9/3: Indians at Tigers

Today’s 1:05 p.m. ET game at Comerica Park is on WTAM and STO.

cle2.gifINDIANS (58-74):
CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, DH Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Jhonny Peralta, RF Matt LaPorta, 1B Andy Marte, LF Michael Brantley, C Kelly Shoppach. RHP Fausto Carmona (3-9, 6.20).



det2.gifTIGERS (71-61):
CF Curtis Granderson, RF Clete Thomas, LF Carlos Guillen, 1B Miguel Cabrera, DH Aubrey Huff, C Alex Avila, 3B Brandon Inge, 2B Ramon Santiago, SS Adam Everett. LHP Nate Robertson (1-1, 6.84).


getting Jamey Carroll a start at 2B in favor of Luis Valbuena is a mistake. No one will convince me otherwise. We do not need to see a platoon situation next year at 2B with Valbuena and Donald despite any of the ‘versatilities’ or how well they ‘grind it out.’ Let Luis get some ABs against LHP this year to get him acclimated for next year b/c once again, he’s our future not a 36 y.o utility guy. Wedge does it again. I think he’s trying to manage for wins to save his job rather than what we were told the direction would be, which is developmental progression. Just my thoughts though.

Did everyone hear Wedge’s take on Peralta’s 3 errors? He emphatically stated that Peralta needs to be at 3B EVERY day to get used to seeing balls come off the bat from all angles and bounces. Meaning, we will not see Marte at 3B any time soon.

I agree, Valbuena needs to play every day. On the positive though, I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount of time Brantley’s getting. I still say work in Brown and Brantley and take out Grady and Hafner. We need to see if we have anything there for next year in those guys and to showcase them for other teams, too.

I am pretty indifferent about Valbuena sitting. I mean, it’s one day, and Carroll is a very good player. It’s not that big of a deal. And I second the thoughts on Brantley. It is great to see Marte, LaPorta, Brantley in the lineup.

I agree Valbuena needs to play everyday. I have been surprised with all the playing time Laport, Marte and Brantley are getting. We all know that once next year starts whoever is with the Tribe their will be a revolving door at those positions, and at second.

Wedge didn’t seem to concerned about all the errors after the game last night either.

“I mean, it’s one day, and Carroll is a very good player. It’s not that big of a deal.”

+1 I agree completely. People are way too quick to complain about their favorite youngster not getting playing time.

nm, I am not completely sold on Valbuena, not at all. That’s why I want to see him play against LHP b/c I don’t know if he can hit against them. He’s not my favorite youngster and my opinion revolves around the idea of who best serves this team for 2010 and beyond. Simply put, it’s not Jamey Carroll and whether or not he’s a good, quality veteran should have NO bearing on the subject IMO.

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