"It's Feldman… from across the hall!"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

Am I the only one mildly amused that, at some point today, Feldman (aka, “Bizarro Kramer”) will be pitching to Niuman?

Just me? OK, let’s move on.


  • Grady Sizemore underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow this morning at the Cleveland Clinic. Team medical director Dr. Mark Schickendantz performed the 30-minute procedure, which addressed the inflammation in the elbow. Sizemore will have the second surgery to address his instable left abdominal wall in Philadelphia a week from today. Dr. Bill Meyers will perform that procedure.
  • Jamey Carroll is in the leadoff spot for the 16th time this season. He’s batting .367 (10-for-28) over his last eight games.
  • Carlos Carrasco, clearly, is still a work in progress. His fastball has consistently been up, and he’s not getting his secondary stuff over for strikes. The Indians hope his rapport with Lou Marson will help him in the long run. The two have a brotherly relationship. They got into a little bit of a tiff on the mound at Columbus last month, when Marson made a visit to the mound to rather emphatically tell Carrasco what pitch to throw. Marson told reporters earlier this week that he is tough on Carrasco, because he believes in his stuff and ability to succeed.
  • On the bright side, Carrasco did pick off two Rangers runners in the first two innings of Game 1 yesterday. “I saw them getting too far from the bag,” Carrasco said, “and Luis [Rivera] gave me the sign to throw over.”
  • Niuman Romero, called up to add depth to the middle infield, makes his first Major League start today… at first base? Romero played seven games at first with Columbus this season. He said he’s most comfortable at shortstop and third.
  • Andy Marte, in a 3-for-24 funk, is out of the lineup for the second straight game.
  • Switch-hitting Trevor Crowe, who has been limited in swinging from the left side in the wake of his right oblique strain, is in the starting lineup against a right-hander today. It’s his first start since his activation from the DL last week. UPDATE: Crowe batted from the right-hand side against Feldman today.
  • The Tribe is 1-7 against the Rangers this season. If Texas finishes off the three-game sweep today, it will mark the first time the Rangers have swept a three-game set in Cleveland since May 1992.
  • Ian Kinsler has hit safely in 21 of 23 career games against the Tribe, batting .364 (36-for-99).
  • The Pirates have clinched their 17th consecutive losing season since 1993. In that same span, the Indians have had 11 seasons in which they’ve finished with a .500 record or better. For that timeframe, the Indians’ total number of seasons at .500 or better equals that of the Tigers, Orioles, Brewers and Rays combined.
  • Right-hander Chen Chang Lee has been promoted to Double-A Akron from Class A Kinston for the Eastern League playoffs. Lee was signed out of Chinese Taipei last year and went 4-6 with two saves and a 3.35 ERA in 45 games out of the Kinston ‘pen this season. He struck out 97 batters in 83 1/3 innings pitched.


UPDATE: Here’s a great note from the Elias Sports Bureau: “You could have seen all 16,963 Indians games prior to Tuesday’s doubleheader with the Rangers and never seen what occurred in the opener. Cleveland scored in each of the last six innings but lost the game. It was the first such loss by an American League team since the Red Sox suffered a 22-13 loss to the White Sox in 1970.”

UPDATE No. 2: Asdrubal Cabrera was out of today’s lineup in part because Wedge felt he needed a couple days off (today combined with Thursday’s off day) and in part because he got spiked in the leg Tuesday night.


AC, sometimes I get the feeling that you like to provide not only the CC community (C-cubed perhaps?) but also me specifically with Jamey Carroll statistics

with Feldman on the mound today this game is already over in the bottom of the second

You forgot to mention that Marte broke out of his slump by going 2-5 yesterday. I don’t mind sitting him for a day, but if they were going to do so they should have had him play the 2nd half of the doubleheader. It’s looking like Carmona is a lost cause. I really hope they get a new pitching coach who might be able to actually help him … Amazing how quickly the Indians expose their fraudulent logic, two days since the player who shall not be named was not called up, and we’ve had Gimenez at 1b and Romero at 1b. Behold the future of the franchise … At this point, why is Gimenez even on the 40-man roster, much less the team? Is anyone really going to claim the guy hitting .150, who hit .230 in AAA? Do the Indians need, Toregas, Marson, AND Gimenez, when NONE of those guys are going to be catching when Santana’s called up midway through next year? The Indians like to say how all of these things go into their decision making which fans don’t know about, but why have the fans been right and the Indians wrong so many times? Everyone thought letting Brandon Philips go was idiotic when it happened, before he developed into a good player. I thought they should have given Guthrie a chance. I asked on this site last year why they were keeping a bunch of relief pitching stiffs on the roster instead of JD Martin, who was having a very good year at Akron, lo and behold Martin’s been pretty successful pitching for the Nationals (he’d technically be the 2nd best starting pitcher on the team after Laffey) … I really can’t take this team with Wedge at the helm. If he’s still the manager next year and they make the idiotic decisions this off season that I expect them to make, I’m going to stop paying attention to baseball

ST, I do not think that anyone would take Gimenez in the R5D if he were left unprotected but cannot say that same for Brown. As much as I do not want to envision it, the decisions of the organization IMO show that Eric Wedge may very well be back next year.

I make this assessment based on a comment Shapiro previously made about how the GM can and oftentimes does instruct the manager to utilize certain players in certain roles. And for LaPorta’s initial callup Wedge was not given an adamant decree from Shapiro to play him every day. It looks like the decisions are being made in concert with Wedge’s philosophy.

bradsmeyer, EASE yourself off my employer buddy. Staph infections and nosocomial infections are an unfortunate reality to medicine. The public tends to always blame the institution and granted some amount of accountability has to be acknowledged from them, but often it is the patient that unknowingly puts themselves in a bad situation

I think it would be an interesting study to start with AC’s blogs at the beginning of the year and read through them to now. Because I think he’s having a harder and harder time hiding his completely awe at the decisions this team has made — the Gimenez/Romero bit being the latest. I like it, though.
I don’t know that I’m any more concerned about Carmona now than I was before. Part of that is the fact that he’s clearly going to have to play winter ball to some extent, particularly if he’s changed his pitching style. The other part is that, in case we haven’t noticed, Texas has done a pretty great job of shelling ALL of our pitchers this year. All of them. Every single one. AC, what’s our starters’ ERA against Texas? Has one team every completely destroyed another team’s rotation the way the Rangers have? It’s unreal.
As for Wedge’s future, if they decide to keep him another year because they don’t want to eat the last year of his contract, AND they keep Peralta, I will be completely baffled. I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are making decisions based on finances, but if that’s the case then they should either stick to that plan or say they’re done with it. If they’re going to fork over nearly $12 million to hold on to Jhonny through 2011, then they can afford to spend $1 million to drop Wedge (and however much it costs to replace him).

T-Minus 2 weeks until we hear that Grady will be out for an extra year or so due to staff infection. Couldn’t he have had his surgery somewhere other than the Cleveland Clinic?

Ah yes LACF, I remember the innocent days of questioning why Dellucci was playing, and wondering when they were going to get rid of Masa Kobayashi and send Rafael Perez down. It’s weird, it really seems like Wedge lost his mind sometime over the past year. What started out as a quaint fondness for players like Casey Blake and Jamey Carroll turned into a full-fledged obsession with “grinders”. What started out as juggling lineups out of necessity in 2007 when Barfield was sucking and they picked up Kenny Lofton, and then the Martinez and Hafner injuries in ’08, turned into an obsession with constantly flipping guys around in the batting order for no apparent reason. Is there an MLB shrink we can send Wedge to?
Regarding Carmona, the problem is the quick regression. He was ok when he first came back up, but now he’s trending down again. I don’t see any change, except that he doesn’t throw as hard and seems to have less movement, and is much easier to hit. There’s “shelling”, and there’s throwing over 40 pitches to only get as many outs as you give up HRs, which is on a whole different level. The guys on STO, and AC, didn’t seem too impressed with Carrasco yesterday. But where does he rank on the pitching staff, right now? Behind Laffey for sure, behind Masterson, definitely ahead of Carmona, I saw more potential than I see from Huff but you have to rate Huff ahead now, Sowers is our long relief man next year… without Westbrook, Carrasco may be the 4th best pitcher on the staff, and even scarier, Huff, who now has the 3rd worst ERA in all of MLB for a someone with over 100 IP, ahead of only our boy Carmona and Manny Parra, is the 3rd best (we have the two highest ERAs in the AL on our staff, congrats)… I still say negotiate with Wood to convert him back to starting, unless relief pitching is 100% medically necessary for the guy. A lot of his command issues might be due to the sporadic nature of the bullpen, but moreover, what’s the point of even having a closer, if you’re pitching behind Huff, Carmona and Carrasco? … the recent roster moves and the regression of Carmona have made me reevaluate where I think this team stands. Battling for last place with KC seems the likely outcome for next year and beyond

ST, you’re right: it’s like some kind of mania that’s gotten progressively worse, with a steadfast determination to leave one guy and one guy only in the same spot no matter what: Grady MUST lead off!
As for next year’s rotation, I’m not worried too much just yet. I feel like we can put together a decent combination of five guys from a group of at least 10 (Carmona, Laffey, Masterson, Sowers, Huff, Carrasco, Pino, Rondon, Westbrook, and Scott Lewis), just given the fact that we’re still six months away. And who knows if we’ll pick anyone else up? I truly don’t we’re going to have a competitive rotation as far as winning the division is concerned, but I think we’ll have a group that can improve over a full year in the majors and be ready to compete in 2011, hopefully with contributions from the guys who end up in AAA next year.
I think both Wood’s physical limitations and contract will keep him as closer. I’ll be honest: I’m not sold on our bullpen for next year. While Sipp and C. Perez look great and a healthy Joe Smith can be solid, adding them to Wood only gives us 4 guys. Assuming one of the guys competing for the starting gig gets named to long relief, we still have at least 2 spots to fill in that bullpen, and guys like R. Perez, J. Lewis, and Todd have done nothing to make me believe they can contribute on a regular basis.

It depends on how things shake out, I guess. I certainly view them as having lots of guys with “potential”, probably my biggest concern is the current coaching staff’s complete inability to develop anyone who possesses it. I think the bullpen can be fine, as long as they don’t stick with their dogged determination to keep R Perez in there. I’d say Todd’s not going to be ready next year, and Perez is a lost cause, but Jensen Lewis can still get guys out, and someone else should work, like Gosling, or Rundles, or Steven Wright. Or course, trading Peralta for another quality reliever would go a long way towards helping here, but it certainly seems for whatever crazy reason they plan on keeping him (which is odd mostly because Peralta is not a Wedge guy at all) But instead of trading him, we’re going to have Peralta batting cleanup next year. Why? Only Wedge will know. Hafner would be better batting cleanup, he’s actually been fairly Hafneresque this year when he’s playing, better than ’07, and Sizemore when healthy is probably their best power hitter, but Wedge likes to bat Peralta, Mr. GIDP/SO and possessor of inconsistent power, 4th, and Sizemore 1st … speaking of which, I still like Sizemore in the cleanup spot next year. I’d revise my dream lineup to include realistic players only: Brantley, Cabrera, Choo, Sizemore, Hafner, Valbuena, Laporta, Peralta, Marson … you’d lose a little of the value of Sizemore’s speed on the bases batting him cleanup, but the guys who’d be getting on ahead of him can all run too, and when none of them get on, he’ll still be leading off the 2nd inning.

Yikes… Rangers got that very rare sweep : (

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/


I still believe in Rafael perez that he can help this team next season. This year is a wash, but last year he was pretty good too. He had a rough April, but when that slider came back, he was dominating. He may never have as good of a season as he did in 2007, but then again who else can be that good? I still say his biggest problem was particaiting in WBC, which is WHY Selig must move the WBC to November, and play in the warmer climate settings. Spring Training is very important for pitchers, more so than for any other position and Raffy needed to be here in Arizona getting his arm ready.

For my latest post on why the Indians suck and my thoughts visit


–Ted “TTW/T” —

Your employer or not, the staph infection cases out of the CC are at best alarming. That being said, I will not be at all shocked if/when Grady gets it.

Your employer or not, the staph infection cases out of the CC are at best alarming. That being said, I will not be at all shocked if/when Grady gets it.

ST, I like that line-up a lot, although, of course, Marte in Peralta’s spot would be nice.
I know it probably seems like we give Marte a lot of credit to be our every day third baseman next year, but I just feel like it would make more sense to hope that Marte/Hodges/Chisenhall pans out in the next two years than bank on Peralta continuing to hit for the next two years and then watch him walk away to free agency.
I’d be perfectly happy if we just finish above .500 next year, but only if we’re able to see the team come together and improve for 2011.

LACF, I also think the Tribe should wait for someone in the Marte/Hodges/Chisenhall trio to become their 3B rather than Peralta. Holding on to him really doesn’t make sense, at least past next summer’s trade deadline. And we mentioned this earlier, but baseball may be the only sport that I can watch the game and enjoy watching the young players do well, even if the team loses. If we win 70 games next year, but the young guys make big strides and start to come together as a strong team, I would be ecstatic.

Is this the first time that a team lost 3 games in less than 24 hours?

After this Romero fiasco, I’ve given up hoping for Marte. Marte makes too much sense for this team. He would have to hit like Albert Pujols over the next month to force the issue, being average to good won’t be good enough. Like AM said, I feel the Romero move proves that Shapiro has no plans to oust Wedge. I suppose Dolan could still mandate it, and hopefully he does. But if Wedge is here next year, we won’t get a chance to watch the young players come together as a team, because Laporta and Brantley will be platooning in LF (this or trading Choo would be my only possible explanations for not using their ample opportunities to play Laporta at 1b), Peralta will have 6 errors and a .219 BA on May 1, catcher will be a revolving door of Marson, Toregas and Gimenez, with Gimenez as Huff’s personal catcher, Marson Carrasco’s, and Toregas, the redheaded stepchild of the bunch, will get Carmona; Romero will be grinding at 1b, splitting his grinding with Carroll and Gimenez; Jordan Brown and Andy Marte will both sign with Baltimore, where combined with Aubrey and a re-energized Jeremy Guthrie, who wins the Cy Young over CC Sabathia, they will lead the Orioles to their first winning season since 1997, with Brown the unanimous choice for rookie of the year, with his .331 BA and 20 HRs (.515 against Cleveland) which more than makes up for his slightly sub-par but still better-than-Garko defense, and Marte will smack 35 HRs (3 of which come at Progressive Field) … meanwhile the Indians will grind their way down to last place in the division and 100 losses. See, there’s no reason to watch

ST, now that’s apathy

LACF, I will not get into a medical debate about how staph infections occur because it’s long, arduous and well yadda yadda yadda I’m really tired today.

And while I said that a medical institution has to acknowledge their own responsibilities you will not here about staph infections occurring at University Hospitals or Metro b/c they are not represented by major sports teams. Trust me, I see more broken protocol in my field to understand how, why, and where “the Standard Operating Procedure loop doesn’t get closed” thus leading to nosocomial infections. And you’re totally right, it is glaring However, it should be noted that the initial infections acquired by Bentley, Winslow, and Jurevicius all occurred at the Browns training facility, not the CC.

AM, that was L.A.CF, not me. Or LACF2, if you will.

What happened to Sowers’ start that was to be Friday? Injury we’ve not heard about or are they just leapfrogging him in the rotation? I suppose given the battering the bullpen has taken the last few days they could be leaving him as an option for long relief – any official word AC?

LACF, my apologies. I realized my mistake just now as I reread his comment only to see yours correctly inform me as well.

It’s been a while since I have commented. Graduate school is taking it’s usual toll, and left little time for anything more than reading and writing. Alas, reading and writing of a different nature.
However, did anyone else notice that Mujica is starting for San Diego today? In an unrelated thought, I haven’t been able to read many comments of late, but I must admit that I’ve been thinking lately, that perhaps Fausto Carmona’s 2007 season was more of an exception, rather than a new trend. While I think he does have the stuff needed to be a good pitcher, that is not the only thing that makes a good pitcher. Carmona seems to currently be lacking the presence of mind and cool nerves that we so desperately need of him. We are nearly two years removed from 2007, and what is left is nothing close to what we once was.
While there have been other problems with Carmona (hip injury, for example), I like to think the true problem for him is the pressure. When C.C. was here, he seemed to thrive behind the big guy. Even though the reemergence of Cliff Lee filled C.C.’s rotation spot, everyone was saying since the end of 2007, that Carmona was the key to the rotation and the success of the Indians. Is it the expectations that are bringing him down? Because, I think they will exist like they never have before in this coming offseason. What do you think?

jk, repost your blog address since I’ve seem to have lost it and cannot remember the initial posting title (from AC) when you presented us with it

additionally, my take on Carmona is that he had a Chuck Knoblaugh case of the yips. He’s lost it and the chance that he ever gets it back seems unlikely. To an outsider it will look as if the moment he got his payday he quick attempting to be the best he can be, which isn’t the case or else he would have been moaning about being demoted

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