9/2: Indians at Tigers

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game at Comerica Park is on WTAM and STO.

cle5.gifINDIANS (58-73): CF Grady Sizemore, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, RF Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Jhonny Peralta, DH Travis Hafner, 2B Luis Valbuena, 1B Andy Marte, LF Michael Brantley, C Wyatt Toregas. LHP Aaron Laffey (7-3, 3.40).



det.gifTIGERS (70-61): CF Ryan Raburn, 2B Placido Polanco, RF Magglio Ordonez, 1B Miguel Cabrera, DH Marcus Thames, 3B Brandon Inge, LF Wilkin Ramirez, C Gerald Laird, SS Adam Everett. RHP Rick Porcello (11-8, 4.27).


The tigers must be loaded if they got manny ramirez batting 7th haha

An emphatic thumbs down to LaPorta not being in the lineup. It’s absolutely true… shut down Grady, shut down Hafner, insert Brantley, insert Brown. Don’t mess around with LaPorta & Marte, keep them in there every day.

I’m okay to LaPorta not being in the line-up, just because I figured they’d give him a day off eventually. Here’s hoping that sticking Grady and Pronk in there is just a way of getting them a few more starts before the AAA season ends and they both get pulled.
And, yeah, that Tigers team is LOADED!

I agree Roger. Let Grady get his surgery and rehab out of the way and give Hafner his time to rest, Rehab, whatever you want to call it. That way both are healthy and ready to go for next season. I want to see Brantley, Laporta, Marte and Valbuena play everyday. It doesn’t seem that Brown is part of the future.. Plus we already have a ton of outfielders to sort out. Unless they get rid of Peralta and shift Marte back to third and LaPorta to first, but then we have Brantley. (If Brantley is ready.. he may not be.)

09, I think there’s room to work Brown in, particularly if they sit both Grady AND Pronk. AC’s last entry also said they’d be resting Choo more, so we’re looking at an entire outfield and a DH spot for Crowe, LaPorta, Brantley, and Brown. They should be able to mix that up, maybe even let Marte DH every once in a while to get LaPorta time at first.
Ted, I disagree about Masterson, and I actually felt the same way as you when we first got him. But watching him pitch, I think he has the stuff, and I believe Shapiro WANTS him to start. There’s still room for Rondon to have a shot in the rotation next year.
Honestly, I don’t know there if there’s much Masterson could do between now and the spring to lose that spot.
Rondon’s start in AAA tonight might determine if he gets a shot in September. Pino’s in line for another start in AAA before their season ends, so he might have a chance at getting a major league start if he pitches well again — that’s my view, anyway.
I’m not sold on Todd in the bullpen, but I am (quite clearly) sold on Chris Perez, Joe Smith, Tony Sipp, and Kerry Wood (although not as sold as I’d like to be). I think adding Jeremy Sowers to that core as long relief would be a nice group to work with going forward.

Castroturf commenters:

It is great to see Brantley in the lineup again.

His speed really makes a normal team:

into a fast and above average team that can run on you whenever they want.

Choo; Grady; Cabrera; Valbuena; Crow; and Brantley now:

can all steal a few bases. The speed factor is there.

I just hope we get a few steal attempts here and there.

Masterson isn’t going to be in the starting rotation next year:

no matter what happens.

He is a relief pitcher; and will go to the bullpen

and get time there.

I think that Rondon will take his spot in the rotation:

if he gets a shot during Sept call – ups.

It should be a fun rest of the year:

and should really give us a heads up on next year.

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and everyone have a great rest of the year.



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