Say it isn't so

By Anthony Castrovince/ hando.jpg

What better way to get pumped up for a day game than to blast the sweet soul melodies of Hall & Oates?

All right, I can think of roughly 1,394,193 better ways. But apparently, this was the best the Indians could come up with this morning, because the voices of Darryl Hall and John Oates blared through the speakers in the visiting clubhouse at Comerica Park, creating a disturbing mix of pop and jock.


  • We haven’t discussed the fate of Eric Wedge in these parts in a while, as the Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez trades took the heat off the beleaguered skipper. But there are conversations taking place in the Indians’ front office right now about the fate of Wedge and his coaches, and Wedge told reporters this morning that he expects some resolution by season’s end. “If they told me tomorrow that I’ll be back or that I’m not going to be back,” Wedge said, “I wouldn’t handle anything differently, either way. My job is to put us in the best position to be a better team, regardless.” Should be interesting to see what happens Oct. 5, if not earlier.
  • If you didn’t like the early returns on the Lee trade when Carlos Carrasco turned in a rough debut the other night, you won’t like the news that 19-year-old Jason Knapp will be shut down for two weeks as the Indians try to determine the extent of his right shoulder soreness. Head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff said Knapp had an MRI exam on the shoulder this week, and the club is “still in the process of gathering information.” Surgery has not yet been ruled out as an option. If Knapp is healthy enough to do so, he’ll probably pitch somewhere this winter to account for the innings he missed while on the DL at the time of the trade. He made four starts for Class A Lake County, but the shoulder trouble persisted.
  • Jhonny Peralta shunned the media after his three-error performance in last night’s loss. He said he was upset with himself and didn’t want to talk. This morning, he said he had put the rough game behind him, but he said third base is still an adjustment for him. “At shortstop, every groundball I knew how to move,” he said. “Third base is a little different. You don’t have time to think.”
  • For the record, that was the first time Peralta ever made three errors in a game. And as bad as the three errors were, he did make a tremendous diving stop of a ball hit by Brandon Inge in the fifth inning to prevent an extra-base hit. “I know I can be a good third baseman,” Peralta said.
  • The errors weren’t all that plagued Peralta last night. He also grounded into the game-ending double play. In fact, Peralta is making a late-season push for the GIDP title. He’s now grounded into 18 double plays, tied for the fifth-most in the AL. Only the Rays’ Evan Longoria (25), the Mariners’ Jose Lopez (20), the Red Sox’s Mike Lowell (19) and the Twins’ Orlando Cabrera (19) have more. The Twins’ Michael Cuddyer also has 18.
  • The Indians became the third team this season to log five errors in one game, joining the Mets and Giants.
  • Right-hander Jeanmar Gomez has been named the Eastern League Pitcher of the Year. Gomez went 10-4 with a 3.38 ERA in 21 starts this season and threw a perfect game in May.
  • Maybe I’m the only one who finds this remotely interesting, but the Indians’ first game after the CC Sabathia trade was here at Comerica Park, and this is also where both Matt LaPorta and Michael Brantley, the two key acquisitions in that trade, made their Major League debuts.
  • Wedge said he’s going to hold off on giving Brantley any starts in the leadoff spot, where he was accustomed to batting in the Minors, until he gets settled in. But it is possible down the stretch, particularly if Grady Sizemore gets shut down.
  • Finally, if you’re attending Saturday’s game against the Twins, be sure to visit the Indians Wives Association’s “Shirts off the Players’ Backs” silent auction, which will be taking place at Section 153 of Progressive Field. The auction, which will conclude at the top of the seventh inning, will feature game-worn jerseys from Indians players such as Sizemore, Peralta, Shin-Soo Choo, Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis Hafner. More than a dozen game-worn and autographed jerseys will be available, and proceeds benefit the Domestic Violence Center.



AC said, “On the other hand, viewing things primarily from a baseball standpoint, it’s clear that neither the ’08 nor ’09 teams gave up on Wedge and his staff after major trades, as the Indians played their best baseball down the stretch.”

Who freaking cares what the team did after the white flag was raised? When the games counted they underperformed.

AC said, “Between the injuries that besieged the ’08 team and the rampant ineffectiveness of the starting rotation and bullpen in the first half this season, Wedge wasn’t dealt the best of hands.”

Now you sound like Shapiro trying to spin excuses for Wedge’s poor performance. Six of the last 7 Wedge teams has underperformed their Pythag numbers. Meanwhile a good manager like Scioscia has outperformed his Pythag for 6 years straight. Wedge is not good at getting all of the ability out of players.

duane, I think you’re being too negative. You need to grind it out more.

per Eric Wedge: “I want to put us in the best position to be the best team we can be next year regardless of whether I’m here or not.”

I do not believe this statement for one second and IMO his managerial decisions have echoed my sentiments. Through late August as it started about the time we finished our 15-10 run, I think the fans could see that Wedge had drifted from a total developmental role to one of winning games to save his job. Those against Wedge are overly-critical of the guy and I admit that. Those in Wedge’s camp appear to have on blinders.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the guy. That much I will concede for the man who’s run our ship for 7 years.

LACF, good answer.

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