9/14: Indians at Twins

Tonight’s 8:10 p.m. ET game at the Metrodome is on WTAM and STO.

UPDATE: Huber scratched and replaced by Tolbert.cle6.gif

INDIANS (61-81): CF Michael Brantley, 3B Jamey Carroll, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, RF Shin-Soo Choo, DH Jhonny Peralta, 2B Luis Valbuena, 1B Matt LaPorta, C Lou Marson, LF Trevor Crowe. LHP Jeremy Sowers (6-9, 4.78).



min5.gifTWINS (71-72):
RF Denard Span, SS Orlando Cabrera, C Joe Mauer, 1B Michael Cuddyer, 3B DH Brendan Harris, LF Delmon Young, DH Justin Huber 3B Matt Tolbert, CF Carlos Gomez, 2B Nick Punto. RHP Carl Pavano (12-11, 4.92).


I’m interested to see how LaPorta does at first tonight. Also, no Kubel or Morneau tonight. That’s good news for us.

Man, just had to get Carroll a start at 3B… it would have just been out of line to see Marte over there.

Seriously, AC, can you ask Wedge why Carroll is playing instead of any of the youngsters? Obviously, I’d prefer Marte at third, but even Romero makes more sense, yes?

I must disagree slightly about Carroll. I generally like him. To me, he is the best UTILITY infielder (and outfielder now) you could ask for. He can play the infield (minus 1B) and the corner outfield, and he is hitting .290 with good plate discipline. Granted, I’d like to see him as a UTILITY infielder, who gives guys a break, pinch hits, fills in for injured players, etc. Not take the place of guys like Valbuena or even Marte. I wouldn’t mind seeing him next year, as long as he stay in that role. He knows he is a utility guy. There is no shame in it.

jkrumwiede, Carroll’s great — but there’s no point in playing him NOW. In fact, playing him now actually hurts the team. Guys who are competing for jobs next year and beyond need to get time at this level. Playing Carroll takes starts away from them.
The only point in these games is to get the youngsters in. There’s no reason to play Carroll and plenty of reasons not to.

I don’t think Romero’s competing for a job LACF. I might take issue with not using this opportunity to slip Marte over to 3b, I guess they’re just giving him a day off. Laporta is the one who looks like he needs a day off though, not swinging the ball well at all lately. I didn’t think Marte had been swinging that bad, though nothing’s been falling for him either … nice to see Mr Sowers continuing to pitch well, even if the bullpen fell apart on him and cost him the win. One thing I noticed is Sowers was generally hitting 85-87 on the radar gun all game, but then in the 7th hitting 88-90. I wonder if he was intentionally going a little easier early on, to help get deeper into the game? Interesting though, last year it seemed every fastball he threw was exactly 91 mph, it’s good to see he’s at least varying the speed a bit

Wow, one would have thought that everyone caught my “Carroll should be riding the bench in lieu of youngsters” stance like it was the swine flu

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