9/1: Indians at Tigers

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game will be broadcast on WTAM and STO.

Carlos Carrasco and Michael Brantley are making their big-league debuts.

cle4.gifINDIANS (58-72):
CF Grady Sizemore, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, DH Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Jhonny Peralta, 2B Luis Valbuena, RF Matt LaPorta, 1B Andy Marte, C Kelly Shoppach, LF Michael Brantley. RHP Carlos Carrasco (debut).



det3.gifTIGERS (69-61):
CF Curtis Granderson, 2B Placido Polanco, LF Carlos Guillen, 1B Miguel Cabrera, RF Magglio Ordonez, DH Aubrey Huff, 3B Brandon Inge, C Gerald Laird, SS Adam Everett. RHP Edwin Jackson (10-6, 2.96).


Valbuena batting 5th? Why don’t we bump the man down to 7th or 8th? I really do like him and think he could be a very good ballplayer, but 5th? Come on. Once we get Marson into that lineup at the catcher spot, and potentially moving a couple people around to accomodate Jordan Brown (meaning Sizemore shut down), that lineup will be pure position battle gold.

Yeah, the LaPorta/Marte comb at 5 and 6 would seem to make more sense, but it looks like Wedge wants to keep the Valbuena/LaPorta/Marte order together.
And it would be impossible to look at this line-up and not wonder why Shoppach is in there. If they DON’T bring him back (and I have no idea why they would, all things considered) then this is a really, really stupid move.
But I’m becoming used to that.

both duane and dorn are probably right, but more so duane. They gave to have him in there to keep Carrasco comfortable. VERY excited to watch tonight’s game.

I suspect that Shoppach is catching because Carrasco is making his ML debut. They probably wanted a vet catcher for him this time.

Shoppach is catching because they want him to catch fire for the month and bump up his stats. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s moved in the offseason with Marson taking over the duties until he’s relegated to Santana’s backup.

LACF, I see what you are saying, and that may be a good way to go for the couple starts Carrasco has left this year; but in a kid’s first ML start, he is going to be pretty amped up, and a veteran catcher like Shop has more experience with calling games at this level, and he has seen plenty of the Tigers’ lineup. I am curious about Shop’s contractual situation too. If AC or anyone else coule enlighten me, it would be much appreciated.

And how the hell did dorn just post at 5:54? It is only 5:42. I call bush league.

Do they have the option of dealing Shoppach after this year, though? I didn’t think he was under their control after this year.


You are correct:

Shoppach will be out of his job when Marson gets call up — and then will probably be traded when Santana comes up next year, or two.

Santana is a true hitting catcher hitting .290 with 21 HR and 93 RBI at AA Akron:

and is showing me he can play! He has an absolute gun:

and can throw out any runner who steals.

I wanna see if his numbers in AAA where he will play next year:

will be similar.

I don’t agree though what you said about his stats.

The reason Shoppach is in:

is because he is better than Toregas and Giminez:

and the fact that a guy who has caught at the MLB level in this case Shoppach is catching a new MLB pitcher.

He can help him through the game.

Happy September!!



Latest Tweet from TribeInsider:
There is something seriously wrong if we don’t see Brown when the Clippers’ season ends.

I would argue that they should be starting Toregas. If Marson’s our starter for next year, Toregas seems like a likely back-up. So why not get Carrasco used to pitching to the back-up? Chances are better he throws to Toregas next year than to Shoppach (but that’s an assumption on my part).
Besides, we still haven’t seen what Toregas can do.

Shoppach’s arbitration eligible, but still under our control.

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