Abreu, Wedge suspended

Right-handed reliever Winston Abreu has been suspended three games and manager Eric Wedge one game by Major League Baseball for their actions in Saturday’s 10-3 victory over the Mariners.

Abreu and Wedge were immediately ejected in the ninth inning at Safeco Field after Abreu hit the Mariners’ Jack Hannahan with a pitch. The clubs had been warned earlier in the game, when the Mariners’ Chris Jakubauskas hit Ben Francisco with a fastball to the back after Asdrubal Cabrera’s two-run homer.

Abreu, who has made just three appearances with the Tribe since his acquisition from the Rays earlier this month, has appealed his suspension, so it will not be served immediately can appeal his suspension, but it looks as though he will begin serving it tonight, when the Indians open a three-game set with the Angels. Wedge, on the other hand, did not have a chance to appeal and will serve his suspension here tonight. Bench coach Jeff Datz will manage for the night.

The suspensions were handed down by Bob Watson, MLB’s vice president of on-field operations. Jakubauskas was fined an undisclosed amount of money for plunking Francisco.

UPDATE: Contrary to my previous report, Abreu has not appealed.


Can he be DFA’d while under suspension?

Are the Indians shopping Carmona? It doesn’t make sense, He has struggled the past two seasons and has been sent down to single a to get fixed (Now in AAA). According to Real GM their have been 6 or 7 professional scouts at his games. It also adds that they didn’t stick around when carmona was done. http://baseball.realgm.com/ Or is this just part of cutting pay roll for next season? Would he even have value?

I would think that Carmona’s steady return to form would be encouraging to most scouts, particularly as a piece of another trade.
That said, the Tribe has a number of guys in AAA that teams are probably looking at, so I’d be surprised if they were ONLY there for Carmona.

Come on, who would they trade Carmona for, a 1b prospect? They need Carmona to return to form in an Indians uniform to have success as a team. Of course, Shapiro did swap a pitching prospect for W Abreu, so I suppose anything’s possible.

3 Reasons I would be shocked if Carmona was traded.
1.) If he returns to form, and can be anything like the 19 game winner, 3.06 ERA, 4th in Cy Young balloting, than he will not just be affordable, but an extreme bargain over the next 5 years he can be under contract.
2.) The current management is very against trading low. Trading Carmona now would be an example of doing so.
3.) Cliff Lee. I am not saying it will happen, but the Indians had the opportunity and considered trading Lee after 2007 when he was sent to AAA. They did not trade low, and he came back the next year and won a Cy Young. Like I said, not saying the same thing will happen with Carmona, but considering this is the same organization, I am sure they remember that very well, and I believe they have lost less faith in Carmona right now, than they had lost in Lee in ’07.

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