Hello, Niuman!

The Indians made their last September callup Tuesday, and it’s a surprising one.

The Tribe purchased the contract of infielder Niuman Romero from Triple-A Columbus, presumably to provide added depth up the middle.

The switch-hitting Romero, 24, hit a combined .240 with 14 doubles, a triple, a homer, 35 RBIs and 47 runs scored in 115 games at Double-A Akron and Columbus.

Romero saw time at all four infield spots with the Clippers, including 58 games at short, eight at third, eight at second and seven at first.

Also, in an annual rite of September, Clippers manager Torey Lovullo will come up to join the coaching staff for the stretch run.

Meanwhile, Jordan Brown won the International League batting title with a .336 average, and he’s going home. Figure that one out.

The active roster is now at 32 and the 40-man is now at 39.


AC, what is the deal with Brown? I’ve never seen an article where anyone spoke with Shapiro or Wedge directly about why they ignore him. Don’t they actually have a need for a 1b/LF? And not have any need for Romero, another utility infielder? Calling up Barfield would make more sense than Romero. They can’t be using the excuse that Brown was injured, he’s hit over .330 since he returned and finished the year strong, hitting 3 HRs over the last couple games. Why don’t they call him up and rest Hafner early? I simply don’t understand how a guy can put up the numbers Brown has at every level in the minors and not be considered a top prospect. Why did they ever draft him? Again, Carolina League MVP, Eastern League MVP and batting champ, International League batting champ, it is IMPOSSIBLE to perform better than that

It’s an absolute joke to not give Brown an opportunity, or a simple reward for being one of, if not the best player in the International League this year.

Just when you think the Indians are going to do a better job of promoting prospects, they do this.

They still don’t have a clue on how to manage prospects.

Is anyone really all that surprised? Not to knock AC, but I was shocked he took the chance at guessing Brown yesterday, mostly because that was a choice that made sense.
My initial reaction? I feel really bad for Jordan Brown. At this point, he’s got to think he has no future with this organization (if he didn’t already think that).
Given this move, I’m going to stop beating this dead horse. Yes, it’s stupid. Yes, I disagree with how it’s being handled and I think the FO need to explain themselves. But he is very obviously not a part of the “plan” and I’m going to stop trying to fit him into it — unless they say he’s hurt again, which case he’s probably still not a part of the “plan.”

He’s not part of the plan at all, unless they’re simply showcasing Marte for another team as much as possible to add Brown after a Marte deal. My take… nope.

This article at least explains some of their “reasoning” for not calling up Brown:

I certainly question the logic, at bats are available simply through resting Travis Hafner, which seems like a good idea anyway. And having 4 catchers on the roster is idiotic in itself, not an excuse for not calling up Brown. As far as being ready defensively, practice makes perfect, does it not? Is it better to have the guy doing nothing, or on the team for another month taking ground balls before the game, or whatever, and getting a few opportunities to play at this level? After all, a lot of the defensive issue are probably of the Indians’ own doing, since he’s spent half of his career at one position and half at another … But I agree LACF, no reason to comment further on this after today. Though depending on how the off season shakes out, I may have to re-evaluate whether I should bother following this team going forward … it seems they have no clue

practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice make perfect. And apparently Brown is no where near perfect in the field according to AC’s report. I stand by my statement I made earlier in the day prior to the callup announcement: he will catch on elsewhere

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