Todd called up, Veras designated

Following tonight’s game, the Indians informed right-hander Jose Veras he has been designated for assignment to make room for right-hander Jess Todd, who will be promoted from Triple-A Columbus tomorrow.

Todd was the player to be named in the Mark DeRosa trade with the Cardinals. He made three appearances for Columbus since his acquisition on July 26, tossing four shutout innings and allowing just one hit with seven strikeouts.

In 44 appearances this season between Memphis and Columbus, Todd is a combined 4-2 with a 2.04 ERA. He has 66 strikeouts and just 13 walks in 53 innings. This will be Todd’s second stint in the Major Leagues this season. He made one appearance with the Cards earlier this year.

Veras was acquired June 24 in a cash deal with the Yankees, who had also designated him for assignment. Veras made 12 appearances with the Tribe, compiling a 7.62 ERA. In his final appearance Saturday, he balked home what turned out to be the winning run in the Tribe’s extra-innings loss to the Tigers.


Great, another reliever. Now we still have 13 pitchers, with an ever-bloated bullpen. Meanwhile, Matt LaPorta is idling in Columbus, and Trevor Crowe is the everyday left-fielder. Don’t get me wrong, Veras needed to be gone a month ago, but I can’t stand a bloated bullpen, and the Indians have had one for the last 3 months.

Hey Anthony, how many spots are open on the 40-man now? It seems as if we had 39 spots filled prior to the DFA, and Todd was already taking up one of the spots as well as 3 players on the 60-Day DL. So if I have this correctly, don’t we now have 5 spots open on the 40-man roster? I realize Jake Westbrook will come off the DL at some point re-claiming his spot, but do we plan to use those other 4 or am I making a mistake with my calculations?

They need to figure the pen out weather their is 13 pitchers down their or not. They were pathetic in the first half.

Trevor Crowe can play center field. LaPorta can’t (or at least hasn’t). That’s why he’s up and LaPorta isn’t. I don’t want them calling up LaPorta again if he’s not going to play regularly.
That said, if Sizemore is still in line to have surgery on his elbow during the off season, I wish he’d just do it now. They can move Crowe to center and call up LaPorta to play LF every day.
Calling up Todd is nice to see. He’s going to be key going forward.
As for the 13 man bullpen, I’m fine with it, but for those who aren’t, keep in mind that at least one of them has always been a guy who can start (like Ohka and now Masterson). I wonder, when they move Masterson to the rotation and send down Huff, if they’ll call up a position player instead of another pitcher, as they’re running out of pitchers to call up.

Good move. Since we are rebuilding, it only makes sense to bring in our young guys who will be part of the future. Veras was garbage. And I agree with LACF. No need for Grady to stress his elbow out even more, and seeing LaPorta get regular PT would be nice. But Sizemore is pretty resilient, and he will more than likely wait til the offseason.

Is it me or did we get better, MLB ready pitching prospects for DeRosa than for Lee or Martinez? Perez and Todd are both up with the Tribe now and will only be getting better while we sit and wait til 2012 or ’13 for Knapp and whoever else to maybe make an impact.

09indians, do you really think Huff would go down before Ohka and Sowers? Sowers career stats are the worst by any starting pitcher i have ever witnessed, not to mention he looks scared every time he is out there; 15 wins 26 losses 5.10 career ERA in 62 games (this includes his miracle 2006 season that everyone says he had). I think Huff is going through some growing pains but it obvious Sowers cant get it done at this level since 2007.

All hail Emperor Todd!

And if you get that reference I will shake your hand…virtually.

I really don’t know what to think about all the moves. I’m still shell-shocked from Vic leaving. I guess it’s good to see what the kids’ have while they’re in the battle for the Central cellar.

Ryan, I was the one who said Huff would be sent down. Why do I think that? Well, besides the fact that Huff’s ERA is nearly 2 runs higher than Sowers’, and besides the fact that Sowers has gone 13 innings and given up just 2 runs in his last two starts, there’s the simple fact that Huff has started a total of 23 games in AAA. He was rushed up to begin with. His ERA in Columbus this year is 4.35, not exactly the kind of numbers that inspire a call up. He needs time to improve.
On the flipside, Sowers has done what he can in AAA — an ERA under 3 (that was under 2 until his one spot start over the All Star break), which is a regular thing for him: he does poorly in the Majors, then goes down and puts up the best numbers on the staff (until Rondon came along). Sowers has proven he can pitch well in AAA. He needs to do the same in the Majors. Huff still has to prove he can pitch in Columbus.

About the Huff vs. Sowers debate: I don’t know the exact numbers, but Huff has only been called up once, so we have plenty of options left on him. I don’t even know if Sowers can be sent down again without having to pass through waivers. I may be wrong about that though.

I agree with the original lacf. When Masterson starts, bring up LaPorta and play him. When it’s time to shut Grady down in a couple weeks, bring up Brantley. If each case, Choo plays consistently and the combo of Sizemore, Crowe, LaPorta, and Brantley splits two spots with Sizemore & LaPorta getting the majority of the time now and Brantley & Crowe splitting time when Grady goes under the knife. In either case, LaPorta plays at least 75% of the time.

I have seen enough of Huff this season to know he has the tools to be a solid starter for us. How do I know? He doesn’t nibble like Jeremy does. He mostly attacks the zone. I have seen enough of Jeremy to know he is best suited as a long reliever. David has gone deep for us quite a few times this year, Jeremy has done it twice and the other starts, he is fantastic for 4 or 5 innings, then mentally he breaks down and can’t figure how to get ML hitters out. Huff is going through the pitfalls of being a rookie starter on a bad team. Jeremy hasn’t improved since he started here in 2006. That is why it is time to realize Jeremy is best suited as a long reliever next year.

cantonguy, technically speaking, Sowers has thrown just as many innings on average as Huff has. There’s like a .05 difference, and it’s actually in Sowers’ favor.
I don’t think the fact that team is bad has anything to do with Huff’s performance, or, specifically, his ERA. He needs the chance to compete, to face guys at his level, and to gain confidence. I don’t think he’s been able to do that since Akron. He needs more time in Columbus, and I think leaving him in the majors to continue to get shelled (an ERA near 7 and a BAA of .315!) is just pouring salt in the wound. Let him improve in AAA for a while, something he’s never gotten the chance to do.

but Losangelesclevelandfan, confidence has never been an issue of David’s. It is with Jeremy. I am serious when I say Sowers just isn’t a starter in the Major Leagues. We have seen him do the same thing the last few years, which is pitch great the first 4 or 5 innings, then loses it and can’t get back into the game. When next season comes in, I honestly would put Jeremy in long relief, because you’re right in the fact he has nothing left to prove in AAA, but he’s not a bana fide Major League starter either. Huff at least can be, but confidence is not an issue for him, nor will it be. It’s all about exeuction for him.

That’s why I think he need to go back to AAA — to improve his execution. It’s doing him no good here.
Neither of them is going to be in the rotation after this month, is my guess, so in the end it’s just a matter of who gets moved first.

I’m going to make a bold statement: I think we got the better end of the Martinez deal.
Really, you make a trade to fill a need. You don’t just trade for the best guy available — it would be silly to trade for a bat, for example, if you already have the best offense in baseball.
Now, I realize that Victor has been hitting pretty well since going to Boston. But I watched their game tonight against the Rays and it’s pretty clear to me that they have a more glaring concern: their rotation. After Beckett and Lester, they basically have this patchwork collection of guys they hope can put something together. But, man, if they make the post-season and lose either of the starts by Beckett and Lester, they’re in a pretty big hole. Their offense might have been on the decline, but they REALLY needed a starting pitcher.
On the flip side, the Indians needed arms, arms of every level, and that’s what we got. Sure, our offense is definitely less potent without Victor, but it’s still competitive.
Hindsight being 20/20, I don’t know that Boston should have made that deal, particularly with a guy like Halladay out there still.

Oh, also, for as much as I worry about our bullpen going forward, Laffey has clearly shown he should be in the rotation. It’ll be interesting to see how Carmona does from here on out, and how Westbrook is able to return. That would be a top of the rotation I’d be pretty happy with, if they all live up to their potential.

LACF, you’re not concerned about Laffey’s inability to string two quality starts together? I do think he is capable and deserves a long look at the rotation next year but his development and consistency the rest of this year could push me over the edge in either direction. Ditto on Sowers. He has to show me he can go 6 innings consistently.

There is a short story on ESPN about Larry Dolan defending his trades because the team is projected to lose $16M with attendance declining 500,000 for the year from the projected opening day number. I have one statement about this and a follow-up question. First, practically everyone is losing money in this economy. Second, did Dolan give money back in 2007 when we went to the playoffs and he made money? No. He didn’t even add to the payroll at the trading deadline or add anyone in the offseason when they were 1 game away.

I’m just trying to play devils advocate.

In the spirit of bold statements I will look to what may happen a year from now. Like the possibility that the Indians deal Westbrook and Sizemore at the deadline. Westbrook would seem to be a probability if he’s healthy and productive given his contract. Sizemore is unlikely but a possibility with this owner, economic situation and general malaise from the fanbase right now. It would be a stretch to say that the ticket office would be booming during this offseason. All of this hinges upon us not contending next year which is probably accurate.

I can hear the Shapiro spin now. “We felt like trading Grady right now made the most amount of sense for our organization. It affords the young players we’ve acquired get an extended look at the big league club and continue to reload our roster with quality young players that can significantly impact our organization for future years to come.”

Has everyone heard to rumors about the Indians looking to move Kerry Wood. I find this interesting for two reasons. First of all, Wood has had an inconsistent if not flat out terrible year in his second season as a closer. His slider is flat, fastball is straight and obviously has ZERO confidence. Yet despite all these problems I think he is the consummate professional. He has refused to blame Eric Wedge for not pitching him at least every three days which he has said that he needs. Wedge has gone so far to say that it gets difficult to get a closer regular work without a save opportunity b/c of the ninth inning home/away concept.

On a different subject, WHERE is Andy Marte? Chris Gimenez is in a Francisco-type slump. In the 6 games since Martinez’s departure Marte has split the duties at first base with Gimenez 50/50. I don’t understand this considering the struggles of the latter. I find myself providing more information as to why I don’t like Eric Wedge when I see this type of nonsense occurring. He wants to find a spot for his favorite guy(s) thus his “versatility” is invaluable. His management is still questionable IMO.

Nice job my Gimenez to NOT get the bunt down so he felt like he needed to give his best Kelly Shoppach impersonation. K’s all around. I know, I’m nitpicking.

LACF is right, if we’re going to do this “reloading” thing, then lets DO IT. Trade Carroll and Pavano. Find a taker for Jhonny Peralta and his $4.6M contract next year and $7M option for 2011. Give those that MAY be part of this organization long term a shot at showcasing their abilities or let them play themselves out of our consideration. Either way we get the answers we need.

Btw, AC is right. Trevor Crowe looks like a totally different ballplayer this time around. Nice two out RBI kid.

The shock value of trading those guys would be minimal if not accepted by the fans that know and understand a thing or two. Here’s hoping we finish off this game b/c while we may be bad I would certainly be happy taking 2 of 3 from Detroit and Minnesota.

That’s a nice bold statement AMSeeley…LOL But my bold statement is that after this season Shapiro steps down as GM, moves to club president, Paul Dolan is the main owner, Chris Antonelli is GM and because of that, Chris’ first move is to relieve Eric Wedge of his duties and hires John Farrell as the new manager, he is familiar with this organization and I think John wanted to manage this team all along, but he knew with Mark as GM that chance would never come up. And because of that, the Indians become the new Boston Red Sox with Chris Antonelli becoming the new “Theo Epstein”

How’s that for bold statement? Hehehehe

well said catonguy. Your theory of Antonetti (specifically) and Farrell has been touched upon before and I must say that I agree with you. The lengths to which you were bold is impressive though.

Perhaps my bold statement should have been reworded as the Indians WILL deal Westbrook and Sizemore next season so long as they are healthy. A statement I would stand behind.

They won’t deal Sizemore next year. All the guys they’ve traded have been in the last year of their deals; the issue was whether we’d pick up their option for next season. Grady’s signed THROUGH 2011, with an option for 2012. If we do ever deal him, it won’t be until 2011 (which, in theory, is when we’re supposed to win again).
Westbrook is a different story. He’s only signed through next year.
According to Tribe Insider, we dealt Pavano today for a PTBNL. So that leaves us with Carroll and Peralta (and maybe Shoppach) to move.

A friend of mine suggested that Peralta wouldn’t clear waivers. I disagreed but I have also suggested that you might get better value for him if he’s dealt during the winter meetings.

With Pavano gone and Masterson set to take his spot in the rotation I still cringe at the idea of Rafael Perez being recalled but perhaps his time down in Columbus was beneficial. The Kerry Wood rumors interest me simply because I wonder who would close next year. Jensen Lewis and Adam Miller are no longer an option. Chris Perez got experience in St. Louis and Jess Todd closed in Triple-A but that doesn’t make you a closer per say.

I can’t see them dealing Wood. I don’t think anyone would take on that contract.

After dealing Pavano, I don’t think Huff or Sowers has to worry about getting moved any time soon. BUT, this is three quality starts in a row from Sowers! What’s he doing differently now?
And the Perez/Sipp combo is looking better every time out. Are they going to be next year’s Jensen Lewis (look great during the second half, then stink up the place when we count on them next year)?
This is an interesting team.

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