? It’s simple, he knows this organization and he still knows alot of these players, he is someone familiar yet he will have a different approach than Wedge, because SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING!!!! You show the Red Sox that same aggressive apprach they used you to get the best hitter the Indians have had for quite some time, despite not giving up their top prospect. You don’t settle for less.


That is why Jeremy Sowers should never be considered a rotation spot next season. I would take David Huff as the 5th starter any day of the week over Jeremy. Like you said, Jeremy’s best position is a long reliever. He can get 4 shutout innings, but get bombarded in the 5th inning. I know David was learning on the job this year, but really what else can he learn in AAA that he wouldn’t have learned in Cleveland? I think this adversity will only make him stronger, that is why going into 2010 season my rotation would look like this

1. Westbrook
2. Laffey
3. Masterson
4. Carmona
5. Huff

I would make Jake number 1 for 2 reasons. 1. He’ll more than likely be traded, and he will be used for 2. innings. Now 3 and 4 spot you can flip flop, but I think Fausto can perform better in a non pressure situation, at least when the season starts, just like 2007. A big reason why he succeeded was because of the spot he had. He certainly can move to the 3 spot, but I certainly would have Laffey throw in between Jake and Fausto, regardless. And Huff would settle right in as a number 5 starter.

Jeremy Sowers is doing his best to earn that long relief job.
How many home runs could Jensen Lewis have given up if he made regular appearances?
Andy Marte appears to deserve chances on a regular basis.
I don’t think we’ll see Chris Gimenez again after this year.

that sucks, I was seriously going to write on here my prediction for Marte’s performance 1-3 with a HR but got distracted … Jordan Brown = the next Michael Aubrey, only better

That’s 3 games this year against the Orioles that the Indians would’ve lost were it not for Marte being in the lineup

You can’t forget about Ramon Vazquez, He’s my favorite….

No love for Alex Escobar?

Actually, working under the assumption that Jess Todd eventually translates to the majors from AAA and Wood gets dealt at some point next year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sowers AND Huff in the bullpen as middle relief, filling in the ‘pen with Todd, Sipp, Smith, Perez, and a last reliever to be named later.
Then, at mid-season, when my original rotation loses two starters (Westbrook is traded and Sowers to the bullpen), Carrasco and Rondon will get the call for the second half of next year.
If I’m right about any of this, I should get a cookie.

One thing to keep in mind, CG (if what I’ve read elsewhere is accurate), is that Sowers is out of options. It might not be fair, but given that next year will basically be extended tryouts for the 2011 squad, there’s a good chance Huff ends up in AAA simply because Sowers HAS to be on the major league squad. By that token, though, I would expect them to decide by mid-season whether he’ll stay a starter or move to long relief and, given my theoretical trade of Westbrook, would open up two spots in the rotation (although my theory suggests they wouldn’t give either to Huff or, if they do, it won’t be for long).

Maybe that WAS Luna’s jersey.

My girlfriend always wears her Omar jersey and I still have an Einar Diaz jersey, but it stays in the closet. I proudly wear my Sal Fasano jersey every chance I get. Check out this story about our favorite player, and hopefully next pitching coach !


Hector Luna jersey (personally, I’d go for the Joe Inglett jersey), talk about a bad investment, unless of course said scalper happened to be named Luna and loved the number 27 and unbeknownst to him that he was sporting the jersey of 3rd string utility player. Also a good chance it might have been Hector Luna himself.

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