"Even Rocky had a montage!"

By Anthony Castrovince/MLB.com

Mother Nature must have a magnet schedule.

The Indians have had a lot of rain this season, but not a single rainout. This morning, I thought that streak was destined to end, as it was coming down enough to fill those outfield fountains at Kauffman Stadium. Sure enough, the rain held off just in time for the grounds crew to clear the tarp and prep the field, and it now looks like we’re on schedule for the 2:10 p.m. ET first pitch.

The only thing off-schedule today was the arrival of the Tribe’s team bus, which was sideswiped by a vehicle that hydroplaned on Blue Parkway, not far from the ballpark. Eight players and assistant GM John Mirabelli waited for town cars to arrive to take them to Kauffman. No one was hurt, and, unlike in 2004, no one was shot.

If that’s not enough minutiae (plural) for you, here’s the rest.


  • September callups are coming. Who’s coming up? Well, Carlos Carrasco and Lou Marson, for sure. Hector Rondon is a possibility, if the Tribe goes with a six-man rotation in September. Jordan Brown, if he fully recovers from the shoulder injury that recently landed him on the DL, could get a look in left field. Greg Aquino and Jose Veras have been pitching well since their demotion to Triple-A, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Indians give them another look. Jason Donald probably would have been a callup, had he not recently gone on the DL with back spasms.
  • Regarding Brown, who recently returned to the Columbus lineup, the Indians have made the decision to leave him in left field, where he has more of a potential future in this organization.
  • The Indians rank third in the league in strikeouts, with 943. They trail the Rangers (984) and Rays (976). The Rangers might be uncatchable, but after last night’s performance, the Indians are almost within a whiff (pun intended) of second place. Go get ’em, men.
  • Justin Masterson threw 110 pitches against the Angels last week, which seemed odd, considering it was just his third start since converting from relief work. On Tuesday night, Wedge evened things out a bit by pulling Masterson after 98 pitches. Masterson said he’s holding up well physically, and he still felt strong when he was pulled against the Royals. “The Lord’s blessed me with a big old body,” he said proudly.
  • Here’s the worry with Masterson: right-handers are batting just .125 (5-for-40, three walks, 10 strikeouts), but left-handers are hitting .354 (17-for-48, 10 walks, eight strikeouts). Are the Indians concerned? “I think he’s going to be OK,” Wedge said. “That changeup is a good pitch for him. He used it more as [Tuesday’s] game wore on, and it helped him. He’s a smart kid, and he’s very aware of what he’s doing out there. I see a lot of encouraging things with him.”
  • The changeup, remember, is the pitch the Indians wanted Masterson to work on as he transitioned to starting work. He used it more as Tuesday’s game went on, and his outing improved as he did so.
  • In my limited exposure to Masterson so far, he seems like an outstanding guy. But he also has this weird habit of addressing himself as “we.” Last night, for instance, it was, “We fell behind in the count.” Now, he could be talking about himself and the catcher, but he uses it so often that it can be a bit disconcerting. I’m 99.9 percent certain he doesn’t have split personalities and is speaking on both of their behalves, but all the “we” usage accounts has to account for at least a fraction of a percentage point of doubt.
  • Mirabelli talked about some of the recent trade acquisitions. Carrasco, he said, has come a long way from last summer, when Mirabelli felt he didn’t trust his fastball enough. “He’s all business on the mound,” said Mirabelli, who watched Carrasco last week. “His body language and the way he gets after it, I like it.”
  • Mirabelli said Jason Knapp will have to work on his changeup to emerge as a Major League starter. Obviously, Knapp is just a kid, so he has time to tinker with it. The guy that really stands out to Mirabelli at Lake County is Nick Hagadone, who is consistently at 94 mph and can touch 98. “He has a chance to be real special,” Mirabelli said. “He’s going to need some length and some innings [after Tommy John surgery in 2008], but I can see him coming real quick.”
  • Bryan Price, who has struggled some at Class A Kinston, was a reliever at Rice who is trying to make the conversion to starting. If it doesn’t work out (namely, if he doesn’t develop a changeup), the Indians could move him back to relief.
  • Luis Valbuena has an eight-game hitting streak in which he’s batting .367 with three homers and seven RBIs.
  • Former MLB.com and Indians.com senior writer Justice B. Hill has launched a blog with commentary about the world of sports. You can check that out here.
  • Before today’s game, the in-house sound system at Kauffman played “Sports Training Montage” from “South Park.” That’s awesome. Much better than the Nickelback we’re saddled with back home.
  • I’m not making the trip to Baltimore, so I’ll catch up with you next week in Motown.



So is this Huffs last start? I think we’ve seen enough of the good and enough of the bad from him so far to get a solid idea. He can seriously compete for a rotation spot next year. Let’s see some new guys, though.

I was living in KS in ’04, and remember that happening. Maybe they aren’t coincidence? 🙂 I googled Kyle Denney to see where he ended up, and it appears to be nowhere. Do you have any insight?

Yeah, nm, I think AC mentioned that Huff’s innings pitched will have him out of the rotation soon. And while it WAS the Royals today, he pitched well enough to deserve a look next year, I think.
And I’m seriously beginning to think this season might have been worth it just to get Chris freaking Perez. That guy is unreal.
And I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I just feel like LaPorta and Marte feed off each other. Marte goes yard yesterday, LaPorta today. I would be thrilled to see them on the corners in the future, particularly if it means getting Brown some time in the outfield!

Hopefully this is Huff’s last start, but it sounds like he’s getting at least one more. Curious why Carrasco is a definite September callup, while Rondon is a “maybe. Rondon’s done about all he can do in the minors, and has pitched much better than Carrasco … Westbrook, Laffey, Carmona, Masterson, Sowers, Rondon, Carrasco, Huff … that will be a lot of guys trying to get the final spot(s) next year, even if Westbrook doesn’t return, so they better get a start on these evaluations. Huff is probably the last one on that list I’d want to see in the opening day rotation, and if Westbrook’s in there, I don’t see how, barring other injuries, Huff could possibly make the rotation. If Rondon and/or Carrasco perform well in spring training then maybe Sowers to the bullpen, otherwise, sub Westbrook for Huff, and the current rotation is probably next year’s opening rotation

I think they’re just trying to be careful with Rondon. Yes, he’s pitched really well in AAA, but he’s only pitched a handful of games — I don’t think any team has seen him more than once. I can understand why they’d be concerned that his stuff either won’t translate or he won’t be able adjust to major league hitters who will adjust to him quickly — unlike minor leaguers. So far, he hasn’t had to do that.
Carrasco, on the other hand, has had more time to develop and seems to be peaking at the right moment.
I think Sowers in the bullpen as long relief next year is the way to go. I would go with Carmona, Laffey, Masterson, Westbrook, and whoever wins the battle among Carrasco, Huff, Rondon, and even Scott Lewis, although I’m sure Sowers will be competing for that spot, too. Not to bad, to have five guys competing for one spot, but we were in similar shape this year, and that didn’t work out too well.

The “Royal we”…”I”

I really like what I have seen out of Huff this year. This is his first year pitching in the bigs, and he has handled it well. I still feel that he will be in the rotation next year. Masterson and Laffey look to be good starters, and I am hoping Carmona can continue to return to form. Who knows what will come of Westbrook’s injury, but at least one of those other guys (Carrasco, Rondon, Lewis, and Sowers) has to turn out to be a legit starter. I wouldn’t bet on Sowers though. I feel like this could be a good rotation next year, but like LACF said, I was optimistic about 2009, too. I better stop now, I am letting myself get excited about next year again. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Oh well, must be a Cleveland thing.

hmm, not to rain on your parade pigeon, but I’m not sure what you like about a 1.68 WHIP and 49 SOs in 101 innings. Huff had a ok June, and an awful every other month. Of course, I also think the Indians definitely should compete next year, but I’m thinking upgrade over Huff. And why does everyone hate on Sowers so much? Even with his bad innings, his overall numbers have been very good since he was called up this last time, and he’s been completely dominant for the majority of innings he’s pitched. On the year, his WHIP’s about the same as Laffey’s. He’s certainly pitched well enough that I’d be happy with him as the 5th starter, all he has to do is duplicate his “success” from this year. I do like the idea of him as a reliever because it takes the problem of the bad innings out of the equation, if he can dominate 4 out of every 5 outings as a reliever, that’s great, but only if there’s a better option as 5th starter, obviously. I wonder how Carrasco would translate to the bullpen as well, I take it he must suffer from the same disease Sowers does on a AAA level, his WHIP and strikeout numbers are excellent, doesn’t really make sense that his ERA is as high as it is with those numbers.

I think that’s the other reason they’re being careful with Rondon; I think they see him as the potential ace of this staff come 2011, so they don’t want to rush him through the system just for next year.
Because, as great as Carmona can be, the rotations we keep suggesting don’t have an ace, not yet, anyway.

I suppose, though Rondon doesn’t necessarily have any potential ace-like qualities that Carrasco and Carmona don’t. The winning teams of the ’90s never had an ace, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this lack. Aces can be overrated, the Indians had the best two pitchers in the league on their staff for the past 2 years, and it didn’t get them too far. Kind of like me whenever I have pockets aces, always getting burned by some dude who calls with like 9s and pulls another 9 out of his *** on the river … I definitely think the pitching staff as a whole, starters and relievers, is better now, even without Lee, and will be better opening day next year than it was opening day this year, barring injuries. They win 10 more games easy just with healthy Joe Smith and Chris Perez instead of Kobayashi and Betancourt.

ST, if anyone ever asked me why the teams from the 90’s never won a championship, my answer would be easy: no ace. I think rotations need that big gun, not just as a stopper for losing streaks, but as an example for the rest of the rotation.
Carrasco’s ERA is high because, from what I’ve read, his mechanics changed or some such. I guess he was great in AAA, then something happened and suddenly he was getting shelled. Again, from what I’ve read, he’s adjusted since coming over to Cleveland; his last three starts have all been really good.
Aside from being able to avoid that dreaded 5th inning, I also like the idea of moving Sowers to the bullpen because it gives us a lefty for long relief to go with Sipp as our lefty set up guy (I have no faith in R. Perez ever returning to form, which makes me sad to type).
I’m actually really interested to see what Scott Lewis is able to put together as he gets healthy.

Jeremy Sowers better not be on next season’s starting staff. If this organization doesn’t see that his best role on this team would be a long reliever, then they truly are clueless.

I’d say the reason they didn’t win a championship is they didn’t have much starting pitching, period. And they scored less than 2 runs a game against Atlanta. The reason they didn’t win a championship in 2007 of course, is because their ace(s) folded under pressure … I’d like to see Sowers as a long reliever too, however, if it comes down to a final spot being considered and Rondon and Carrasco aren’t in the running, and it’s between Sowers or Huff, under what scenario do you go with Huff? Huff would have to be showing something that he has yet to show this year. Also, I’m a little confused about the math regarding Huff being pulled from the rotation, if he’s thrown 140 innings and they’re capping him at 160-170, that means he’ll go out there 4-6 more times, unless they’re either counting on him suddenly pitching 3 complete games when he’s been averaging 5 innings a start, or they figure they’re going to make the playoffs. So when exactly does this allow them to get a look at Carrasco and Rondon? The last week of the season? … I don’t think under any scenario that Scott Lewis is in the competition, he basically hasn’t pitched at all this year, and seems to have more pains in his arm than he has arms

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again, the one thing Huff has shown so far is he is able to turn things around and NOT let that 1 inning get to him. I know his ERA is high, but I can say this, he wasn’t ready to contribute in the Majors when he got called up so he is certainly on the job training now. But what doesn’t kill him will make him stronger. Savage, can you honestly say that about Sowers? Honestly? The guy hasn’t adjusted yet since his 2007 debacle. True, we’re not sure about Huff yet, but I can guarentee you Sowers now has a track record and that track record is he can’t go past 5 innings. Jeremy is a long reliever, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s the best way for him to find true success in the Major leagues.

I’ll second cantonguy on Huff, if for no other reason than he was called up way earlier than he should have been. The man never got a chance to adjust to AAA before being throw into the majors. I think there’s a good chance he comes into spring training next year a step up. I think he’s got a shot.
I also think Carrasco and Rondon both have shots, even if Carrasco gets the call in September and Rondon doesn’t.
It might be better if Huff gets the last spot, as opposed to possibly rushing Carrasco and Rondon. Their numbers with Columbus (since they’ve each gotten there) have been pretty impressive. They look like they have a LOT of potential, even more than Huff. I’d be willing to wait another year for them to mature, given how high their ceilings seem to be.

Sowers is averaging over 6.5 innings a start with a sub 4 ERA since he was called back up after the All Star break. Those are good numbers, whether he’s giving up his runs all in one inning or a run here and a run there. I don’t know that Sowers has a track record. His first year, he was very good, then, the next year he was terrible, this year, he’s had his good and bad moments, usually coming in the same start, and it seems he’s had more good moments as the season’s gone on. So, I’ve seen improvement from Sowers, and none from Huff.

I don’t have it out for Sowers or anything, I just think that Huff has been an average pitcher in his first exposure to the big leagues, and Sowers has been average in extended exposure to the big leagues. I don’t particularly care who they go with, but Huff has learned pretty fast. But I agree with savagetruth as far as the starts for Rondon and Carrasco. I am just not seeing where their starts will come in. And as far as relief goes, Perez is out of control right now. And Todd seems to be legit too, so great trade there. I am curious to see if Veras or Aquino will be with us next year, and I would love to see Jensesn get his s**t together. A lot of questions marks still, but we now have a lot of pieces to try to find the answers.

Huff has been inconsistent, sure, but I think the big numbers are these:
Sowers: 373.1 IP in the majors
Huff: 95.1 IP in the majors
Sowers is what he is. He’s not a prospect anymore. He’s started nearly two seasons worth of games at this point.
Huff, on the flip side, has only started 18 games in the majors.
Basically, the room for improvement appears to be greater for Huff. Sowers may very well have room for improvement (and I include consistency in “improvement”), but that would then beg the question: when is it going to happen, if it hasn’t happened yet?

yeah, I’m not saying Huff’s never going to be any good. He was called up too early out of necessity, he wasn’t doing all that great in AAA, after all. I’m just saying the way Sowers has been pitching this year, I’d be totally comfortable with him as the 5th starter next year, even if he didn’t improve at all. Huff on the other hand would need to greatly improve. Sowers’ ERA every month except May is around 4.5, and he’s going 6 innings pretty much every time out. Huff’s ERA by month May to August: 10.97, 4.84, 6.6, 8.38. He has some pretty brutal numbers, .320 average, .898 OPS (Sowers OPS, .728. I checked AL pitchers with minimum 80 innings, Sowers is actually 27th in this category, right above Andy Pettitte. Dead last on that list: David Huff). And other than his ok June, those numbers have been consistently bad … Anyway, I don’t actually mean to bash Huff, I’m just wondering why they’re stringing him out rather than giving the other young guys a look now, or two weeks ago. Huff obviously needs to improve a lot if he’s going to make the team next year, and I doubt that improvement’s going to come over the next month, so it’s better if they can see what Rondon and Carrasco can do against major league pitching now. Otherwise there’s no way to tell if they are farther along then Huff or not, and the only way anyone is going to beat out Sowers is if they are significantly better than ’09 Huff


I have seen David Huff pitch 3 times this season and here are his numbers.

St. Louis: 7 2/3 innings, 1 ER, won the game
Oakland: 6 innings, 2 ER, won the game
Seattle: 5 innings, 3 ER, lost the game.

He has given up 6 ER in 18 2/3 innings, that is less than a 3.00 ERA, and he is 2-1. So you tell me, how can he improve those numbers? Jeremy, as a starter cannot come close to what Huff had done just in those 3 starts I have seen him live. There is no reason to have Sowers start next season, and there is nothing wrong with being a long man. Again, this guy can’t pitch 5 shutout innings, Huff can.

One of the guys who does in-game programming for the Royals is a friend of a friend, I’ve passed along your compliments on the south park thing.

cantonguy, you may have happened to see Huff in three of his best games of the year then, are you ignoring every other start? Though I actually can’t find games that exactly match the StL and Oak, I see June 3rd against Oakland, 6 IPs 3 ERs, and June 12th against StL, 7.1 and 3 ERs. As I said, he had an ok June, with one really good game against Pittsburgh (which is kind of like pitching at AAA). How about his last 5 games: 4.2 IP 7 ERs, 6.1 IP 4 ERs, 5 IP 2 ERs, 3.1 IP 5 ERs, 6 IP 2 ERs. So he’s gone under 5 twice and over 5 twice, with 6 1/3 the best outing. Now let’s try Sowers, 6 IP 2 ERs, 7 IP 2 ERs, 5.1 IP 4 ERs, 6.2 IP 3 ERs, 7 IP 5 ERs. He’s gone over 5 innings every time, and over 6 three of his past 5 starts. His start before that, 7 IP 0 ERs. I mean, numbers don’t lie, Huff averages 5 innings a start, Sowers averages 6, and his ERA is almost 2 runs higher. I didn’t know this before I checked the stats, but Huff has actually been THE WORST PITCHER IN ALL OF MLB with 80 IPs (135th), the only pitcher with a (slightly) worse ERA is Andy Sonnastine (Huff has THE worst ERA with 100 IP), and the only pitcher with a worse OPS against is Jeff Suppan (Suppan’s ERA is only 5.38 though). So, you are saying you want the WORST pitcher in all of MLB in 2009 to win a spot on the Indians rotation next year? Me, I’m hoping Carrasco and Rondon both do MUCH better than Huff, but we’ll never know as long as Wedge keeps throwing Huff out there

ST, I don’t think anyone would list Huff as their preferred choice of #5 starter; as I said earlier, I think both Carrasco and Rondon have higher ceilings.
And I don’t think it’s a matter of people thinking Huff is amazing so much as people having no faith in Jeremy Sowers. And why should we? Too many times he’s strung together a few quality outings, only to fall back on bad habits again.
Here’s another way to put it: David could MAINTAIN his current ERA (not improve, which is saying something, as it’s 6.57) for another 54 innings and he’d be only a bit higher than Sowers was after 2007 (6.42).
That said, Sowers’ biggest enemy is himself. I’m looking at his career stats right now and I think he blew it for himself by having a flukey 2006. I don’t think the results he got that year were indicative of the type of pitcher he truly is.
In fact, he’s trending better, something that gets ignored because even better is still substantially worse than his rookie season. But his ERA, WHIP, and BAA have all gone down each of the last three seasons, so maybe he DOES have something left.
I just think most people have more optimism for Huff because he was called up too soon and hasn’t been around as long — which means he hasn’t disappointed us as much.

Why is Toregas even on the roster? Are we worried we won’t meet our strike out quota if we play him?

And speaking of fragile egos, are we worried about Jhonny’s now? We give him a day off and we DON’T play Marte over there?

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the lineup LACF. Shoppach’s been slumping big time over the past week or so, and for some reason his slump has induced MORE playing time … regarding the Sowers/Huff debate, which has gone on too long but is still somewhat amusing to me, do you really think Sowers has been that bad this year? I always feel they have a chance when he pitches, I don’t feel that way about Huff. I think Sowers’ starts seem worse than they are, because he’s always cruising along, and then he has one terrible inning, and people just remember the terrible inning, even if he puts up 0s for two more innings afterward. If you look at his game log, outside of his first 2 starts of the year, he’s been decent, usually going 6-7 innings and not giving up more than 4 runs. The problem is that the offense usually only scores 2 runs when he loses. For some reason with Huff, on the other hand, people seem to have a perception that he’s done better than he has, someone said he’s been “average” this year. I didn’t think he was average, but I also didn’t realize that I’d been watching the worst pitcher in MLB this year, which is inarguably the case after I looked closer at his numbers.

I guess since they’re not playing Marte at 3b at all, they don’t plan on trading Peralta? That would be so weird. Lee was to get $8 million in 2010, and Peralta $4.6 if I’m not mistaken, so they could’ve kept Lee and traded Peralta and only lost out on $3.4 million. $3.4 million for possibly the best pitcher in baseball?

Here you go, ST:
“I think Sowers’ starts seem worse than they are, because he’s always cruising along, and then he has one terrible inning, and people just remember the terrible inning, even if he puts up 0s for two more innings afterward.”
Which is why most people think he could thrive as long relief, a position this team is actually in dire need of. Also — and this is off the top of my head — I don’t think he usually puts up 0’s AFTER giving up a big inning. I think he usually comes out after the big inning which, again, would suggest a good future as a long reliever.

Andy “misses mistakes” Marte strikes again

Carrasco with another quality start for Columbus tonight:
7 IP, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 SO.
His ERA with Columbus is now 3.19, two runs lower than it was Lehigh Valley. It would seem like he’s figured something out since coming over.

Seriously, the LaPorta/Marte combo is DANGEROUS.
I really, really wish he’d gotten the start at third tonight. I know it’s WAY premature, but the idea of Marte and LaPorta on the corners…that just makes me happy.

So, 12 for 29 (.410) with 8 RBI and 2 HR for Marte since he started playing every day.
LaPorta’s 10 for 30 (.333) with 5 RBI and 1 HR since being called up and *gasp* playing every day.
September could be annoying…

The idea of Peralta and LaPorta on the corners makes me much happier.

Wow, I apologize for not giving you the EXACT stats Savage, forgive me. But maybe I like Huff because I have seen him throw 5 starts in the last 2 years (2 in Akron last year and 3 in Cleveland this year). There is no question he has to improve, but again, seeing his 5 starts he has thrown, and even some of those games he has thrown, where Wedge has left him in there too long. I remember a game against the Angels, he had a 3-2 lead going into the 8th inning, he had thrown I believe 105 pitches and looked like he was through. In fact, silly me, I thought Wedge was going to get Sipp or Joe Smith to throw in the 8th inning so Huff can be in line to win the game. But Wedge left him out there, and needless to say he gave up 2 more runs to lose the ball game. Now that might not mean much on the surface, but it certainly put a damper in that line. 7+ innings, 4 ER and losing the game. But I like how he survives, and to me has earned that 5 spot next year. However, as long as he gets a fair shot at it in spring training, then he will get it, and he WILL improve. Now I would love to see Rondon and Carrasco, but to say Huff is the worst pitcher in the Majors is ridiculous. Don’t look at the stats, look at what he has done start by start.

kevindean, as much as I would like some clarity on the positional situation, I don’t think either of us is going to get our wish. Given that
a) Jordan Brown is injury prone
b) Trevor Crowe seems destined for 4th OF duty
c) Brantley isn’t quite ready for the majors yet
I think it’s more likely we’ll see LaPorta in LF and Marte at first next year, assuming they keep Peralta.
I have to say, though, the idea of being able to lock down a quality infield for the next, say, four years is appealing.

Ahahahahah! Anyone else read the AP write up on the game yet? This is great:

Andy Marte(notes) got the pitch he was looking for, an errant fastball that Jim Johnson(notes) would love to have back.

“Over the plate. That was a mistake,” said Marte, whose two-out, two-run homer in the ninth inning gave the Cleveland Indians a 5-4 win over the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday night.

Ahahahaha! C’mon, that HAD to be intentional, wording it like that! Man, I think Marte became my new favorite player.

Re Huff-He is a work in progress and based upon your remarks, has plenty of room to improve. However, if the relief pitchers could have done their jobs in games he’s pitched, he’d have 12 wins rather than 3 games with no decision and 2 losses. The relief pitching has only recently improved and fortunately for the Tribe, are now able to seal the deal. Wedge did leave Huff in too long in the Angel game, perhaps because it was his home town and he had been pitching well that night, who knows. It being his home town though, he should have realized his adreneline would play out and at 106 pitches, Huff should NEVER have been sent out the 8th inning! Given Huff’s lack of major league experience, he’s held his own even though his numbers haven’t projected that. He battles in tough spots which is something I like about him. And by the way, if what has been written by Cleveland’s website is believable, Huff will be shut down at 160-170 innings which projected, allows him 3-5 more starts!

Props to Marte tonight, and good job to LaProta for keepin the inning alive. That was great to see. And LACF, good look on the quote, haha. I don’t think that makes him my favorite player, but that is a hell of a way to get back at your manager for those comments. Mag, I am a Huff fan, too. But 12 WINS? Seriously? I mean…. really? I guess if… actually, no. There is absolutely no way to justify that number, as much as I would love to.

My only problem with Huff is the 3-5 more starts, really 4-5 more starts, since it’s unlikely he’d reach the 20 inning threshold in 3 games. They have already seen enough, he needs to improve to compete for a spot next year, and that improvement will have to come in the off season. I’m not sure how you can argue with that, or why you wouldn’t want to see if some of their other prospects can do better than HUff, you can say he battles and all that, but a .321 BAA, .900 OPS against is what it is, and I’m not sure what sending him out getting smacked around by major league hitters a few more times is going to accomplish, when they could be getting a look at Carrasco and Rondon. Another interesting thing, Huff’s scheduled to pitch the first game of the Detroit series. Say the Indians sweep the Orioles, and Tampa takes 3 of four from Detroit (unlikely but you never know, even Indians sweep and Detroit split put them 9 games out with 6 remaining against Detroit though). Do you send Huff out against Detroit, in what has then become the one and possibly only, if they lose, meaningful game in September, or do you use the off day to skip him and go with Laffey?

Marte’s slugging % over the past 7 days is .731. Maybe Wedge is a motivational genius

Except Wedge made his comments on the 24th, after Marte had already begun his upswing. He said in response TO his upswing, in fact.
So maybe Wedge is just an EVIL genius, who can now take credit for motivating a player who was already motivated!


Going by what you have typed the last few times, wanting to show us Huff’s stats, I would guess you’re a stats guy and nothing else. Stats are fine, but they only tell a small part of the story. Alot of games Huff has pitched, the opposing team has hit the ball at the right place, and never hard. His first 2 starts, he got rocked, no question about that, but after that, he settled down and started to pitch better and not get hit hard. A pitcher can give up say 9 hits, but only 1 of those hits were hit hard. You can give me stats until you’re blue in the face, but it’s not the entire game.

ST, your pipedream scenario about winning multiple series to meet Detroit at an apex of our dying season only to have Huff throw that “one and possibly only, if they lose, meaningful game in September” is absolutely ludicrous. We do not have any meaningful games left in the season when it comes to the division title. NONE. The sooner you actually realize that the better. You asked for Cleveland to sweep a 4 game series AND have Tampa win a 4 game series. Highly unlikely.

We need to get healthy (Sizemore, Hafner, Westbrook) while simultaneously looking at the pieces and parts that will be around next year (LaPorta, Valbuena, Toregas), those that might be (Marte, Brown, Brantley and I will add Peralta here too) and bench those that won’t (Shoppach, Carroll).

AM, the Indians winning 3 games against one of the worst teams in baseball is hardly far-fetched. All that has to happen for Tampa and Detroit, two fairly evenly matched teams, is a split, leaving them 9 back of Detroit, to create a “meaningful” game. Ludicrous would be a sweep of Detroit, which would put them 6 games back, and I hardly think that would happen, but they’d have to play like it’s a possibility, right? Making it “meaningful.”Of course they’ll probably lose the next three against the Orioles, but whatever, I’d just be curious to see how Wedge would handle the Tigers series if the Indians start it 9 or fewer games out … LACF, really Wedge would’ve looked much better if he’d said what I’d suggested he say: “It’s good to see Marte making contact, getting on base and driving in some runs. I’m sure the power numbers will come.”

watching the Indians play Baltimore makes me think we don’t have it so bad as Indians fans. What does that team do to acquire talent? Anything? Guthrie was their best pitcher the past 2 years though apparently not doing so well this year, their HR leader is a former Indian prospect, Luke Scott, they have Baez and now Aubrey’s on the team. So 4 of their 25-man roster are former Indians prospects who the tribe gave up for nothing. They should work out a trade with the Cubs organization for Brad Snyder, maybe that will put them over the top

Guys… we need to move beyond the Sowers and Huff debate. I think everything that can be said has already been said, and several times, at that.

If a may throw something out there for “savagetruth” and others to think about…lets look at the career stats here
Sowers (including his “AMAZING” 2006 campaign where he won 7 of his total 17 wins): 17W 28L 5.09 Career ERA in 65 started.
Huff (thus far in his Rookie season): 8W 7L 6.57 Career ERA in 19 starts.
Now, i am not a brain surgeon, but it looks as if Huff has half the number of career wins in roughly 1/3 of the games pitched. Conversely, Huff stats at the minor league level are very comparable to Sowers if not better and last year he won the MILB Pitcher of the Year for Cleveland because his stats were the best in the organization. “ST” if you want to pull out stats, we can go all the way back to the minors if need be but the level of competition is so much greater at this level that Rondon & Carrasco will struggle much like Huff has from time to time this year. I think as Cleveland fans, we want wins and i want to see winners on that field. Sowers has not offered that to us since 2006. Huff will be a winner like Lee because of his ability and his guts. I WONT ever say that about Sowers. He looks completely scared out there too many time to count this years. Cheers!

Hey, anyone got some new on Anthony Reyes? When is he supposed to be healthy again?

Hey, anyone got some new on Anthony Reyes? When is he supposed to be healthy again?

Actually, I’d like to offer a more realistic idea in what has seemingly become a contentious debate between Sowers and Huff: it doesn’t matter.
We have at least 9 guys competing for 5 spots next year (assuming a) they’re healthy and b) we don’t pick up anymore starters over the winter). Four of those spots would appear to be spoken for (Carmona, Laffey, Westbrook, and Masterson). That leaves 5 guys (maybe more) competing for that last spot. And while Scott Lewis has injury issues and Hector Rondon has the least experience, is there any real reason to believe that Sowers or Huff would have a leg up? They get a 20%, just like the others, which means there’s a 60% chance that NEITHER of them makes the cut.
The question then, is what do we do with them?
I don’t think cantonguy can go to ever game Huff starts, but I also don’t think we’ve seen everything he can do in just 100 IP. In this case, I think it would be nice to see him get more time under his belt in AAA, and maybe he can take the next step.
As for Sowers, what I DO know about him is that he’s good for three scoreless innings in a row on a regular basis. I know that he can be an effective long reliever. Could he be more? Sure, we can debate that all day — but what if it doesn’t matter?
So while Sowers gets to be in the majors, Huff gets to stay a starter.

Speaking of other possible contenders for the rotation (although probably a long shot, as he’s pitched 2 fewer games in AAA than Rondon, who got shelled today, by the way), for those not following the Tribe Insider on Twitters, we got Yohan Pino from the Twins today as the PTBNL in the Pavano deal.
Pino is 7-3 in a season split between AA and AAA, with a 3.03 ERA. His numbers in AAA have actually been better than they were in AA: 2-2, but with a 2.82 ERA. He’s a righty and, looking at his numbers, it appears he was a reliever in AA and a starter in AAA, where he got better, which is a nice sign. His BB/SO ratio is 1/4 in AAA.
Looks like a good pick up for Pavano.

Losangelesclevelandfan: Can you honestly say Jake Westbrook will be 100% healthy by the time next season starts? Francisco Liriano had TJ surgery 3 years ago, and he still hasn’t recovered, and he’s younger. Plus at this point, I say Huff has a lef up over Rondon and Carrasco right now because A. They don’t want to rush either of those pitchers and B. Huff’s learning experience is now. However, if it will be an open competition, then let the man who does the best become the 5th starter heading into the season, judging by if and this is a big IF Jake Westbrook is ready.

Nope, I can’t say with certainty Westbrook will be 100% healthy by the time next season starts, but I also can’t say with certainty that we won’t pick up more potential starters between now and then, too, which is why I’m sticking with 9 as an average number – we could lose one or two (Westbrook or Lewis) and we could gain one or two (like Pino or someone for Peralta, etc).
It’s interesting to note how similar Carrasco’s numbers in AAA are to Huff’s, and over a longer period. I don’t know if I would give Huff a leg up based upon a rather difficult 100 IP in the majors.

You have to love this, from an article by Paul Hoynes, Wedge on Marte:
“He wants it,” manager Eric Wedge said. “He’s been grinding it out for a while.”
Ahaha! Man, I’m going to publish a book of Wedge-isms someday.

Ok, if Pronk’s other shoulder is bothering him now, maybe they should take the longer overdue step of shutting him down? Jordan Brown’s 12-29 since he came off the DL, hitting .338. Laporta and Marte have basically been the best hitters on the team since they’ve been playing every day, and Brown’s numbers at Columbus are comparable to Laporta’s, are they really not going to give Brown a chance? Every time I see Gimenez in the lineup at 1b or OF, it really makes me question their sanity. Start playing Marte at 3b, DH Peralta, Marte has the ability to more than replace Peralta’s bat and they should be able to get a fairly high-end relief pitching prospect for Peralta, they got two, after all, for Derosa. Brantley’s also been hitting a little better as of late, but again, if they don’t care about contending in 2010, then why not use Jordan Brown as a stop-gap solution in LF, and Marte at 3b, there is zero downside to this.

Wow. I mean, I know Marte looked good in AAA this year, but can anyone believe the freaking tear he’s on? Geez.
ST, I agree completely about Brown, but I get the impression that the FO is determined to keep Peralta on the field at third, either because he’s their choice at third for the future or to increase his value (someone on the SN board pointed out that the most experienced third baseman on the Tribe’s roster right now is actually Marte, as Peralta’s only played it for half a season in the majors and it’s ALL Marte’s ever played).
That said, I don’t see why they couldn’t open up another spot for Brown in the outfield, particularly if they’re going to DH Choo or Sizemore (or eventually rest Grady).

Wow, Marte has made me think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Jhonny play 3rd base, Marte at 1st and Laporta at LF at the start of next season. Look, I know some of you want to unload Peralta, but why? He’s only due to make $4 million dollars next season, that is still cheap. Plus from what I have seen of Brantley is he isn’t ready to hit in the Majors, so give him another half season to develop, unless an injury comes up. It might be possible Jordan Brown is the odd man out though, but with Nick Weghartz quickly emerging too, where else can we put Jordan?

Jhonny’s option for 2013 is nearly $8 million, though, and you have to wonder if/why they’d pick that up, particularly given their other financial moves recently. So if we’re to believe they WON’T pick up his option because of the money, then why not work on filling that position for the 2013 season, as opposed to going into that season (supposedly our first competitive season) without a set third baseman?
Add to that the fact that we seem to have a potential guy to replace him…well, you can see how some of us would get that idea.

The situation you describe is exactly why they should trade Peralta, cantonguy. Once Brantley comes up, that pushes Laporta to 1b, and Marte to … nowhere, unless he’s already playing 3b … if they can trade Peralta for more pitching (and yesterday’s game against the Orioles with Carmona, Todd, and J Lewis all getting hit hard demonstrated that they can never have too many pitchers), and go with Laporta at 1b, Marte at 3B, and Brown in LF holding it down until Brantley is ready, then if Brown is successful (as good or better than Peralta), they’re a stronger team (since they should be able to get someone decent for Peralta), and they save money. If Brown isn’t successful, then after a couple months they should be able to plug Brantley in anyway. I don’t hate Jhonny as a player, but he’s never hit above .230 in April, and for a team of slow starters and streaky hitters, that just compounds the problem … I don’t see the Indians doing this, because they always try to hedge their bets instead of committing to particular players (e.g. signing Derosa instead of trusting that Peralta could handle 3b and Cabrera was for real, not trading Shoppach or Garko last season etc … I think I said once before, that Shapiro’s been great at acquiring talent, but crappy at building a complete team, and that’s pretty much why), but maybe if Marte keeps playing well, they actually do go this route.

“I’m just getting good pitches,” Marte said. “He just made a mistake and I got a good swing on it. … He threw it right around where I wanted.” Marte’s speaking Wedge’s language once again … Was there any reason stated as to why Perez pitched the 9th instead of Wood?

Savage, I can see what you’re saying, I can even respect your reasoning behind that, however, in my opinion, Jhonny, with his bat gives us a better chance to win games. If we want to trade him, then trade him at the deadline next season, but we can’t save that much money because again, he is only making $4 million next season. Here is my suggestion, get rid of Wedge, regardless of how many more wins we get, get someone who can win games AND develop the players the way they should. I really think part of Jhonny’s problem is he has that “Wedgism” thought in his head of “It’s early, I’ll just grind it out” in April. Jhonny’s focus is mostly in June through the rest of the season. Suggestion? You motivate him to keep his focus all season long. I truly think Jhonny could potentially be a better hitter than what he is. Now that we got him out of the Shortstop job, he can focus on 3rd base all winter long and be ready in spring training. Now again, I have seen very little of Brown, I think he played in Akron last year and that is about all I saw, but he still has 0 ML at bats. Perhaps when he gets a September callup, we can give Jhonny some rest or put him at DH when Travis needs the day off. But what I have seen in Laporta, he should be the LF going in next season. Heck, he made a web gem tonight, not many of our players could make the catch he made, I think he is best at LF, but we know he can play 1B. Don’t jump him from position to position, just keep him there, for now.

cantonguy, you’re glossing over the fact that Peralta would cost us nearly $8 million for 2011 (not 2013 as I said earlier). I just don’t see how we’d spend that kind of money on him for that year. In other words, we’d be spending $4 million next year for a placeholder at third who, in theory, would be taking starts away from anyone who might actually be able to take that spot in 2011.
Again, if our goal is to compete in 2011 (and I mean really compete, on a World Series level) then we need to get guys set in those positions so they can get experience. While Brantley might not be ready for next year, it’s clear he’s on a path to be our every day OF in 2011, which would move LaPorta to first, as ST said.
So let’s put together as much of the 2011 roster as possible now so they get the experience and chemistry they need to win.

You were right — Laporta is hitting the ball great. And with Travis’s elbow hurting I would bring up Brown and Brantley for September call-ups — moving Laporta to 1B, Brown to LF, and Brantley to DH. Everyone I have a new post up, please check me out and comment.

Savage — I didn’t know he was shortened due to rain delay. Sorry — I missed the game as I said I went to the — County Fair. PS: — Carrasco is starting on Tuesday.

Losangelesclevelandfan: I think you and other people here seem to think this is a total rebuilding phase. Instead it’s a retooling, which means you should have a nice mix of rookies with veteran players. That includes Jhonny, I truly think with the emergence of Marte, Brown might be gone. I don’t see him being a future piece to the “2011” season. In fact, if nothing else, Jhonny will be here until Lonnie Chistenhall is ready and that might be in the middle of 2011. I also like Wes Hodges, but even I see his future here is in doubt, despite the potential bat he gives us. But this teams needs veterans too, in fact I would still run this team like they are the 2008 Minnesota Twins for next season. They had a good mix and noone thought they’d do much.

my own personal desires to see Peralta traded originate from the player development angle (Marte, Hodges, Chisenhall) as well as the business side of the discussion ($4.6M for 2010 and $7M option for 2011). Peralta’s value in June and July are unfortunately nothing because of his poor starts. I still think it is slightly possible that he gets dealt at the Winter Meetings. Unlikely but possible.

On a different note, if I see Jamey Carroll on the field ever again in an Indians uniform AFTER Monday night, I am going to contact the Indians FO and call shenanigans. He either needs to be traded for cash or a PTBNL, or benched for the rest of the season in lieu of others. Specifically, if Valbuena is going to be our full time 2B then he needs to get some kind of exposure to left-handed pitchers. I don’t want to see a platoon at 2B next year with Valbuena and Donald. Bring up the kids, hence no need for Carroll in the outfield. With Marte here, no need for Carroll at 3B. Get my drift?

cantonguy, I don’t buy the “retooling” line from Shapiro. I think it’s spin. I look at our last solid group and I see Sizemore, Cabrera, Peralta, Hafner, Carmona, and possibly Westbrook as the only remaining members. I don’t think dealing away one more of that group is going to make a difference in the slightest, particularly given that Grady is the face of the franchise and the leader on the field.
I don’t think “retooling” is picking up 12 guys in a month’s time.
Chisenhall looks good, sure, but he’s still WAY off; look how many games he only managed to play in AA today. Even Hodges is at least a year away.
But, let’s say you’re right, and Chisenhall will be ready by the middle of 2011 — why would we spend nearly $12 million on a guy to hold that spot for him when we have other guys that can do the same for far less? That doens’t make any sense. If we needed to keep Jhonny to compete, that’s one thing, but keeping him as a placeholder for that amount of money is crazy.

AM, I’ll actually feel bad for Carroll if he doesn’t get dealt, because you’re right: he should never play again come 9/1. Which means if he doesn’t get dealt, he’s going to be sitting the bench for the rest of the year.
Heck, I’d love to see them move KKKKKelly Shoppach, too, but I seriously doubt that.

Not I, cantonguy, I think they should compete next year, but in my opinion trading Peralta has the potential to make them a stronger team. It might not, the young guys could bomb, but I think it’s worth a shot. Brown is a complete unknown at the major league level, but his minors numbers are better than Peralta’s were, and his production has gone up as he’s been promoted up the ladder. Since we’re really just talking about subbing Brown (or Brantley) for Peralta, being that Laporta and Marte would be in there either way, there’s certainly reason to think they can maintain or even upgrade the offense when they trade Peralta. I’d say .280 with 15-20 HRs isn’t out of the question for Brown. And if they get a good relief prospect for Peralta, they’re definitely upgrading the bullpen. (do have to say I have no idea what they’d get for Peralta, he doesn’t necessarily put up great numbers for a 3b, but he’s relatively cheap, and he does have that precious flexibility to play 3b and SS. I still think some type of package deal with Peralta/Marson might have a shot at landing someone pretty good though, preferably a pitcher or a high-level middle infield prospect, since they would otherwise be pretty thin if Valbuena or Cabrera were hurt) The 4.6 million they save next year isn’t necessarily anything to scoff at either, they could potentially use it to pick up a free agent, or to free up some cash to lock up one of their existing players who they might otherwise be unable to sign. As far as veteran leadership goes, Peralta’s admitted that he provides none, that it’s Hafner and Sizemore’s team. Also, in my Jordan Brown scenario, you’re right, he probably wouldn’t be around in 2011, but if he’s successful, he’s someone they can trade and get someone of value in return, as with Guitierrez. I guess it would depend on the level of success, if Brown did hit around .280 15HRs, Brantley with his speed is probably a better option so you trade Brown, in the less likely scenario that he’s uber-successful and hit at the MLB level like he hit in Columbus and Akron, then that could lead to some interesting options, such as allowing them to preemptively trade Sizemore

They should have held out for Buchholz….

They weren’t going to get Buckholz no matter what. Boston’s already short on starting pitching — there’s no way they were going to deal one of their regular starters, even for Victor.
I said it before, I’ll say it again: it’s possible we got the better end of that deal, simply because we HAVE offense (although not today, it appears) and needed pitching. Boston dealt away a pitcher, which is something they really need right now.

ST’s got a point simply about making space on the roster for the future. I know it’s a small sample size, but imagine Marte, Cabrera, Valbuena, LaPorta across the infield? That’s some offense right there, and a great double play combo up the middle.
Then we’d have Choo and Sizemore in the outfield, with Brown and Crowe trying to prove themselves while Brantley gets a bit more time in AAA.

LACF – I was merely making a joke considering Buchholz’s jem yesterday and Masterson’s dud today. The deal with Boston was a very good deal. I love Victor, but he had trade value and was expendable. I liked the trade a lot.

Ah, sorry, joeybelle — hard to tell jokes sometimes online! And you just know there are people out there who actually think that!

In my opinion, Justin Masterson wasn’t the top guy in the trade. Nick Hagadone is a stud pitcher in the minors. I know you guys are going to whip out stats on me, but he throw a 98 MPH fastball, with a nasty slider, and is working on his changeup. He is like a young Randy Johnson, so my question is, is Masterson who the trade was really about?

I don’t think you can say the trade was about any one guy, as we got them all for Martinez. But if the question is who was the most important piece, well, if we’re to take Shapiro at his word that we’re going to compete in 2011, then it’s Masterson, as Hagadone is only in A ball right now and most likely won’t see the majors until 2012 at the soonest.

The Martinez deal gave us a great package. Hagadone will help up most likely in 2012, which is fine, because if this rebuilding thing goes according to plan, that should be year two of several years of contending. But Masterson is a stud. Watching him pitch is a pleasure, and obviously his stats aren’t phenomenal right now. But he is a big guy, with good velocity and nasty movement on his pitches. Plus, he is a quality person as far as character goes too, and you can never have enough of those in a clubhouse. And I still don’t think competing in 2010 is out of the question. It would take A LOT of things going our way (which they rarely seem to do) to make a World Series run, but this division is garbage, and we have some great players and pitchers now. So I won’t be too upset if we don’t trade Peralta this winter. I still hold on to him, see how next year is going, and if it is mediocre, trade him at the AS break. We would still only pay him about 2.5 Mil. As long as he is gone BY 2011, I am not too concerned about how they play it.

I totally agree, Masterson has sick movement on his two seamer, and has a wicked slider. The only thing he needs to work on is throwing strikes. He consistantly gets behind hitters leading to have to throw the ball right down the middle and give up hit after hit. I would be just fine with him if he could get ahead — but that isn’t the case, right now at least. New post up everyone please stop by and comment, my take on Masterson or Buchholz who we should have gotten…

LACF, while we both think that Carroll should be traded or benched after Monday we know that Wedge won’t do that.

How about we give some major props to our ol’ boy Paul Byrd: 6 IP, 3 H, an uncharacteristic 3 BB but quite effective with his 83 pitches as he outduled Doc Halladay. Well done sir.

And on the position spots next year, at this time I cannot see a scenario that does not include Andy Marte. It’s an easy statement to make when someone is hitting over .400 but realistically you’d might see Marte, Valbuena, Peralta and Cabrera in the infield with LaPorta, Sizemore and Choo in the outfield with Crowe, who gets the short end of the stick after his injury thwarted his post-callup productivity, as the 4th OF. The Indians need to decide if they’d rather have Crowe as the everyday LF (with potentially Brown as the 4th OF) and Laporta at 1B or LaPorta in LF and Marte at 1B. That seems to be the crux of the issue IMO.

I still agree with those that suggest Brantley needs more time in Columbus, perhaps a mid-season promotion next year so long as there is everyday ABs for him. Marson and Toregas should have the catching spots locked up and it looks as if Gimenez has fallen out of favor with the organization at the moment. I am still quite ~`!@#$%^ about Jason Donald. Who trades for an injured utility players? Nevertheless, I digress. The FO has a multitude of decisions to make, with or without Eric Wedge.

Jason Donald is better than a utility IF. He had a 887 OPS in AA last year. He was the best hitter on the Olympic team. Better than LaPorta. He had better numbers in AA last year than Valbuena. He was the Phillies 4th best prospect to start 2009. You are selling him short.

Yes — but Donald is in fact injury prone. I know his numbers are good — but so is/was Travis Hafner. He was good, now look at him. He is bad. His shoulder is slowing him down — no doubt about it. I think the Indians should place Hafner on the DL bring up Brantley AND Brown while putting Laporta at first, with Brantley going to DH and Brown to LF. That is just my opinion, even though Brantley has a low BA he has 41 SB. Now that’s good! Check out my blog at

Ted, you keep saying that, but your plan would bench Andy Marte in favor of Jordan Brown, which just makes no sense. They’re about the same age and Marte was the better hitter in Columbus (.963 OPS vs .889). You also don’t need to DL Hafner or anybody else in September, with rosters expanding.

duanekuiper74 — The fact that he has been injured twice already, and is a young guy just wants me to stay away from him. The fact that he is only hitting .239 wants me to keep him in the minors — but I guess the Indians see something different in him?


fredox — Yes I do. You are right, Marte – where does he go? he shares time at third and first with Laporta and when Laporta isn’t playing first, he is in left. Why not — it wouldn’t hurt to give everyone some playing time would it?



Alright, I’ll bite Ted. Why do you say Donald is injury prone?

Everyone on Castrovince — Could you guys tell me what you think of my blog? Thanks, I wrote a big long post – please tell me if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.



duane, I believe he’d just come off the DL when we got him and he’s back on the DL now.
That pretty much defines “injury prone.”

Thome and Ramirez joining forces out in LA? Boy, does that bring back memories.

should be interesting pigeon. And since Carroll was not dealt, ANY at bat he gets the rest of the season is more proof that Wedge has got no clue about how to handle the future despite his respect and allegiance to his BFF Jamey Carroll


thanks so much for commenting buddy.

I respect the fact that you don’t agree for the same reasons — and I know that you weren’t trying to insult me.

I am 13: And I try to incorperate what I know into the blog.

I do agree with you though – Buchholz is a number 1.

Masterson is a number 3.

Therefore we settled for a number three guy: and Hagadone who is a stud but won’t be up til 2012.

I think it’s an alright trade: but Masterson needs to figure it out.

He needs to get ahead of hitters: and then start throwing his slider.

Right now he can’t throw his slider or his two seam in the strike zone — maybe because it has too much movement? =)

Letting Millwood go was one of the worst things Shapiro ever did.

Millwood had what 18 wins that next year?

Kevin is a guy who would go out and give you 6 or 7 strong innings every time giving up 3 runs or less.

He was a hardworker: and didn’t have a HUGE contract.

But I don’t see why Shapiro let him go?

I have always questioned that move.

Hey thanks for stopping by: I enjoy visits from Indians fans — hope you stop by again!



Yes: Brantley is called up!

I knew he would be.

he should get the CF or DH job and put Grady or Travis on the DL while:

moving Brown to LF and Marte to 3B putting Jhonny at DH and Laporta at 1B.

Another perfect move by Indians front office.

I love this guy: he has the potential to steal 50 bases and score 100 runs – who cares about the avg.

I think this guy could be the second coming of: Kenny Lofton.

they played the same way in the minors:

So I will be watching tonight: as Brantley starts somewhere. =)

I am so jazzed for the Tribe.

Brantley will be a leadoff hitter: and will probably get a good 80 AB’s if he plays for the rest of the year.

I am hoping the Indians keep him up:

Cuz I wanna good look at him before next season.

He is one of the fastest prospects in baseball:

Maybe another Jacoby Ellsbury? Huh?

Make sure you stop by:

New post up.

Happy September!!



Hey, where is the best place to check out the September call ups? I can’t find who they are calling up anywhere.


To find Indians call-ups go to:

http://indiansprospectinsider.com/ for the latest call-ups and Indians prospect info.

I am happy that Brantley and Carrasco got called up:

I can’t wait to watch Carrasco for the first time in tonight’s game.

He has been on fire since being traded:

and is looking to turn some heads.

Be ready for a great game against none other than the Detroit Tigers.

Let’s go get em shall we?

Any thoughts about the Brantley call-up:

I love the idea.

Happy September!!



The guy who does Twitter for Indians Prospect Insider is saying Brantley will get called up; there’s no official list that I’ve seen yet.

Ted, so by your definition of injury prone, Grady is injury prone.

You just don’t have a clue do you?

Milton Bradley and Nick Johnson are injury prone because of several injuries over several seasons. Having injuries in one season doesn’t make a player injury prone.

PD is saying Brantley is being called up.

Ted, while Brantley can obviously steal bases, he has one, pretty glaring flaw along those lines: he has to get on base first. His strikeout/walk ratio isn’t amazing, although is OBP is improving. I don’t think anyone would argue that he has potential, but I think he’s going to need another year in AAA to solidify his game.
I honestly have no idea how much time he’ll get in September. They seem determined to leave Peralta at third, which keeps Marte at first, which keeps LaPorta in left. Then you’re left with rotating in Brown, Brantley, and most likely Crowe when he returns.
I just don’t see how Brantley is going to get a lot of regular time, as the guys ahead of him all seem to be, well, ahead of him in their progression.

I haven’t seen the news either but typically where there is smoke, there is fire. I said the same thing prior to Lee being dealt so perhaps the rumormill is accurate. I would be interested to see how they use Brantley. Will Sizemore be shut down for surgery? Hafner for R&R? The transaction begs multiple questions. What this move CANNOT do is bump Andy Marte out of the lineup. Gauge all three if you must by the most rational moves that we’ve all talked about simply by shutting down Hafner: Brantley (LF), LaPorta (1B), Marte (3B), Peralta (DH). Next case.

Donald has been injured twice this season:

and on the DL.

He is injury prone for next season:

I don’t think he will be his whole career.

But I am not sure why we traded a guy who just came off the DL in the first place.

I just don’t get the thinking.

Donald doesn’t have any dazzling numbers:

So what’s the point?

Injury prone or not:

he isn’t going to be taking Valbuena’s job anytime soon.

Brantley is improving your right:

He is starting to raise his avg and obp.

I agree: he should be in AAA for half of next year:

I wanna see his avg go up – and then bring him on up.

He isn’t QUITE ready yet: but almost there.


I agree:

Brantley LF, Laporta 1B, Marte 3B, Peralta DH.

Brown and Crowe share time with Brantley in LF:

Perfect job getting everyone in. I totally agree.

Everyone feel free to stop by my blog!😉

Happy September!!



I just realized something: Ted is writing poetry.
You’ve blown my mind, man!

I think the problem is that WE all think Peralta should move to DH to rest Pronk, but I think we all know that the Tribe probably won’t do that. Because they seldom do what we want.
You know what will be really interesting? What they tell Marte to do during winter ball. Remember, at the end of last year they told Jhonny to play 3rd in winter ball. Will they tell Marte to play first? Or go back to 3rd? Because that would seem to be revealing.

Amseeley: I agree with your idea of taking Hafner out and moving Jhonny to DH. Maybe not all the time, but that could solve some issues. And resting Grady would make things easier too, but it really doesn’t look like they are going to do that. And I am not crazy about Brantely just yet. A good leadoff hitter should have a high OBP, not just have insane speed. He has time still. I could have sworn that when we got this guy, everyone was raving about his eye at the plate and his ability to get walks and not strikeout. Am I thinking of someone else though?


Brantley did have a good eye and was able to get walks:

well because of the fact that he faced pretty bad pitching.

Now that he is in AAA it got harder:

and it will from here.

Brantley is adjusting and will learn how to hit at the AAA level – before he gets called up next year to get a full time job with the Indians.


very funny: haha I am not writing poetry.😉

I like to write like this.

And I know the Indians won’t do what we want them too:

because they are never crowd pleasers. I think they ought to go with Peralta at DH giving Pronk a rest:

because Travis needs time to get that elbow fixed.

If he can wait the season out –

next year he will have a better one:

due to the fact he will be healthy.

Carrasco might bomb his first outing:

and he might dazzle:

but either way — it’s his first start ever in the MLB:

and he is just learning,

So no one get worried about anything.

This is a long road and a long process and I think 2011:

will do the trick.

Go Indians.

Happy September!!



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