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The CastroTurf blog, for better or worse, is back up and running after a post-All-Star break break. In my absence, you were treated to a fine performance on the site from associate reporter Matt O’Donnell, who evidently said some inspiring things to Tomo Ohka but not to the Tribe hitters. My thanks to him for his efforts.

The real point of this post is to point you to’s Trade Talk blog, which is also back up and running in advance of the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline. Refresh it regularly for all the latest trade rumblings involving the Indians and others.

As for the Tribe coverage on this off day, on, O’Donnell has a Ben Francisco feature, and I’ll have the latest edition of the Indians Inbox, where topics include the long-term future for Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez and the immediate future for Andy Marte and Matt LaPorta.

Check back here tomorrow for the lineups and minutia from the Great White North.



Since the Indians are dead in the road, perhaps it is ordained that they should clean house. I might start watching again. But it occurs to me the manager and his coaches should also go. It seems that the management has lost control of this bunch long ago, and new bosses and coaches seems appropriate.

You say if they clean house, you might start watching again? I feel somewhat different. If they trade Victor, I might never watch again. I’ve seen/listened to literally almost every game since ’04 when this group was assembed. I thought it would be devestating to not watch CC anymore, which it was for a while, but if they trade Victor, even for good prospects, it will take far too long to get over for me.

For me, it was much more devastating to lose CC, even though it was a foregone conclusion.

I think Victor may have undergone the same thought processes as Hafner. That is, he likes it here and has figured out that, at this stage of his career, his best chance for a big contract is right here. That way he doesn’t need to be exposed to the hard, cruel realities of the marketplace.

In other words, I don’t think other teams would value Victor as much as he (and we) think that the Indians would. That said, Victor may be surprised how much the Indians value him on a long term basis.

We’ll see, but hopefully not until Santana’s ready.

To expound a little further. I have been watching these guys also for over sixty years and certain things are certain. The Indians, do not have enough money to compete year after year. Nor do we have enough money to compete in the free agent market. So what we have to do is get as good a manager as we can, and surround him with good coaches so when we do assemble a good group we can take advantage. Strike hard and fast but be prepared to lose our nucleus as soon as free agency comes around. It is just a fact of life in Cleveland. We can always think how close we came to an owner with deep pockets when Steinbrenner almost bought the team years back.

that’s a great point about Steinbrenner kittman. Most of us forget that he had this team ripped from under his nose in a millisecond. If you’ve ever read any of his comments about that situation, George was quite bitter about it.

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