Crowe to DL, LaPorta recalled

The Indians hoped to have Trevor Crowe back in the lineup tonight, but instead he’s making his first trip to the disabled list with a right internal oblique strain.

Top prospect Matt LaPorta is coming back to the big leagues to take Crowe’s roster spot.

More on in a bit.


Interesting. It will be good to see LaPorta up a few weeks early. I wonder what this means for Gimenez and Marte, though. It seems like they’d prefer to keep playing Carroll every day, probably to increase his trade value (although we’re getting pretty late for that, aren’t we?). Sadly, I think Marte’s days are REALLY few now.
I will say that I’m glad they’ve been playing Carroll in the OF. It seems they’ve finally decided to get the IF set for next year. With Marte obviously on the outs, at least we have Peralta, Cabrera, and Valbuena figured out.
I suppose, as far as position players are concerned, the question marks now are left field, first, and catcher. Given their cost cutting moves, they should just start Gimenez and Toregas behind the plate from here on out. I don’t think Shoppach is worth the money — not as a placeholder for Santana, at least.

With Crowe injured, maybe Marte will get some more time. If they don’t deal Carroll by the end of the month, I don’t think it will happen, in which case they need to sit him for the rookies. Perhaps they’ll use LaPorta in LF.
That’s the thing that’s bothering me the most right now: these should be auditions for next year. We should have someone in the outfield and behind the plate every game who is trying to make next year’s team, someone who will still be around for this much discussed 2011 squad. Carroll and Shoppach are not those people.

Their handling of Marte shows they continue to have no clue about how to develop players. Everyone’s writing him off after 40 ABs which have come with inconsistent playing time. Victor Martinez batted .150 for 2 solid months this year, good thing he didn’t do that to start his career, he’d have never been seen in an Indians uniform again … Carroll getting at bats anywhere is indefensible. Can’t they move him for a little cash, or something? He IS hitting .303, I think someone could use him. I still don’t get why they have no interest in Jordan Brown. Can a prospect perform better than Brown? .902 OPS. 2nd in the Intl League in BA and doubles. I still can’t believe that Gimenez, who plays the same positions Brown does, and also doesn’t hit when he plays C, is on the team, and Brown is not. The Indians have 5 catchers on their 40 man roster, how insane is that?

I think Brown is hurt, I might be wrong but I think I remember AC writing up how he doesn’t get a break.

Crowe and LaPorta are two mean players and having them play at the same time would really make a big difference.
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