"Are you sure you don't have any metal on you? Bracelets? Rings? Anklets?"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

You know you’re in Detroit when you have to pass through a metal detector upon entering the media gate at the ballpark.

Keep on rockin’, Motor City!


  • You might have noticed that there’s been little rhyme or reason to the matchups of starting pitcher to starting catcher. That’s by design, apparently. “I’m trying to give different guys the opportunity to catch different guys and pitchers the chance to throw to different guys,” Eric Wedge said. “Sometimes you get locked into something [a la the Kelly Shoppach-Cliff Lee combo], but you’d rather not be that way.”
  • This will get even more complicated when Lou Marson presumably joins the club following Monday’s end to the Triple-A season. Wedge said if that’s the case, he’ll just pick his spots with his catchers.
  • Jason Knapp, the 19-year-old right-hander who was a key acquisition in the Cliff Lee trade, won’t pitch again this year. Knapp, who was on the disabled list at the time of the trade, is still battling shoulder soreness. He had an MRI exam on the shoulder last week, but the Indians are mum on the extent of the injury because Knapp had not signed the form authorizing the club to discuss his medical condition.
  • Nothing new on the Grady Sizemore situation, as obviously he’s in tonight’s lineup. If I had to guess (and it’s only a guess), I’d say the Indians make up their minds as to whether or not Sizemore will have elbow surgery before season’s end around the time Trevor Crowe gets activated off the DL. But we’ll see. “I see both sides [of the debate],” Sizemore said. “Every player wants to be out there and finish the season. But I understand the logic behind the conversation. They want to put me in a position to where I’m strong for next year.”
  • Wedge said Sizemore’s recovery would not be as slow and deliberate as Travis Hafner’s recovery from arthroscopic shoulder surgery last year. The Indians anticipate that Sizemore can be at full health by the start of Spring Training if they time this right.
  • Michael Brantley might have a little more leeway on the basepaths than the average September callup. After all, he did swipe 46 bags in Triple-A this year. “We’ve got the luxury of working off Spring Training and seeing his feel and his breaks,” Wedge said. “And we know what he was able to do in Triple-A. For a young player, he has very good feel.”
  • Brantley’s newest prized possession is the ball he swatted for his first Major League hit last night. “It’s going right up on my wall,” he said proudly, “and I’m going to keep it for the rest of my life.”
  • Andy Marte – he of the four homers in his last seven games – said two things have helped contribute to his strong season: a shorter stroke and better conditioning. “I feel more energy,” he said. And the increased playing time the last two weeks obviously helps, too.
  • Carl Pavano is the Twins’ probable starter for Friday night’s series opener at Progressive Field.
  • With Brantley and Carlos Carrasco making their debuts last night, the Indians have now used 50 players this season — 29 pitchers and 21 position players.
  • Akron Aeros manager Mike Saurbaugh was named Manager of the Year by the Double-A Eastern League. No surprise there. The Aeros, with a league-best 83-53 record, have clinched their fifth consecutive postseason berth. This is Saurbaugh’s second season at the helm.
  • The Aeros’ playoff schedule, by the way, begins Sept. 9, with divisional round games scheduled at 7:05 p.m. ET at Canal Park on Sept. 9, 10 and 13 (if necessary).
  • Victor Martinez trade acquisition Nick Hagadone makes his Class A Kinston debut tonight. He was 0-1 with a 2.45 ERA in five starts for Lake County.
  • John Meloan, who was traded by the Tribe and released by both the Rays and the Pirates, has latched on with the A’s, who plucked him off waivers and assigned him to Triple-A Sacramento. 
  • The Indians have homered in nine of their last 10 games.
  • The bullpen ERA over the last 21 games is 3.78.
  • Jhonny Peralta is the Tribe’s nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award, which is given annually to the MLB player who combines exceptional performance on the field with devoted work in the community. You can vote for the Clemente Award nominees at www.chevy.com/clemente.



I heard a rumor that Andy Marte also attributed his recent success to the support he received from the loyal “CastroTurf Commenters,” as they refused to give up on him when the going got tough, and filled his minds with positive vibes, as opposed to the negative vibes being transmitted from his skipper.

Too bad they didn’t bench Hafner and DH Peralta.


I wouldn’t doubt it buddy:

I wouldn’t doubt it.

Very funny though😉

I admire your sense of humor:

and Carrasco was held under too much pressure from the “CastroTurf commenters” as said on indians.mlb.com.

Wedge isn’t a bad guy:

I admire him.




I also heard a rumor that Marte’s recent success was due to grinding it out every day.
I just checked the Game Day, but can someone tell me what is going on with Jhonny? THREE errors? What happened?
Will I be crass enough to kick a guy while he’s down and wonder yet again why Marte doesn’t get any starts there? Apparently so.


Marte is a horror ride when it comes to playing third base.

If ya watched a few games you would know.

Marte is just lucky right now that he is getting the starts at 1B:

because he should be a DH.

But with Pronk in that spot:

Andy has to play first – or not at all.

That is why Andy isn’t a third basemen regularly.





Okay: Marte didn’t have bad numbers last year?

Its called I watch every game.

Although Jhonny isn’t smooth all of the time:

Marte isn’t half as fluid as he is.

Marte normally throws the ball high;

which required the first basemen to pick it for him – to save the error.

I could count a good four or five times Marte has gotten help:

last year. He just isn’t a good fielder; and if you expect him to keep up the hitting your wrong.

He isn’t good enough; yet!😉 I said YET.

He will come to a point where he will streak the whole year:

but he just isn’t the kind of guy that can do that yet.

Brantley has caught my eye.

He is 1-3 so far since I stopped watching the game with three line drives hit: well his base hit was past the third basemen:

Inge’s glove. So I would count that as a liner.

He is really hitting the ball well;

watch for him.




Booting the double play ball and then throwing the ball away which led to 2 runs, then grounding into a double play to end the game: this is exactly why I don’t want Peralta on the team in 2010. Brantley has looked very good, should’ve had 3 hits today if not for bad luck, and he hit another one hard yesterday that was right at someone

Based on what, Ted? And what games should I have been watching, exactly, where Marte was playing third in the majors?
According to the fine folks at ESPN, Marte played 80 games at third last season and committed 6 errors.
In comparison, Jhonny has started 77 games at third this year and has committed 10 errors — and I think that’s BEFORE tonight’s game.
I’m not sure what games I should be watching that would make those numbers different.

Indeed it was before tonight’s game. Jhonny now clocks in at 13 errors in 78 games at third this season vs. Marte’s last stint as third baseman in the majors, which was 6 errors in 80 games.
I honestly have no problems with Jhonny at third, aside from the contract situation and our plans for the future. But to suggest Marte is worse would seem to be inaccurate (and to insult me while doing so would seem to be bad manners).

I will not kick Peralta when he’s down b/c yesterday’s game was atrocious. However, I am still of the ilk that Hafner and Sizemore should be shutdown to get 100% healthy for 2010 if only so we can make the associated positional moves that I’m not going to mention again since we all know what they are.

I must admit that while we saw promising baseball during that 15-10 stretch run we encountered in August I am slightly glad that we regressed just a little bit in our post A.S. break record to 23-20. That LAST thing I wanted was another repeat of the 2008 season, thus giving the organization false hopes to therefore NOT make organizational changes after the season. Mark Shapiro already made that mistake after the 2007 season by not adding anyone in the off-season despite being one win away from the W.S. If we were to finish the second half of the season around .500 I will be encouraged for 2010 given the changes we’ve made.

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