Indians sign White

It took all night, but the Tribe signed top Draft pick Alex White.

White received a $2.25 million signing bonus, well above his recommnded slot value, in a deal announced shortly after the 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday deadline to sign Draft picks.

More info on the site in a bit.


and while I said with 50 minutes to go until the deadline that the Indians wouldn’t sign White (in the range I guessed at $1.7M to $2.3M) one can easily see why he did as the Tribe jumped from the reported $1.8M to $2.25 at the eleventh hour

This is encouraging; hopefully he will pan out. am, my point last night was that these 1st round picks have egos. By telling him he will be a future bull pen addition could hurt the Indians ability to sign him. That was my point, but you are correct, the quickest path to the majors is probably through the pen.

Great signing, I could see he and Putnam being dominant back end of the bullpen guys in 2011, if not earlier. We’ve done a remarkable job creating depth, depth, and more depth with pitching in our system, and the best part about it is that it’s high-quality depth.

joey, I understand what you’re saying and I thought your analogy was quite comical. You did raise an interesting point about the organization potentially shooting themselves in the foot by publicly stating their intentions with White before they even signed him. They may be right though b/c in his current form White would probably project as a late inning guy b/c he’s got a plus-fastball (60), good movement on it (55) and has a slider that is a work in progress (55). Since he’s only got 2 real pitches and despite his newly acquired split-change, he needs a larger repertoire to be a starter.

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