Sowers sent out

Jeremy Sowers isn’t heading to the Indians’ bullpen. He’s heading back to the Triple-A Columbus rotation.

Sowers was informed after Wednesday’s loss to the White Sox that he’ll be optioned back to Columbus on Thursday, when the Indians activate right-handed reliever Rafael Betancourt from the 15-day disabled list.

Sowers said he was told he’ll start for Columbus and could be brought back into the fold when the Indians need a fifth starter after the break.

For now, it appears Tomo Ohka would get the starting nod Sunday in Detroit.


I had my heart set on seeing him in the bullpen again. This year has so many heartbreaks.

betancourt option for next year is over $5 million. yeah right, not a chance.
deadline in 3 weeks. more like we’re bringing him up to show anyone interested that he’s healthy and hopefully, effective.

At first I thought, “why the heck are they sending him back to AAA?!!” I really wanted to see Sowers as the long man in the rotation. Frankly, his stuff is obviously good enough that no one seems to tough him the first time through the order (that’s roughly 3 good innings from him–give or take), so why not put him in the bullpen. As the case was with Laffey earlier in the season, 3 good innings of relief was good enough to seal up quite a few victories for us.

However, I realize that Sowers needs to be either A) given a shot to go to AAA and pitch say, a full game where players there will see him 3-5 times during the game and do this consistently until he can absolutely dominate a lineup for 9 innings there (which would probably translate to at least 6+ inning success in the bigs) or B) send down and put in the bullpen and increase his speed in which he is ready to pitch out of the pen.

I was a bullpen pitcher in college…I know its not easy to warm up quickly, and you certainly can’t do it right away after being a starter. I like his stuff, but for right now he’s best suited for bullpen relief…and if we could get 3 good innings out of him every 4th day or so out of the pen, well, that’s just the kind of stability this pen needs for this year and into the future. Hopefully they do him right down there, whatever the decision is.

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